The ability to build confidence on your team and direct total strangers to give assistance is what every industry needs.

If you want to experience sea life after graduation, you may want to consider joining in a search and rescue organization as a volunteer. Some interns join us for a semester and others have stayed longer and established a career at Rescue. In some instances, you will transform a person’s life after saving him. These traits are instilled in their training and developed during their career. Other private sectors like Global Rescue provide this in a form of business. by Gibi | Last updated Sep 16, 2018 | Best Memories, Jobs and Tips, Training Tips | 0 comments. As a proud B Corp, our mission is written into our company bylaws and our passion for and dedication to social good is embedded in our culture.
The low-stress way to find your next search and rescue job opportunity is on SimplyHired. Your knowledge and abilities will be tested and stretched to the limit. Intense focus is needed even on drills or rescue exercises at sea. Come join us!

Others even give up. You may have to acquire certain training, documents and probably legal visas to work there. No backers, no connections, not in a scholarship program, no Php45,000.00 for a paid apprenticeship and with three months left on your academics. The skills, knowledge and experiences will always be with you whichever seas you sail.

If our Talent Acquisition team feels that you are a right fit for the role we will reach out to you directly! We love interns.

You’ve heard and seen the struggles of other applicants.

713 search and rescue jobs available. Enter your email address below to receive email alerts of future positions: EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY & AFFIRMATIVE ACTION POLICY STATEMENT, CORPORATE POLICY ON EMPLOYMENT OF INDIVIDUALS WITH DISABILITIES AND PROTECTED VETERANS, EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY IS THE LAW SUPPLEMENTAL POSTER, APPLICANTS HAVE RIGHTS UNDER FEDERAL EMPLOYMENT LAWS, OFCCP PAY TRANSPARENCY NONDISCRIMINATION PROVISION, Applicants who qualify under the Americans with Disabilities Act, as Amended, and/or state law requiring reasonable accommodation for a disability, may be eligible for a reasonable accommodation in Rescue's application and selection processes.

For example, here in New York, DEC State Forest Rangers coordinate and are responsible for search and rescue. Well not everyone gets to become a SAR volunteer and save lives. Every rescue effort you make will leave a deep scar in your life and the life of the people you save. Being a search and rescue volunteer can be a game changer for your career. Any questions?

Watching search and rescue teams in action either live or in videos is always a fascinating view. A membership application form will be provided to be filled out by the applicant. Of course, the rescuers are given credit but there is not so much oomph on promoting this career.

We only accept applications online. 1,136 Search Rescue jobs available on You will also develop a deep brotherhood with your search and rescue teams and fellow rescuers. Knowing who has the right connections in your organization to the seafaring industry will put you in an advantage. Only then that your “networks” will genuinely help you when you want to take the shift.

Unfortunately, most graduates of any maritime course end up confused, helpless, hopeless and unemployed at the start of their life after school.

We work together, we celebrate together, and we change behaviors together. All positions will be voluntary.

Our mission is to make healthy behaviors easier and more appealing and everything we do is focused on positive social change.

Read on for a peek into our world. By this, it means you will dedicate much of your time and effort in developing your skills as a rescue volunteer. New search and rescue careers are added daily on

Watching search and rescue teams in action either live or in videos is always a fascinating view. Search and Rescue Career- Is it worth it? In every rescue operation, the story always focuses on the scenario and the victim. They sum up the person inside you and tell other people who you are.

In most cases, search and rescue volunteers come from all walks of life. If I were a manning agent, I would choose an applicant who have life skills rather than a fresh graduate cadet. A search and rescue team might be called in to help in the following instances: An Amber Alert is … How can I search and apply for open jobs?

These kinds of people are always at their peak state during rescue operation. - Summer Semester — March and April for the June through September.

Just don’t make this very obvious since it will seem that you are not serious being a SAR volunteer. A request for an accommodation will not affect your opportunities for employment with Rescue. Please send them to, Please note, all email correspondence that you receive from Rescue Agency will be sent through a ‘’ email address. If you take this career very seriously, there is a good chance that you can find a SAR job overseas that pays dollars or British pounds.
Search and rescue volunteer at sea can be a good starting point if you use this both as a stepping stone and training grounds for skills improvement. Imagine the dangers that you will go through to save someone. The more advance your training are, the higher your responsibilities will be. Everybody on board drops what they’re doing and watch how this dramatic scene unfolds when it happens. Answer: If you are pursuing a paid career in search and rescue, begin your research on the requirements for being employed at those agencies.