Captain is nothing like real spiced rum.

I haven’t heard a negative thing about them. Someone needs to explain to me how it took one man about six years to make a spirit of this quality from scratch, yet we have in our midst, distilleries with more money, heritage, and clout, who put out simplistic cookie-cutter expressions. Your email address will not be published. I have tasted Capt. Whisky reviews, news & features without favour, “Mhoba (Ma-Hoba) – Ingredients: passion, time, love and attention, fermented and distilled pure sugarcane juice, crystalline water, and congeners from American oak staves. Nothing else!”.

Read more about our new Patron offering, or hit the button below to contribute. On the nose: Fresh sugar cane juice, immediately followed by an unholy funk; it’s Pandora’s box shaped into a bottle. > When one consumes any type of alcohol the main active ingredient consumed is Ethanol, an organic carbon hydrogen compound (chemical formula C2H5OH).

Then, to finally bring the glass in for a sniff ‘n’ sip, …and look around at other attendees to see if anyone else realises that the emperor is very much in the nude. This is a whisky for people who doesnt like whisky. Then there are the Worthy Park tastes again.

The rum you had is probably stored in torched oak casks like whiskey, hence the flavor. If I had to compare this to another rum, I would say this feels like a cross between a high-ester Hampden and some woody rhum agricole; this will take most super-heavily peated whisky out back and send it home crying with a black eye and a snotty nose (I just poured some Octomore 7.3 to prove to myself I wasn’t lying). My advice? No, but I would argue there is beauty in the untamed beast found in this bottle.

Then I cracked the seal. I was going to rate it a point less, but for the potential it has in mixing and just for the sheer enjoyment of the thing, I settled on the score below. the distillation and storage is similar betwen them. Way different from my usual Foursquare.

No, not quite, but you get the point. I wish I had bought more of this. And there are commission links in this review should you decide to support Malt by using them. It’s really amazing how young this distillery is, but they’re putting out really delicious stuff.

Your email address will not be published. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Captain Morgain is just cheap rum with lots of flavors and sugar added. After all… “There is no such thing as bad whiskey. We don’t want to partner with brands. It hits more like a spirit with 46% to 48%.

You can also get white rum from untorced oak casks. The wood influence takes on a mere supporting role, while most of the flavors here come from the blend of distillates. We don’t want to sell out, because we want to keep challenging the industry. Hot, melted caramel and a carton of fermented pineapple juice you forgot in the back of your fridge emerge alongside lots of olive brine. I would have given this a seven, but I’m adding one more point because the price makes this so damn worth it.