January/February are indie-friendly. Slow Inspiring Hip-Hop is perfect for your projects: promotion, opener, auto shows recap, advertising, personal vlog, action cam video, car video, etc. Account management is disabled on this site. Playlist being viewed by: {userList} and you.

You will find it by searching for it or browsing to the location you put it during the cloning process. Also, work well for hospital advertising, YouTube video explainer, digital marketing presentation, online education, and much more. Do you want the branding header to stretch on top of the left rail? Need to add an item from an external system or hard drive?

This track will add feelings of motivation, confidence, success and achievement. For starters, keep it short and sweet. We can email a download link for you, you can get the link to send yourself, or, if you have the recipient set up for it, we can ftp the files to them directly.

Having been established since dance music’s inception we know a thing or two about promoting the world’s biggest and best club tracks. Individual {$tracks} can be transcoded on their {$track} detail page. You haven't added any {$labels} yet. Choose the edition of Power Music you want to download.

So for example, if you have a track T in label L with album A, and two rules, one that says "If album name is A, set genre to G1" and one that says "If label name is L, set genre to G2", the order becomes important. You can get one at. Power Music Promotions LLC is an Oregon Domestic Limited-Liability Company filed on November 14, 2016. Great for online education projects, business school training, new product launch, inspirational startup, presentation and promotion, global world marketing and more! Either a square PNG, up to 64x64px, or a 16x16px ICO.

Separate items with "|", and they'll be rejoined with "|" but empty members removed.

Ideal for inspiring promotion, advertising videos, motivational videos, marketing, commercial projects, presentations, video explainers, Youtube videos, social media, real estate and more. Your rules will execute in ascending order, i.e., lowest first. Perfect for business projects, promotional videos, corporate presentations, advertising videos, informational, slideshow, and more. Theatrical, uplifting and positive background music.

What will it say instead of "choose plan"? We'll use album art if you have it. Soft and uplifting corporate background music. First, we'll guide you on what these are, then we'll help you organize and register your works with your PROs and other administrators the right way so you can avoid unnecessary errors and omissions! "Ideal" doesn't mean "perfect," however. Please log in as, By adding a channel to your personal whitelist, any time that channel uploads a video with any of your music in the Content ID system, we'll automatically release the claim as soon as it comes in. Upload some tracks using the tab above and then you can edit their data here and take them live. Perfect for to a photography video, for a wedding movie, showreel, advertising, youtube videos and much more. Perfect for Video Game, Timelapse, Presentation, GoPro Video, Summer Video, Travel Video, TV Show, Fashion Show, Vlog, Advertising, Promotion, Sport And Extreme Video, etc. By having your music on SourceAudio, you're automatically eligible to participate in this program! This transfer is queued for processing. This embedded metadata conforms to ID3 tag standards and is readable by all ID3 tag compliant software such as iTunes,Winamp, Windows Media Player, Soundminer and more. Select the recipients to whom you want to delivery and then click the button below.

SA Detect is unique from all other music detection services in that we distinguish whether your music was used in Ads or TV Programs.Since your PRO pays performances in ads and programs differently, this distinction is important.Ads encompass paid commercials and promos reported by Nielsen, while Programs encompass series episodes, movies, specials, sporting events, and other full-length programming reported by Gracenote.Confirmation of Programs and Ads is not possible until all Nielsen and Gracenote data are collected and processed, which can take up to three weeks after broadcast.This tab shows only those Programs and Ads that have been fully confirmed. Submit your work for PR consideration! When a user clicks on a {$label}, which tabs do you want them to see? Know how people work so you can target them effectively. To download samples of embedded files vs. non-embedded files, go to any trackdetail page, click "Edit Track Metadata", click "Edit" on the "Download Now" section, and choose a download option. If Norton deletes the file when you download it you need to turn off Download Intelligence to download Power Music, then turn it on again … It is a soft, motivating, inspiring, positive, corporate background track for your projects. Have those broadcasts occurred on any of the channels being monitored by SA Detect? Calm and optimistic background music with light atmospheric sound.

Should your admin contact get a notification email when users join?

5 days a week, we post opportunities that include radio stations, magazines, contests and labels who are in search of Indie music. If you don't have an established relationship with members of the media, don't necessarily expect your phone to start ringing once your music arrives. Important!

The max number of downloads the user will be able to make. Perfect for corporate promotional videos, real estate, TV commercial advertisements, YouTube videos, corporate presentations, corporate motivational and inspirational presentations, technology branding, presentations and more. Light and bright guitar pop track that creates a happy and uplifting vibe. We have spent years building our music industry contacts, which allows us to promote our clients in the most prestigious print publications and online digital media. Upbeat Happy background music instrumental that features happy ukulele, cheerful whistling, carefree clapping, and positive piano and bells. Let us help your career by offering you some of our resources and knowledge of the music industry.

No {type} featured. If you're not sure, choose FTP. Note: Batch operations only affect new tracks and not files you're adding to existing tracks.

Use the panel on the right to set some up! Power Music Software Ltd | 16 McLaren Grove | East Kilbride | G74 4SR | UK. Are you ready to disable them permanently? Have any of those productions been broadcast? For these types of offers, we can only accept less than 10% of the music submissions sent to us, to ensure only the finest quality music is being marketed to our connections and audience base. Push Power Promo can help you stand out from the competition. Just click on Contact Support on the top right of the admin panel to reach our dedicated support team! Power is the UK’s leading dance music promotions company. You do not have enough transfer on your account for these deliveries. High tech electronic tune, featuring minimalistic glitch drums, futuristic synthesizer melody, and energetic inspirational mood. Our recurring Soundcloud contest has been going for over 10 volumes and 5 years! Another bonus of pre-building your press database? If you don't know your current password, you can still change it using our. Providing a url in this box overrides the default SourceAudio page when a user clicks a track's "License Now" button. Please be careful who you share these with, as full access to your API gives the ability to completely wipe out your website.

Tap directly into a variety of revenue generating opportunities brought to you by SourceAudio and our partners! When the account is created, should the new user receive an email with their username, password, and a link to activate their account? Download royalty free presentation background music for any use. This tab details track detections as they occur.The "Detected During" column always indicates the name of the Program and Episode within which the track was detected.The "Program or Ad Name" column will repeat the Program and Episode name for confirmed Programs, or indicate the Commercial or Promo name for confirmed Ads.As mentioned before, if the 3rd party data necessary for confirming the distinction between Programs and Ads has not been collected or processed, this column will display the message, "Waiting on third-party data for confirmation". An electrifying electronic track in Future Bass genre with a fresh, exciting, cool sound. Soft, gentle, and light corporate track with neutral piano arpeggios. Please make sure your information is complete and up to date, so we can fill out the agreements with accurate information.

Great for motivation and Inspiration.

It doesn't mean you've done anything wrong.

How Much Does It Cost to Release an Album?

They cannot be sent these tracks: The following recipients' permission settings do not allow them to view one or more of the tracks you are sending. Please only drag in MP3, WAV, and AIFF files. Please wait 5 minutes before trying to log in again. The Registered Agent on file for this company is Mihai Alin Grady and is located at … Set the default rules for tracks you upload and anything currently on the site. No rows in your CSV could be matched to tracks on the site. This applies to this option and all children. We promote music from hard-working, talented artists every day.

Invite buyers to subscribe to your library/catalog so your music shows up in their searches.

Rules are executed from top to bottom. You can use this feature by upgrading your account!

Where will you send the user when the click it? In lieu of other rules or settings, should current and new music be ingested into Content ID? Something memorable so you can reference it later.

Set what fields users should have to fill out when signing up. We would like to assure you that our downloads are completely safe and the Windows versions are digitally signed. Featuring repetitive melody electric guitars, soft piano pads, and arpeggio. You haven't saved any searches yet. Where do you want us to put your metadata file(s)? If this was done in error, please email us immediately at, You need to set a new password to login. You haven't added any {$catalogs} yet.

Please end your filename with {extension} or with a hard coded extension. This display will update when it has begun tranferring. You can use the following variables for your replacements: If left blank, the default will be used.

Solid and confident corporate background music with inspiring mood and optimistic atmosphere.

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