It is also believed that reciting the mantra 108 times with the help of the prayer beads can be very effective in obtaining its complete benefits. Many were the roles that Krishna played during his lifetime on earth, as he stood towering there as a symbol of love, mercy, knowledge, power, wisdom and the highest consciousness. Chanting 'Om Namo Narayanaya' can remove ignorance and negative emotions like ego, anger and avarice; clear obstacles and distractions; and generate harmony, tranquility and love. He guards all the living beings on earth and blesses the devotees with long life, peace, happiness and success. While Goddess Lakshmi, who is inseparable from him, remains as a part of him in all these Avatars, she also incarnates in a human form and joins the Lord in some such Avatars, and together they fight evil, establish divine order and ensure the well-being of the world. The term ‘Narayanaya’ is thus interpreted by saints and seers as the ultimate destination and the final resting place, that every soul or living being aspires for. UNDERSTANDING. The prospe... Govardhan Puja is celebrated to worship Govardhan hill every year in October or ... Bhairava is an aggressive form of Lord Shiva and has the power to eradicate evil... Bhairava: The Fierce Form of Shiva: Bhairava is a very fierce manifestation of S... 12 Months To Fulfill Wishes & Attract Abundance, Progeny Report (No Child/Inability to conceive), Recreate 12 Aspects of Life in 1 Year Package, Sponsor Ongoing Poojas To Shirdi Sai Baba, 10 Ways To Celebrate Diwali With A Difference, Purusha Sukta Homam to Eliminate Complications During Pregnancy.

As per legends, sage Narada initiated child Dhruva into its chanting, and by reciting this, the boy is said to have obtained the very darshan and grace of Lord Vishnu himself.

Vasudeva Krishna Blog → The mantra itself is the Divine. Fortune Planet Jupiter Moves To Capricorn: 12 Months To Fulfill Wishes & Attract Abundance JOIN NOW. Hence, this twelve-lettered mantra is hailed variously as the prime among the Vishnu Mantras, the ultimate one and also as the hymn of liberation. Repeating this mantra brings one closer to Narayana, who is the form of the formless consciousness, the Absolute Reality. Chanting Aum, or Om, invokes all possible states of consciousness. The chant ‘Om Namo Narayanaya’ can be can be termed as the ‘mantra of peace’. ‘Om NamoBhagavateVasudevaya’ – is a salutation to the Lord and can simply mean ‘I bow down to Vasudeva.’ However, this remains profound in its sense and significance. This hymn can thus be very well hailed as the mantra for world peace. Mantras & Chants News: Rudra Mantra - Lord Rudra is a famous deity worshipped popularly in Hinduism since Vedic times. MEANING. Hailed as the universal sound, chanting of this mantra can create vibrations that are all-pervading, and these are said to have immense potency and miraculous powers. If there is one month that all Hindus – young and old- look forward to with pl... Pregnancy is an important and much-awaited event in a woman’s life. Goddess Lakshmi or Mahalakshmi is his divine consort. While it simply means ‘I bow to Lord Narayana’, the meaning has its own profundity.

The word ‘Nara’ refers normally to a ‘human being’, but it can also mean ‘water’. He is the God of protection and preservation, and is believed to sustain the universe and its beings.