: The chest is easily visible on the far side to the left. The first issue while playing this Adventure mode is that it consumes more power than any other model in the game. Below ground: Mostly bedrock directly under the grass, except there's a slightly deeper section around the water with the ores. Flip the levers to open each holding cell and kill the skeletons inside. Kill them off and a wave of skeletons will spawn down below. Everything you need to know about buying an Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, and where to find stock before it runs out. Solution: Make sure you place the adventure far away from you to start (to avoid ambushes like these), and kill the spider at a safe distance. Kill all the hostile mobs to reveal the blue chest. Above ground: Jungle trees with a black spire coming up through the center, Below ground: Two staircases leading to a dungeon below with four hallways and lava below. Above ground: Two pigs and a broken structure with a glass block. What tools one must have to play the Minecraft Earth Adventures mode?

There is also four gold, two iron, and nine coal. Above ground: Lever on a redstone lamp with what looks like a zipper pattern on the ground. : When you first walk in and look to the right there are three red glazed terracotta in front of some chiselled stone bricks.

Solution: Just dig below the floor of the hut to reveal the mine below. The chest and another diamond block will be under the floor of blue wool. Xbox Series X and S continue Xbox's support of mouse and keyboard control, so we rounded up the best keyboards to use with your next-gen console. : Just dig through the floor, kill the spider and find the chest buried below. Once you kill the bone spider, the chest will appear. Solution: Just cut through the vines and kill the three skeletons to reveal the rare (blue) chest.

: Just dig down to find the chest on the left side in the corner.

Breaking the diorite stairs right below you will spawn a bone spider.

: Six gold, and three iron straight below in the middle of the adventure. Flip the levers to open each holding cell and kill the skeletons inside. Below ground: A stone brick dungeon with vines and four blocks of gold ore in the center. spawn an unmanageable amount of mobs (per the bug report, : One gold ore, two iron ore, five redstone (but there may be more, not comprehensive). : Two chickens, one pig, one sheep, a cobblestone wall with wood planks and a fence on top.

Solution: Spawn the adventure way off and dig through the top of the tree to kill each skeleton at its legs. : One birch tree, two chickens and a grassy hill. No spam, we promise. Do you want to build something cool on your buildplate? You should see it behind some leaves. : Just dig down to the bottom of the cave to find the cave.

Above ground: A Birch Tree, a Pig, a few Oak Fences, three flowers and some grass, Below ground: A large cave guarded by spiders, and a cave below guarded by skeletons. : The corner of a cobblestone and wood planks house with cobwebs and a chicken on top the roof.

Below ground: An underwater base with a wool carpet floor, bedroom, library, and a treasure room. Above ground: TNT with a lever and a button on it, an oak tree, a cow and some flowers. Kill them off until you can pour a bucket of lava in the middle of the floor to kill the bone spider down below which will stop the spiders spawning above ground, and reveal the chest below the tower. : A polar bear with ice and four spruce trapdoors. You should also be able to take four of the magenta glazed terracotta (some of them get lost when the floor raises up), Other Resources: Crafters Guide, Video Walkthrough, Subreddit post, Video Walkthrough, Video Walkthrough, Video Walkthrough, Above ground: Three parrots, a pig, chiseled stone brick with a torch, Below ground: A jungle temple with a tree growing in it and torches on chiseled stone bricks, Solution: Break down the structure and the floor to see the jungle temple below.

There are also four redstone, two iron and five coal (may not be worth the time to mine it all. There is also three gold, five iron and some coal throughout. Above ground: Two Oak trees, three flowers, and some grass. Also it helps to place lava on the gold ore to kill lots of the skeletons that spawn below. : Look down the well to see the muddy pig, and fill in the well with blocks so the pig can get up out of the well and into the mud next to the well up top.

There is also one diamond block at the very bottom in the middle one the side furthest away from where you are first standing. Loot: Two diamonds, two or three gold and five redstone, and maybe some iron. : Just mine down to the bottom and then over to the right to find the chest buried deep below in a cluckshroom’s cave. It’s best to keep the pig trapped in a 2x2 area so you don’t run out of blocks. : Just dig in the part near the cauldron to find a little room with the adventure chest. Only carve out a small 2x2 opening under the gate to minimize the shooting area of the skeletons below.

Other Resources:Crafters Guide, Video Walkthrough, Video Walkthrough, Video Walkthrough, Above ground: Pillar, statue, or gravestone made of polished andesite stairs status, Below ground: A dungeon with an altar in the center made of diorite stairs. Yes, this is basically Pokemon Go but with a Minecraft theme! : You can click on the heading with the name of the adventure to get a direct hyperlink to that adventure in the document. Tapping on the hotbar lets the player choose which items from the inventory are to be available in the hotbar when the adventure begins. Solution: Mine below the jungle treehouse to see the ravine below. : Redstone lamp with four buttons on the sides, : Three redstone lamps with buttons on them in a small room with an iron gate. After both skeletons are dead three zombies will appear around you on ground level, and three more zombies will appear in the hallways in the prison down below.