r : 5, Employers’ questions answered, BEIS clarifies furlough holiday rules for staff and temps, Bank holidays: six things employers need to know. Can they legally do this as it seems very unfair. Did u get this answered , mine are doing the same now, Hi, Giving holiday back only compensates what they topped up. There is little law surrounding The government published guidance which states that employers can compel employees to take annual leave during furlough leave. Is there any way I could completely lose my annual leave? I have been furloughed since mid April and im only getting the 80%. Seems harsh after 38 years loyal service. I have holiday booked in June and have worked right throughout lockdown which has now been extended here in Wales for a further three weeks. Employee Benefits Awards Payroll

Hi I was was called last week to say I need to use 7 days annual leave and to book by today. This means those receiving only 80% of their normal pay will typically be entitled to a top up of the additional 20%. whether employers can force it upon staff members.

Does my employer have to let me carry these day over. He was asked to attend work again on Wednesday.

My contract says we can not carry holiday into a new holiday year, but with the governments new law saying people can now carry their holiday into the next year because it wasn’t possible to use the days up due to lockdown. Many thanks.

Does this sound right?

My employer has informed me that whenever I return to work (if I return to work) that all my annual leave will have to have been be taken.

Wellbeing It does not sound right… Would someone explain from legal prospect please?

The PE Award also contains provisions which allows an employer to direct an employee to take annual leave if the employee has an excessive leave accrual (cl. If the employee/worker has already agreed a period of annual leave with an employer (and now wishes to revoke this), they will need to get a written agreement from their employer. The answer is yes, it's perfectly possible for companies to force staff to take annual leave, but depending on the circumstances! These are referred to as ‘lay off’ clauses. The guidance does make the important point that: If an employer requires a worker to take holiday while on furlough, the employer should consider whether any restrictions the worker is under, such as the need to socially distance or self-isolate, would prevent the worker from resting, relaxing and enjoying leisure time, which is the fundamental purpose of holiday. An employer can force you to take leave only in some circumstances.Source:istock. During these uncertain times, many employees/workers will want to cancel their annual leave as they are unable to go anywhere. You can’t be forced to take leave without a chance to discuss it first and without a fair amount of notice. How to stop holidays affecting productivity.

Find out more about how to manage staff absences using the myhrtoolkit HR software system.

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I think they should have paid me in hours . We have a free employment law clinic running every Friday from 10am-4pm. If you have any questions or would like further advice on the above issues, please contact Georgina.Kyriacou@philipross.com or Zoe.Michael@philipross.com. All that is needed is double the length of the holiday. The coronavirus outbreak has seen members of the public urged to self-isolate to prevent the spread of the virus. However, this is a risky approach and should be avoided. I have to take 9 days which should be 72 hours (9*8). I am worried that I have no legal guarantees here. However, with so many employees now working from home and unable to travel or visit family, many are reluctant to consider annual leave. Employment Law Advertising specifications This is a departure from the usual position, which usually prohibits any roll over of WTD leave from year to year.

Their employers may alternatively pay the usual company pay for sick leave.

Contact us A holiday calendar also clearly shows everyone their holiday periods, so everyone is on the same page. so will i keep my hoilday times thankyou. Privacy policy

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Sign up, Join the conversation, you are commenting as Logout. The right to unpaid leave will be outlined in an employment contract, Citizens Advice told Metro.co.uk. Now, if you’re uncomfortable with this and have holidays booked later in the year. Is this right? Workers are entitled to a paid annual leave of 5.6 weeks per year. However, you need to adhere to certain rules as set out in the Working Time Regulations 1998 (WTR 1998). Workforce Planning, • About Personnel Today She also has experience in dealing with property disputes. Does seems a bit shady to me, does any know the legalities of this scenario? Iv been furloughed and was due to go on holiday fri 22/5. ‘There’s no limit to how long you can lay-off an employee, but if they’ve been away from work for four weeks in a row, or six weeks within a 13-week period where no more than six weeks are consecutive, then they can apply for redundancy pay and resign from their position.’, Mr Bradbury added: ‘If you’re an agency worker or on a zero hours contract, you are probably not entitled to be paid if your employer instructs you not to come to work. But if you are back at work now or are requested to return on or before the 25th then please disregard… As a matter of good practice, employees should be encouraged to take their leave proportionately through the leave year, including any period of lockdown.

An employer that qualifies for the Job Keeper payment can ask an employee to agree to take paid annual leave. When it comes to bank holidays, HMRC’s guidance states that if employees usually take these days as annual leave, they should receive a top-up or day in lieu. Many will also be entitled to additional holiday days under their contract of employment. Government guidelines say anyone who experiences the commons symptoms, a continuous cough or fever, should stay at home and not leave the house for seven days from when the symptoms started. If they have variable hours or pay, their holiday pay is calculated as an average of the previous 52-weeks of remuneration excluding weeks in which there was no remuneration. I have been told that my employer is going to take 10 days leave off me due to the coronavirus.

Can my employer compel me to take annual leave on furlough? If was quite a small amount for 9 days annual leave. Occupational Health If our company has some (but not all) employees on furlough, are the remaining employees permitted to take one or two weeks leave? This legal information is general in nature and should not be regarded as specific legal advice or relied upon.

My employer has told us that we will be on annual leave for 2 weeks totaling 10 days, the first week being 08/05 and the second week is the last week of August, I already have 7 days booked off at the start of August and we have to take 5 days over the Xmas period this year. so the employee only gains 20% whilst on furlough but looses out the 80% when made redundant. We will arrange an appointment for you. Surely this can’t be allowed? All, My husbands employer is very anti- work from home, so when we went into lockdown they insisted that for every 5 days he worked at home, he would lose 1 day of annual leave allowance as compensation to the company for letting him work from home. Having a clear paper-trail for your policies on enforcing annual leave is crucial. 15.2.a 15.4.a or … And if the employee is serving quarantine, employers cannot instruct employees to use their annual leave or take unpaid leave.

Really? Just as an added piece of info. In normal circumstances, the relationship between the parties is governed by the contract which may be varied in certain limited circumstances by statute. Statutory Sick Pay will be eligible to all who are diagnosed with Covid-19, or are in self-isolation, as per the government’s advice. If employees are unable to take all their holiday as a result, then they may be able to carry this over to the next holiday year. An employer cannot force you to take your leave.

Employees will not be jetting off to sunnier climes soon, so how can HR handle annual leave allowances? When calculating how much holiday a worker can carry forwards, employers must give workers the opportunity to take any leave that they cannot carry forward before the end of the leave year. HR Systems I was told on the 24th of March I was being furloughed, was put on leave for a week and furloughed from 1st of April. If that were me i would grab the chance to help out those that have been working all the way through with no breaks! At the end of my full month of work I got pay for a month and just 20% top up of the holidays I had to use (was still working those days).

Requiring employees to take leave is obviously a less desirable option than encouraging employees to take leave and should be exercised with caution. After the government’s announcement this week that stricter coronavirus restrictions could be in place for a further six months –... CJRS does not alter the position as to whether or not agency workers are entitled to accrue holiday. Also make it clear that this enforced holiday leave forms part of their annual leave entitlement if this is the case. My employer is maintaining everyone’s pay at 100%. Thanks. The WTR allows employers to compel employees to take holiday (unless their policies or employment contracts specify otherwise). while i was off i had 8 days booked off in april will i lose them 8 days or will my job just pay me because it was them who sent me home. My understanding is my contract cannot give my less than statutory right.