Our members consist of students, alumni and other professionals who have demonstrated exceptional academic and professional accomplishments. When the room or space is reserved, the organizer will be provided with the maximum approved capacity for that room or space. ASU Chapter of Minorities and Philosophy (MAP) - a collection of students in philosophy departments that aims to examine and address issues of minority participation in academic philosophy. Having trouble downloading a form? Student organizations may invite non-ASU affiliated guest speakers to events. The possibilities are endless! At this time, buffet style service will not be permitted at events. Virtual modes of participation are encouraged for all events and meetings. Rooms and spaces should be reserved as early as possible and generally 30 days before the event. Virtual participation and back-up locations may be used to accommodate unexpectedly large numbers of participants. While in-person participation is permitted, virtual participation should be available to those who need or wish to participate virtually. Room and space reservations are on a first-come, first-served basis, and the requestor’s first choice of room/space, time, and date is not guaranteed. Both the advisor and the organization members present at the table are responsible for ensuring that these guidelines are followed. University Registrar Services. Student organizations may use SunDevilSync platform to track student information and interest. After the event, if any event attendees are become aware that they may have been exposed to COVID-19, please email. Sun Devils devise creative solutions for sustainability on campus. Tabling should be limited to 2 organizational members at a time who should practice appropriate physical distancing measures. Tables and chairs will be cleaned and sanitized by ASU staff before checkout and after check-in.

Fulton Ambassadors are engineering students who volunteer their time to promote the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering at Arizona State University. Reservations can be made only by registered student organizations and departments. Our student members are selected on the basis of scholastic standing, character and leadership. Right-click on the form link and choose "Save link as...", or similar depending on your browser. For in-person events, check with your venue coordinator regarding venue-specific audio/visual equipment options and availability to help facilitate virtual participation. The purpose of roster maintenance is to be timely in our response to environmental management requests. At IEEE at ASU, we are committed to the dissemination of knowledge, and our activities are aimed at spreading awareness of IEEE on and off campus. Through a variety of service programs and leadership training, our members develop lifelong skills that earmark them for prominent positions in industry and academia. Choose a location on your computer to save the form. Strategies include pre-packaging items (self-serve or grab-and-go) and assigning an organization member to monitor any lines or crowds and encourage them to follow mask and distancing guidelines. Student organizations are responsible for the vast majority of the programming that occurs at ASU each year including Homecoming, concerts, special events, cultural and social events, community service & civic engagement opportunities, lectures and conferences. Non-ASU affiliated guests may participate virtually in student organization events that are held in ASU venues. As your organization prepares these programs, this website will serve as a comprehensive resource for event planning and operations. Invited guest speakers must comply with ASU public health guidelines, such as mask wearing and social distancing, at all times while on campus. Registration . Arizona State University recognizes the importance of supporting student organization activities and events in our current environment.

Our members are much better prepared for the post-college world and are especially valuable and attractive to employers. The information provided below is meant to serve as guidance and a resource to help students and student organizations engage, build community, and cultivate a sense of belonging while still observing the COVID-19 Event Planning requirements. Event hosts and guests should not attend if feeling sick or showing any sign of COVID related symptoms.
Community Solutions, Event Planning Guide in a COVID Environment, Registration Requirements for Student Organizations, https://studentcreative.asu.edu/content/digital-creative-studio, https://asu.campuslabs.com/engage/news/185360, https://asu.campuslabs.com/engage/news/190705, https://asu.campuslabs.com/engage/news/190704, https://www.aaiscloud.com/AZStateU/default.aspx?home, https://eoss.asu.edu/polyunion/reservations, https://eoss.asu.edu/downtown-student-center. Events with non-ASU affiliated guest speakers must also complete the Special Event registry process to provide information about their event. Physical distancing (currently, a minimum of six feet) must be observed at all times at all indoor and outdoor events and activities with special attention given to ingress/egress of the venue as well as general queuing. However, individuals participating in such activities are subject to generally applicable ASU campus guidelines, including the requirement to wear face coverings at all times indoors or outside, as well as ABOR Policy 1-124 and ASU SSM 802-01. The purpose of roster maintenance is to be timely in our response to environmental management requests. At this time, food consumption is not permitted inside ASU event facilities. PAB Production Event Support in campus venues: Digital Creative Studios, open 10am – 2pm daily M-F: Either the primary or secondary advisor for a student organization must be present at all in-person events and is responsible, along with the event organizer, for being knowledgeable regarding the plan for the event and ensuring that the event adheres to these and other applicable guidelines. Food can be eaten outside or taken back to individual residences. Large in-person events or meetings (50+ participants) are discouraged at this time and require express pre-approval, which should be requested as soon as possible and no later than 30 days prior to the event.

Event organizers - How to download the Check-in app for Roster Maintenance: Event Guests - How to download your personal Event Pass QR code: If an event or meeting does not conform to these guidelines, the University reserves the right to: Deny or rescind the event organizer’s permission to use the venue, even if the event has already started. Student organizations and departments must have a.

Restrict the event organizer from reserving campus space in the future. Contact Us.

Other than invited guest speakers, non-ASU affiliated guests are not permitted to attend student organization events in ASU venues in-person at this time. It is expected that all students follow on campus guidelines when hosting events off campus. Single-layer neck fleece covers, also known as gaiters, and face coverings with valves do not satisfy the requirement for use of a face covering on campus. We give tours to guests and speak at outreach, recruitment and special events Invited guest speakers must comply with ASU public health guidelines, such as mask-wearing and social distancing, at all times while on campus. Student organizations may invite non-ASU affiliated guest speakers to events. Fulton Student Organizations are open to all ASU students (in-person, immersion, ASU Sync, and online), review this website to learn more and get connected! As your organization prepares these programs, this website will serve as a comprehensive resource for event planning and operations. Event organizers should have a plan in place to clean items touched by multiple people between uses (ex. Face coverings are required during the event at all times for those who participate in person. ASU Students. These guidelines do not prohibit spontaneous expressive activities or other constitutionally protected activity that takes place in public areas of campus. Fall 2020. Students must utilize the SunDevilSync Event Pass for their roster requirement. Within the ASA, the Fulton Undergraduate Student Engagement group supports Fulton Schools Student Orgs.