Soon, larger manufacturers were producing similar loads, and in 1975 Super Vel went out of business. I look forward to following the Hush Puppy Project and its special customers.

What do you do to keep hidden? If the SLD is activated, there is no mechanical noise of the slide moving, as well as no port noise when firing. Among these was the Smith and Wesson M39, a 9mm handgun.

Manufacturer restrictions do not allow us to show you the price in the catalog or the product page. The frame was modified with a slide-lock that would keep the top end of the pistol securely closed when firing.

The suppressor capsule design allowed the suppressor to be serviced by the operator.” The P38 also featured a slide lock to further reduce the noise signature. The most viable solution was to use current .38/.357 projectiles.

Its slide-locking mechanism means that players will need to manually re-chamber the weapon after every shot, resulting in a substantially lowered fire rate. Frankie The Frog is the mascot of the Hush Puppy® Project, a muscular little cartoon guy running with a Hush Puppy® pistol, chomping on a stogie and wearing a Dixie Cup hat. The Vector is the only submachine gun with ADS.

147 gr. Ammo The second sound source is the sonic boom, or “crack,” of a bullet exceeding the speed of sound, which is … Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The first module, which mounts to the pistol, consists of a monocore baffle with three expansion chambers. Finally, micrometer-adjustable sights from a Model 52 were installed in order to give a clear sight picture above the suppressor. As such, it is unlawful for any non-government user to possess “extra wipes.” But with the Model 1, all the wipes are contained within a usable module, so they are not subject to this restriction. For civilians, the rechargeable wipe module solves the need to send the entire suppressor back for reconditioning.

Silenced shots do not give away your spot for enemies. A Hush Puppy® Slide Lock Device (U.S. Patent 10,378,838) prevents a semi-automatic pistol’s slide from reciprocating on the frame while the pistol is in locked breech mode. The SLD modification is only one part of the Hush Puppy equation.

To keep the can clean and water out (remember these were built for combat swimmers) a phenolic chamber plug and muzzle end cap was issued to be removed before firing. In concept, it’s more or less the Hushpuppy…part 2. In the 1960s, however the concept was brand new and just a few hundred men formed two small teams of frogmen.