You can now buy Nescafé Gold dairy-free instant lattes at Tesco. They are delectably smooth and creamy while being vegan–friendly and dairy-free. Découvrez vos propres épingles sur Pinterest et enregistrez-les. The ready-to-drink cold brews come in cans and are available in two flavors: Original and Caramel Spice. The vegan-friendly flavours are Coconut Latte, Almond Latte and Oat Latte. The latte is made with 100% high-quality Arabica beans and oats. Almonds’ rich nutritional profile includes vitamin E, magnesium, healthy fats as well as fiber. They are also part of an ever-growing repertoire of exciting innovations and experiences from NESCAFÉ for diverse and discerning consumers,” concludes Roos. It was reported in May that the food giant is on a mission to dominate the plant-based meat market. In fact, almonds can help to lower both blood sugar levels and cholesterol levels. Trader Joe’s launched vegan coconut cream lattes earlier this year. August 6, 2019.

This delectable and convenient vegan range includes three milk-alternative variants – Almond, Coconut and Oat. Until now, there has been no one-cup soluble cappuccino treat for consumers who do not consume dairy products; whether it is a lifestyle choice or because they must avoid dairy due to allergies or health reasons.”. The company recently introduced its vegan Incredible Burger in Europe, a plant-based beef patty that closely mirrors animal-based meat, even “bleeding” like the real thing thanks to the use of beetroot. This then reduces your risk for both heart disease and diabetes. Earlier this year, Coffee-Mate, a creamer company manufactured by Nestlé, began selling two vegan coffee creamers under its natural bliss brand. Twitter. Worldwide, there is growing consumer awareness of health, wellness, and longevity which has inspired a move towards natural, plant-based products. The innovative soluble lattes complement the favoured NESCAFÉ GOLD range to bring home the taste of café-quality, plant-based lattes. There will be three variants, each with its own discerning flavour. The NESCAFÉ GOLD Vegan Lattes are available at all leading retailers in South Africa.

38 (£0.36/each) Get it Tomorrow, Nov 6. Are Meal Delivery Plans Worth Paying For When You’re on a Diet? Levering direkte til døren, nemt og ligetil. Linkedin. Almond Latte. More buying choices £16.99 (15 new offers) NESCAFÉ GOLD Instant Coffee Almond Latte (16g Sachets, Pack of 30) 4.5 out of 5 stars 88. The convenient vegan-friendly sachets were voted for by over 10,000 consumers. Crafted with plant-based ingredients, these are non-dairy coffee lattes for people following a vegan diet. Sugar And Sore Throats: What is the Link? The entire range is plant-based and vegan friendly. Coconut may even help keep your brain healthy. “Not only are our new mixes leading the way with dairy-free convenient coffee solutions but are also undoubtedly the most delicious plant-based lattes you will ever make at home. This latte is made with 100% high quality Arabica beans and almonds. Pinterest. The entire range is plant-based and vegan friendly. Nescafé isn’t alone in its efforts to cater to the growing number of people choosing animal-free coffee options. The new products feature Arabica beans and are smooth and creamy, according to the Tesco website. Nescafé’s New Vegan Oat, Almond, and Coconut Latte Sachets Now at Tesco, The World’s First Lab-Grown Meat Restaurant Opens in Israel, Vegan Pulled Pork Tacos Stuffed With French Fries, 6 Crave-Worthy Vegan Desserts You Can Get Delivered. Tesco is selling Nescafé Gold dairy-free instant lattes at Tesco. The one-cup milk-alternative latte sachets are easy to prepare. However, until now, there have been few options for coffee enthusiasts to enjoy a non-dairy latte at home. 1 févr. We know that consumers are looking for plant-based options and continue to see that category grow,” the company said in a statement. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete.

Nestlé CEO Mark Schneider said the company is “deeply interested in the plant-based food area,” adding that Nestlé has “a lot to show in this area.”. With the launch of NESCAFÉ Gold Plant-Based Latte range, we are bringing the non-dairy trend out of cafés and into home.

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Try out our Oat or Coconut Latte too! Nestlé Head of Marketing Beverages Olga Starush said: “NESCAFÉ coffee is loved by Australians and we do not take this for granted. For more information on your medical condition and treatment options, speak to your healthcare professional. Pie Mulumba is a beauty and wellness writer, who has a passion for poetry, natural hair, and skin-care. My Breast Implants Made Me Sick – Real Life Story, Portion Plates Can Empower Millions of Children with Type 2 Diabetes, Revealed: The UK’s Best Off-Grid Getaways, Business for Health, B4H Launched To Invest In A Healthier UK, Sip On South Africa’s First Plant-Based Lattes from NESCAFÉ, A behind the scenes clip of our beautiful virtual, A behind the scenes image of the live launch of a, A beautiful flower within a beautiful garden. Well the good news is that someth, How well are you taking care of your bones? Introduced first in the United Kingdom, the NESCAFÉ GOLD Dairy Alternative range took home the 2020 Product of the Year Award in the dairy alternatives category! Nestlé is tapping into the surging vegan market away from the coffee sector, too. Last year, Starbucks launched a line of vegan cold brew smoothies featuring rice and pea protein, almond butter, dates, and cacao. £12.50 £ 12.

Oats are one of the healthiest grains on earth. A coffee shop-style dairy alternative almond latte, A perfect combination of 100% Arabica beans and Almond, Crafted to produce a smooth and creamy taste with every cup, Suitable for Vegans and certified by The Vegan Society, Low sugar … 8 Side-Effects of Wearing Face Masks and How To Fix Them, 17 Things That Will Happen If You Drink Apple Cider Vinegar Daily, 11 Healthy Things That Happen When You Stop Eating Red Meat, Travel On The Good At SALT of Palmar Mauritius.

They are low in sugar and fat and contain no cholesterol.

ReddIt. She says: “We keep our fingers on the pulse of consumer desires. For those who enjoy almonds as a snack, they’re going to love this latte even more.

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Coffee lovers looking for dairy alternatives can now enjoy their favourite non-dairy lattes at home thanks to the launch of the NESCAFÉ Gold Plant-Based Latte sachet range. Coffee lovers looking for dairy alternatives can now enjoy their favourite non-dairy lattes at home thanks to the launch of the NESCAFÉ Gold Plant-Based Latte sachet range. Nescafé’s New Vegan Oat, Almond, and Coconut Latte Sachets Now at Tesco. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. This latte is made with 100% high quality Arabica beans and almonds. Nicole Roos is the Business Executive Officer: Beverages at Nestlé South Africa. Nescafé Gold now offers dairy-free instant lattes. Available in 6 single serve sachets. This latte is made with 100% high-quality Arabica beans and coconut. Each box contains six sachets of instant coffee. For one, coconut can help you achieve flawless skin, as one study found that coconut oil actually contains anti-aging properties.

The vegan coffee sachets are available in oat, almond, and coconut flavors. The instant lattes are certified by The Vegan Society, the oldest charity of its kind. Deliciously creamy and smooth, the latte is Australia’s most popular coffee choice, and a perfect base for experimenting with alternative milk options like coconut, oat and almond. Not only will it provide a delicious beverage, but you’ll also reap the benefits of coconut. Available in 6 single serve sachets. The NESCAFÉ Gold Plant Based Latte range is available from June 2020 at Coles and independent retailers nationwide. Nescafé Gold now offers dairy-free instant lattes. Longevity is owned by World of Longevity LLC, USA. The fact is, they’re great for everyone with a taste for exceptional coffee. Nescafé Gold Irish Cream Latte Coffee, 8 Sachets (Pack of 6, Total 48 Sachets) 4.6 out of 5 stars 158. £17.38 £ 17.

NESCAFÉ Gold Almond Latte Sachets We’ve created a deliciously smooth and creamy latte with a high quality coffee blend of Robusta and Arabica and finely milled almonds. Only 4 left in stock. Now coffee aficionados who prefer plant-based milk alternatives can enjoy their favourite lattes any time, anywhere.”. Sit back and enjoy a delicious dairy alternative NESCAFÉ GOLD Almond Latte. You can also upload a document to receive a consulting from our professional staff, Tell me something about what you are looking for. “With the new NESCAFÉ GOLD plant-based mixes range, we are the first food and beverage manufacturer in South Africa to introduce an offering that invites them to enjoy a premium, frothy cappuccino experience at home,” added Roos. We, On this cloudy but beautiful morning @nescafesa is, With the United States Presidential Election Day u, In her speech before being crowned @official_misss, Fiber in your diet may help reduce your risk of br, Feeling anxious?

Last year, Nescafé launched two vegan coffee smoothies. This was done via independent research conducted by the global research group, Kantar.

The new lattes were curated using a blend of the highest quality Arabica and Robusta coffee beans, almond, oat and coconut.


According to the Tesco website, Nescafé products are consumed in more than 180 countries and more than 5,500 cups of Nescafé coffee are drunk every second.

This delectable and convenient vegan range includes three milk-alternative variants – Almond, Coconut and Oat. Nestlé’s new premium NESCAFÉ GOLD plant-based, non-dairy lattes are now available in South Africa. The content in this editorial is for general information only and is not intended to provide medical or other professional advice.

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