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Recent releases include Mauvais Garçon (2011), Rosa Gallica (2012), Poivre Bengale (2013), Oud Santal (2014), Off to Ibiza (2015), Osmanthus Guilin (2015), Subversif (2017).

Scent: Armaf Niche Sapphire is an interesting fragrance. It was founded by designers Christine Gustafsson and Niclas Lydeen.

Where to buy: in the US at Luckyscent, in the UK at Liberty London. They have a line of yogurt-based bath & body products called Aquolina Yogurt and a skincare line for teens called Aquolina Viso; other offshoots include hair care, lip gloss and home fragrance products.

Line of hair care, body and skin products founded in 1978, and now owned by Estee Lauder.


In 2006, Banana Republic launched the Discover Collection with five new fragrances: Alabaster, Jade, Rosewood, Slate & Black Walnut.

Recent releases include Byblos Woman (2006), Byblos Man (2007), Byblos Water Flower (2007), Byblos Essence (2008), Passion (2010), Elementi di Byblos (2010), Miss Byblos (2012), Fusion (2013), Miss Byblos Special Edition (2013), Butterfly (2014), Luna & Sole (2014). Website: Abinoam. Indie perfume line established in 1995 by Maria McElroy and Shinya Yokota.

They introduced their first fragrance, Agent Provocateur, in 2000, and followed with a lighter version, Eau Emotionnelle, in 2006. Viva la Bang!

See review for Bruno Acampora Jasmin. Hamburg-based niche perfume house established in 2006 by Thorstein Biehl, and styled as a "free space for perfume artists who can present their extraordinary creations to an audience".

Fragrances are made under licensing arrangements with Coty, and debuted in 2010 with Beyoncé Heat. See reviews of Green Fig and Egyptian Musk. Personal fragrances were introduced in 2008 with Pomegranate and Grapefruit.

Best known for their home fragrances. "Dermobiotic" spa & skincare line currently owned by L'Oreal.

But these are international trends, according to industry analysts NPD Group, The Busin… His first fragrance, Kingdom, launched in 2003.

Currently wearing: Hypnôse by Lancôme
. You can read a description of the initial 7 fragrances here; also see review of no. Website: Art of Perfumery (website no longer active).

Fragrances were introduced in 1987 with Bijan for men and Bijan for women.

Being new to the world of frags, I don't have a whole lot of experience with niche houses. From what I gather though they're the ones making the most interesting and highest quality perfumes.

hide text, £ The line includes several fragranced body sprays: Eau d'Energie, Eau Vitaminee & Eau Pure.

by Jessica Punter; If your goal is to smell really fabulous and like no-one else you know, you need a niche fragrance.

SL stuff is easily found at discounters for $80 or so. A line from northern Italy specializing in high end bath & body products, including an extensive selection of fragranced soaps.

Where to buy: at major department stores. All natural perfume house established in 2006 by Anya McCoy, the founder of naturalperfumery.com and president of the Artisan Natural Perfumers Guild. Flanders passed away in 2016.

Where to buy: Online at b-glowing and Beautyhabit. The most creative perfumers use the best ingredients and the most interesting fragrance notes to invent unique scents which don’t fall in with the mainstream. The Bourbon French line now includes the fragrances formerly sold under the name Lagniappe Oaks. Recent releases include Violette Cherie (2008), Violette Divine (2009), Les Contes Bucoliques (2010), Colognes Grand Crus (2015), Oud Wa Misk, Oud Wa Ward & Oud Wa Vanillia (2015), Vânira Moorea (2016), Russkaya Kozha (2016), Bergamote Indigo & Bois Ambré (2017), Maasaï Mara (2017), Violette (2017), Hoja De Cuba (2017), Péng Lái (2018), Capri, Bora Bora & Koh Phi Phi (2019), Oud Wa Amber (2019).

Recent releases include Spirit for women (2005), Antonio (2006), Blue Seduction for Men (2007), Blue Seduction for Women (2008), Seduction in Black for Men (2009), The Secret (2010), Blue Fresh Seduction for Men & For Women (2010), The Golden Secret (2011), Splash Seduction (2012), Her Secret (2012), Electric Seduction (2013), Her Golden Secret (2013), Cocktail Seduction (2014), King of Seduction (2014), Urban Seduction (2015), King of Seduction Absolute (2015), Radiant Seduction (2016), Queen of Seduction (2016), The Secret Night & Her Secret Night (2016). Chances are, unless you're a professional perfumer, you probably can't.

See also: review of St. Regis Caroline's Four Hundred room spray.

You can read a shopping report on the Angela Flanders boutique in London here.

Fragrance introductions include Essence of Oud: Black Ebony, White Leather, Royal Saffron & Precious Amber (2011), No.

English fashion designer who opened his first studio in 1992. Where to buy: at department stores and online discounters.

Where to buy: A complete list of retailers is on their website. French costume jewelry line with several fragrances. It isn’t just a scent to simply not smell bad, we have deodorant for that.

The boutique was open by appointment only, and was advertised as the most expensive menswear store in the world. The brand was acquired by Natura in 2016.

The struction and components of our perfume oils are of the highest calibre that smells exactly like originals at very affordable prices . By Marshmellow in forum Male Fragrance Discussion, By Andyjreid in forum Male Fragrance Discussion, By Butterscotching in forum Female Fragrance Discussion, By agarwoodindonesia in forum General Fragrance Discussion.

Recent releases include Beloved (2008), Beloved Moments (2009), Beloved Red Rose (2009), Beloved Purple Blossom (2010), True Delight (2010).