Trips are conducted throughout most of the year. Eligible individuals are those who have at least one parent of recognized Jewish descent, or who have converted to Judaism through a recognized Jewish movement, and who do not actively practice another religion. This product introduced the Birthright campaign setting. Trips may be geared for graduate students, undergraduates at a particular university, participants from a particular city, participants who identify with a particular stream of Judaism, tours for hiking or music enthusiasts,[14] and a diverse array of other interests, such Birthright's 12-day internship experience with Israel Tech Challenge. The program also receives funding from the German government, through the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany. There were some obstacles like water or trees through which the army could not advance or lost its charge bonus. Also there were flying wyverns and spiders which crawled on the ceilings as well as the floors. This product introduced the Birthright campaign setting. A Taglit-Birthright Israel trip includes airfare from major cities, hotel accommodation, two meals per day, security, all transportation within Israel, and other costs associated with touring the country during the ten-day trip. The findings also show that one out of four Birthright participants ends up marrying another Birthright participant. [8] In 2011, he pledged an additional $5 million toward the effort. [29], At an academic symposium on Taglit-Birthright held at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 2013, Leonard Saxe of Brandeis University presented evidence that program participants tend to marry later than their peers, and are more likely to marry within the faith than a similar group of Jewish young people who choose not to participate in Birthright. This raises Adelson's total support of the program to over $250 million as of February 2015. Guided discussion sessions explore topics such as the Jewish tradition in the modern world, how Jewish life in Israel differs from Jewish life abroad, and how mandatory military service impacts young Israelis' perceptions of service and commitment to their country. They must also be between the ages of 18 to 32, have completed high school, have neither traveled to Israel before on a peer educational trip or study program past the age of 18, nor have lived in Israel past the age of 12. to Israeli economy', Come, see Palestine! All groups are led by licensed Israeli tour guides, all groups are accompanied by an armed security guard, and include visits to the Western Wall and Yad Vashem, as well as other sites determined by Taglit-Birthright Israel. Taglit is the Hebrew word for 'discovery'. Birthright: The Gorgon's Alliance is a turn-based strategy game where the player is one of the heirs to a throne, a descendant of the royal bloodline on a quest to take over the world. [1] The set includes a new system for resolving large battles between fantasy armies, using cards to represent various regiments and a position sheet to indicate things such as which side is holding the line and which is on the flank. [7], According to the organization, Taglit-Birthright Israel has contributed more than 2 billion NIS to the Israeli economy. [1], The Birthright Campaign Setting set won the Origins Award for New Role-Playing Supplement in 1995.