300. The snowstorm will [affect/effect] thousands of travelers. The [plain/plane] circled the airport and prepared for landing. 189.

She learned to [read/reed] when she was only four years old. Practice makes perfect, so keep practicing here or using our package 1,574 Flashcards All English Learners Need to Have, which will help you master homophones as well as other important English vocabulary. The early morning flight is the [leased/least] expensive. [Their/There/They're] closing early on Christmas Eve.

They can be more than two. 165. 144.

I [wield/wheeled] the recycling bin to the curb. I've never seen [so/sew] many fireflies! 128. I wonder where [there/their/they're] going. OK, [by/buy/bye]! 93. Fill in the blanks using the right choice given in brackets. They weren't [allowed/aloud] to take their dog into the store.

I played the [fairy/ferry] Cobweb in A Midsummer's Night Dream. I'll see you tomorrow! I'm saving up to [buy/by/bye] a new laptop. 150.

108. 248. 106. That movie is so sad; the ending always makes me [ball/bawl]. 311.

I like to hang my laundry outside in the [son/sun] to dry. Fully solved examples with detailed answer description. The construction [sight/site] was surrounded by a chain link fence. 4.

166. I have another assignment [dew/do/due] tomorrow.

Still, you can follow the stories and see some examples of fun wordplay using homophones. Are you all right? 0Ѡ=`j��o����*迎����� �6Z��"����?�/����!���f\�LX�1��1��t�� �6h����c�̋C�*��� � 341.

218. Prasanna had a good ----- for stage plays. The doctor prescribed her a [course/coarse] of antibiotics.

You get the idea.

The water leaked in through a [hole/whole] in the roof. Try to [vary/very] your routine to avoid boredom. We collected the clams in a plastic [pail/pale]. 220. 222. You can leave your coats over [their/there/they're]. Two words are homophones if they are pronounced the same way but differ in meaning or spelling or both. Hold on, I've got a [knot/naught/not] in my shoelace. A. Lisa found a whole in her new sweater.

162. 10.

The waiter gave the diners some complimentary [mince/mints].

323. 159. It was a beautiful day, so I [ate/eight] my lunch in the park. 69. 158.

If there are no mistakes, and each homophone is used correctly, write: There are no errors. A [hair/hare] often visits the garden behind the house. %PDF-1.4 (a) telling a lie My books are lying _(b)_on the table. 56. 11. It is an introductory to the rhyme , the pronunciation and. Check the Homophones Questions with the help of this article by practicing the Homophones Online Test. 273.

132. I have three dogs, so my house is usually covered in [hare/hair]. He is the [loan/lone] occupant of the building. The duck hid her ducklings among the dense [reads/reeds]. 154.

The printer uses [to/too/two] ink cartridges, one black and one color. 239. And remember, if you need a little more help, we're here to support you on your English learning journey with English tutoring, as well.