Aristotle has quoted, “The educated differ from the uneducated as much as the living from the dead.” Understanding of life is solely based on seeking education. That is the kind of life a proper education imparts to you and helps you grow and achieve wonderful things in life. It also plays a big role in women empowerment and acknowledges that women are an important part of the society and should be treated equally to the men. 3363. I wonder how human life would be if there was no any system of education and none of the knowledge and achievement of past would have transferred to the next generation. An estimated 775 million people worldwide cannot read or write, with another 200 million children to follow in their footsteps because they lack access to any form of education. Education has a lot to offer in life. Educated person can easily detect if something’s going wrong and prevent himself from being cheated. Knowledge is truly power. Art and culture, which carry the history of human civilization, are the foundation of our society and its preservation is equally important, which can be done only with sufficient knowledge and study. Education is quite necessary for leading a life of satisfaction and contentment. 9. Below are 25 reasons why education is so important. Knowledge through education helps us in exploring of human potential and pull ourselves out of oppression and poverty to take control over our own loves. The rate at which technology is growing is quite outstanding.

A lot of it may seem unimportant or irrelevant at the time, but learning and understanding lots of different things is interesting!

Because when it comes to leading a phenomenal life then the word “education” plays a very significant role in people’s lives and without which perhaps, a person won’t be able to even know the purpose of his/her life.

If you have hopes and dreams, then an education can help you achieve them. Education helps you in enhancing your perspective about life and its various nuances. 2. A well-educated mind helps you in building a confident approach towards life and handling various situations in a very transformative way and manner. Frauds and cunning persons take advantage of the unknowingness of the illiterates and loot their money by signing faulty documents or deprive them of their rights. You probably agree that it is certainly is the key for securing a promising future with a lot of other things that make you happy. In fact, they have proved quite useful, if you are educated, you can understand the importance of such innovations and use them to your advantage either to enhance your personality or set up a flourishing business. It is only because someone is educated that your reasoning power enhances at a considerable rate. Albert Einstein. The kind of skills acquired in education are highly required in the workforce and help set one from the rest of the crowd and be chosen for the position if they do indeed possess them. Let's face it: most people are in their jobs because they need the money!

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And it is owing to that you are able to deal with life’s various situations in a very sound and rational manner. Whether they are the basic human rights, rights against exploitation from your employer or consumer rights, being aware of your rights is very important. Every child has the right to survive and thrive, to be educated, to be free from violence and abuse, to … Because, it comes naturally to me and think that writing is the kind of thing which is one of the most effective ways to bring about a change in oneself and the society. An estimated 775 million people worldwide cannot read or write, with another 200 million children to follow in their footsteps because they lack access to any form of education. This allows entire populations to get help and treatment promptly. And when you are focused in life the source of which is the right education or an institution then your chances of achieving something great and creating a stress-free life for yourself increases manifolds. 20 Reasons Why Education Is Important. Such a quality, helps a person make the right decisions not only for oneself but for others as well. Education impacts one with crisis management skills by evaluating the pros and cons of every decision before they make it.

Being educated about the law, your rights, places and even mathematics will help you avoid being cheated into signing falsified documents or being tricked into a trap.

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