b) In my previous comment I had L as the better detective. 6a) Sherlock once neglected to play his brother in chess to play Operation, so he might be a little less than confident in his skill at chess. Round 1: L vs. Cumberbatch? I am trying to compare two great fictional detectives. However, L gets very close - because L is straight up terrifying in his intelligence, and is, in fact, smarter than Moriarty. How fast can they catch Riddler? a) Ok. He has limited access to Mycroft's resources. William Sherlock Scott Holmes is his actual name, which is something only John, his parents, and Mycroft know, and Light wouldn't have access to birth records of people from the UK to figure out his real name. He has no access to Mycroft's resources, Watson is with him. Round 1: Sherlock wins. Done. The Riddler needs to be caught and these 2 intellectual powerhouses hold a LOT of knowledge together. Deduction game: Sherlock, I think he's practiced it a bit more. L is aware of Sherlock's actions. Batman's identity is actually real tough to figure out. Round 1: Batman arrives in London. Actual 2: I misread and realized its batman and not Sherlock. This is the contest I would love to see, although if we take S2E3 Moriarty, he's got the computer supervirus that can crack all encryptions etc. b) Both would get bored, so a draw I guess? b) No. Sherlock simply doesn't have the resources to compete. a) L is in position of Sherlock and is against Moriarty (Show version). Sherlock would almost instantly have a sketch of Batman's height, weight, and build. Can L take this? I am not certain that this search will pin down Bruce Wayne, and if it does not Sherlock will seek all suspects to find which is Batman. Sherlocks intelligence definitely qualifies as superhuman. Bonus Round 2: L vs. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. After a matter of time he would have figured out someone else had it, the memory loss when giving it up, Misa's involvement, and everything else, after Light was safely in custody. a) Sherlock wins. So I'm going to project my own thoughts on the DN series a bit here. L (from Death Note) vs Sherlock Holmes (from BBC's Sherlock). L is also said to have prevented world war 3 when he was 8 years old. I don't know how it would go down because the entire episode is based on Sherlock's relationship to John and Mary, but I think L would get CAM eventually. Ra's is a genius, just so you know. I think L would escape detection by never being too close to H for H to work his magic. a) Sherlock and L are both tasked to find out Batman's identity. Let's think a little about L's main feat of detective work. a) Sherlock and L are both tasked to find out Batman's identity. That being said, I believe L would also take this, because he IS thorough and he ALWAYS pays attention. Both L and Sherlock shares same weaknesses: Childish and hate losing. Sherlock has big amount of resources. 1: L would stomp all over Sherlock. And 600 years old, with enough resources to run a country. L has just about all of Interpol to help him with anything he needs. But it's a bit of a toss up. His identity is public. You have a massive prompt and I'm on mobile. This will be a game of who is the better detective or who can figure out someone's identity first. He will know that people don't just become vigilantes just for the fun of it, and that something happened to Batman that caused him to become this way. Then, Light forgets he's Kira and L says "You renounced to your weapon. speaks volumes to him, and he is an expert at estimating sizes(knowing the shoe size of Zhi Zhu from a shoe imprint on a carpet, figuring out the Woman's measurements), heights and things like that. To my knowledge, L never really disguised himself, and while Sherlock is fairly adept at putting together a disguise fairly quickly, he hasn't been shown to be very convincing, taking advantage of others' lack of attention to not be recognized. This is why I love Sherlock Holmes so much more - because his problems make a little more sense (although they can also be pretty ridiculous, like the Moriarty chapter where he "tricks" Sherlock into thinking he never existed. Press J to jump to the feed. They both get each others' DNA but only H's DNA leads somewhere, as L's DNA. It is fairly clear that L also has a loooooot of money at his disposal. Round 3, L has the same advantage he did over Sherlock, but Moriarty gets the generic Genius Antagonist boost and "I did it offscreen to facilitate the plot" boosts. L would find out batmans identity by predicting were the next crime will be and capturing batman there. Round 3a: Considering it took magic to find out the real identity of L, sherlock is hooped. So I won't address most of this, but I'll cover my thoughts on a few. Again, Sherlock is the one getting caught and solving the riddle. 3a) L has without a doubt spent a great deal of effort to keep himself anonymous, and I'd wager that he'd rather die than become unmasked to the world. He almost killed himself (50:50 chance, but the opponent is almost too good at reading people) in an unnecessary contest. In the Death Note universe, criminals start dying for absolutely no reason. Probably L, because while Sherlock's power of inference is crazy good, L is a straight up superhuman in terms of his intelligence. Sherlock would have won. Without reference, I think Sherlock has the tools to stay underground indefinitely. Sherlock Holmes is called to Japan to help with the Kira investigation. Come join our discussions, post your own battles and kick some ass! Arthur Conan Doyle'un ünlü eserinden uyarlanan yapımda, kahramanlarımız Sherlock Holmes ve Dr. John Watson günümüz Londra'sında sıradışı cinayetleri çözmeye çalışıyorlar. L wins, but this is largely due to Sherlock's hubris and nature of assuming that everyone is stupider than him. Please!). He goaded Kira into killing a scapegoat, and when Kira took the bait he used the info gathered to "track" Kira to a region. c) Sherlock in position of L. Can he catch Light? Round 2: still L. The only way Batman could figuer out L's identity is if he found Watari and.... ya know to get the information but I doubt batman would do that and even if he did I don't think Watari would be out if he had knowledge of the situation. If they were in disguise, though, it's hard to tell. b) L and Sherlock are working separately, Sherlock has Watson. He will alter his entire look which might throw the Death Note off if Kira ever does meet H. Holmes should actually win this round. Round 2: L stomps this round. He must be using a magical weapon in order to do this." Sherlock wins. It's not like he just looked at a random Kira murder, made a million deductions, and said "We're looking for a genius teenager in the Kanto region of Japan.". Did I misread the prompt or did OP edit it? Sherlock couldn't keep up even if they were on equal intellectual levels. Both detectives find it interesting that Batman never kills a criminal he is fighting, even as self defence.