The mate or yerba mate note does the same, it is an herbal, bitter, slightly spicy that tones down the floral notes adding some earthy and spiciness. It’s the perfect balance between smooth neroli and crisp violet which come together to create a very silky refined fresh scent. Let's find out if she will like this. Visit the PRADA official store, discover now L'Homme Prada L'Eau Edt 50 ml and buy online at the official PRADA e-store.

All smell perfect. Highly recommended. This is an amazing perfumery creation. For some that may be a problem but for others it may be intriguing. Seja misturando, invertendo, colocando em camadas ou simplesmente desafiando os chamados ingredientes masculinos ou femininos, o objetivo, como sempre, é romper o status quo, os clichês, a fim de forjar novas e inesperadas realidades. This fragrance smells like the luxury soap that you can find in high end hotels. Através da Compra por 1 Clique, os seus dados são preenchidos automaticamente tornando a sua experiência em nosso site ainda mais prática. Em primeira mão! What a fantastic from the house of prada..received this gems from courier when im about going to work,so i just spray on my wrist then go to work at 2.00 pm..its a hot day here in Malaysia and its an outdoor job,about 4.00 pm i clearly smell this juice when im walking..that smells around in the air,a good sillage..until 11.00 pm this juice easily can detect on my wrist (wrist close to nose) such an amazing from prada..its labelled as office scents but after my experience with this (hot weather,outdoor job) its a good also for casual,fantastic high quality juice..very recommended and worth for having this prada L'homme.

Overall, great scent will give you confidence and feel of a cool professional guy in the daytime specially in morning or a cool indoor settings. This is the King of the Clean fragrances! Ok, here’s something I tried out this week and it really works on my skin: In my opinion the best signature scent (tied with Chanel AHSE) out there!! Clean, fresh and definitely a crowd pleaser. I wear this when I have a freshly ironed shirt, with a fresh haircut, I feel clean and spotless. There's not much else for me to add about this fragrance that hasn't already been said below but this is an amazing, understated scent that I absolutely love.

out of Dry down smells amazing.

Dealing with patients with allergies and asthma etc. The fragrance has some noticeable changes. I promised myself to never wander around designer frags because they are just waste of money. Já que as primeiras fragrâncias da linha La Femme Prada e L'Homme Prada representam um espectro completo de sentidos — como um fim de semana inteiro em um frasco — e as intensas interações causam emoções tão fortes quanto uma noite romântica, L'Eau surge como um dia brilhante e alegre, em que tudo está perfeitamente claro. I've worked my way through the range, and to me, this is the best. It's professional, smooth, high quality, but also very casual, soothing, and laid back as well. Soapy, powdery, clean deliciousness. I immediately bought a full bottle after an hour sniffing, the amber quality of this one is on a par with mfk grand soir, they have that naturally spicy unsweetened marshmallow. She is an absolute woman, he is an absolute man. Its definitely not extremely masculine and in your face. Smells so damn clean. É perfume pra dormir em olhe lá.

It's a very unique smell but also very pleasant.

Powdery, sweet scent that is still masculine. This scent isn't very masculine but it's not exactly feminine either.. just gives off a very clean smell which lacks real character in my opinion. Both are very good for my test. Smells almost exactly like Prada Amber Pour Homme (which basically smells like baby powder), but more watered down and fresher. Thanks Prada!

:( Imo a linear fragrance which opens up with lovely flowers/iris and amber and ends the same with a touch of woods and powdery-ness.

The cedar and sandalwood are support notes, a woody, and a soft sweet creamy touch.

Visit the PRADA official store, discover now L'Homme Prada Edt 50 ml and buy online at the official PRADA e-store. Good to the theater or fancy dinner.. Seja bem-vindo à CASA DOS IMPORTADOSSomos uma Empresa, legalmente constituída, especializada em Perfumes Importados e operamos através da Internet desde 2010.Possuímos a chancela de Mercado Líder Platinum, a maior medalha concedida à uma Empresa pelo Mercado Livre. Very good performance. UPDATE: I adore this fragrance even more now.