Contractors and Freelancers need to work closely with their Agency / Umbrella Company / Client to ensure their employment ‘status’ is correct and so any obligations under the AWR are understood.

For queries or advice about criminal record checks, email, Application and payment queries can be emailed to You can also change your choices at any time, by hitting the If you agree to changes you must be given a new document with the full details of the changes and the date they changed. He said the "agreement achieves our twin objectives of flexibility for British employers and fairness for workers. Agency temps and Contractors already have rights under The Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Business Regulations 2003 – see our new Guide here. Some of these rights apply on day one of an assignment, others after a … A pregnant agency worker does not have any further rights under the AWR beyond those they are already entitled to (see our Guide to the Equality Act and our Guide to Maternity) and they do not have an automatic right to return to work after maternity leave. An agency can’t change your terms and conditions without telling you. It does not matter how many hours you work each week, it can be part-time. After 12 weeks in the job you qualify for the same rights as someone employed directly.

How is the 12-week qualifying period under the Agency Workers Regulations 2010 calculated? This means that an agency worker could obtain the 12 week period through several assignments. Since 1 October 2011, temporary agency workers are entitled to equal treatment on working time with as a comparable direct hire employed by the hirer to do the same job. Agency Workers must, for example, have the same amount of working time and annual leave as those who are directly employed workers e.g. They perform functions like preventing the same ad from continuously reappearing, ensuring that ads are properly displayed for advertisers, and in some cases selecting advertisements that are based on your interests. Legal advice should be sought if there is any uncertainty as to whether or not the Regulations are being complied with. By no later than 30 April 2020 (unless the contract of employment is terminated on or before that date) temporary work agencies should have given agency workers with a Swedish derogation provision in their contract a written statement confirming that the … You have a break of up to 6 calendar weeks – when you return to the Client to do the same job you start re-counting towards the 12 weeks after your return. The Government announced that under the new agreement, agency staff will be entitled to equal treatment on pay, overtime arrangements and holiday entitlement after 12 weeks in a given job. The qualifying period will be broken in the following circumstances: The qualifying period can be suspended in certain circumstances, including when there is less than six weeks between assignments, the agency worker takes annual leave, or is off sick for up to 28 weeks. You are entitled to ask the hirer for their terms and conditions for someone directly recruited. The rights cover: pay; holiday; sick leave; pensions; working hours and rest breaks; access to permanent job vacancies at the hiring organisation If an Agency Worker believes the hirer or agency has breached the key provisions of the AWR, i.e.

MSC’s provide a service to the customer but the MSC, not the customer, has responsibility for managing and delivering the service and supervising their workers at the customers premises. Did your employer exercise sufficient control over the way in which you carried out the work for the relationship to be properly regarded as an employment relationship? Employers would normally exercise this control by giving directions to the employee and using disciplinary proceedings if the employee fails to comply. For queries or advice about Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs), including parking tickets and bus lane PCNs, email Some of these rights apply from the first day a worker is engaged at a hirer organisation. Organisational Development Well, sorry, it's the law. After the 12-week qualifying period, agency workers become entitled to the same terms and conditions that he or she would have been entitled to if directly recruited by the hirer. For more info and to customise your settings, hit Q What is the “Swedish derogation model” and does it avoid the obligations? There are, however, anti-avoidance provisions within the Regulations to prevent assignments being structured in this way. Agency staff are generally classed as 'workers' rather than as employees and have the benefit of legal protection under the Agency Workers Regulations 2010 (see further below). Call 0800 587 0912Email, Call 0800 587 2750 Email, Call 0800 587 0912 Email, Contact your local Jobs & Benefits office.

It might also affect any claim you make for equal treatment, as an Industrial Tribunal could take this into account when deciding on compensation.

Since 2011 Employers also need to provide information on the number of agency workers working temporarily for and under the supervision and direction of the employer and the part of the organisation where they agency workers are working and the type of work the agency workers are carrying out. Diversity & Inclusion

The move will prompt howls of protest from the IT staffing industry, which claims the move will hamstring smaller firms. The Labour Relations Agency (LRA) offers free, confidential and impartial advice on all employment rights issues.