I revoked permission for them to call my cell phone after receiving calls multiple calls for being 1 day late. I receive my card but they wont even activate them or I will use them once and they restrict them. More information can be found at www.synchronyfinancial.com and through Twitter: @Synchrony. Today, I had another conversation with a so-called Manager. They began adding all sorts of fee fee to my account and even though I had paid my account in full, the credit bureaus were getting reports that my payments are 90, 120, 180 days late and I sought the services of an attorney to assist.

Made payment by phone on Feb 17th and it had a late charge that even the csr couldn't explain.

Please help me, I have worked on my credit and still continue to. Please help me I want to sue!!

Dont know what to do. A member of our team will assist you in gathering the necessary information to open a claim. I don't really know how to go about taking action against Synchrony for wrongfully terminating me, so if any lawyers want to reach out to me and possibly represent me in a potential lawsuit, feel free to email me at klinxxxxx5@gmail.com. My sister recently had a bad experience with them. The main thing is the wrongful termination. This in turn has caused me to delay sorely needed home improvements, dental and other medical procedures. FRAUDULANT COMPANY. Poor excuse for a bank. I have just discovered what I think may be some illegal practices by Synchrony in an effort to have me default on my payments, thus incurring full 2 years worth of interest when the loan should have been paid off using their automated system. I discussed this with the HR manager who terminated me, and she basically scoffed and swept me under the rug. Basically, they have an overly complicated system for personal illness and I made some errors interpreting that system. Write a private message as Synchrony Bank verified representative. My husband requested for the bank to notify the credit agencies ASAP. Numbers with different area codes calling consistently regarding our account, to silicate services etc. We are processing your message. Reason of review: I agree totally. To now close those accounts! I never received any monthly payment invoices. After doing some research, there are A LOT of people that has the same issue. Contact Synchrony @ 1-866-834-3205 to alert us of your concern. DITTO! A class action lawsuit needs to be filed against synchrony bank after reviewing views of other people with the same complaints. Absolutely the worst banking institution I ever worked with .

They are legalized loan sharks. Synchrony needs to go. It was an address in the USA. I will continue to file a complaint online until I die or until I receive a response. Being terminated (2 days after thanksgiving, after working 56 hrs over the holiday) was a violation of the FML Act, which means I was wrongfully terminated. I would take the suggestion one person said, before you take out any store accounts, make sure they are not on synchrony bank, if they are RUN LIKE THE WIND! Factors that could cause actual results to differ materially include global political, economic, business, competitive, market, regulatory and other factors and risks, such as: the impact of macroeconomic conditions and whether industry trends we have identified develop as anticipated; retaining existing partners and attracting new partners, concentration of our revenue in a small number of Retail Card partners, promotion and support of our products by our partners, and financial performance of our partners; cyber-attacks or other security breaches; higher borrowing costs and adverse financial market conditions impacting our funding and liquidity, and any reduction in our credit ratings; our ability to grow our deposits in the future; our ability to securitize our loan receivables, occurrence of an early amortization of our securitization facilities, loss of the right to service or subservice our securitized loan receivables, and lower payment rates on our securitized loan receivables; changes in market interest rates and the impact of any margin compression; effectiveness of our risk management processes and procedures, reliance on models which may be inaccurate or misinterpreted, our ability to manage our credit risk, the sufficiency of our allowance for loan losses and the accuracy of the assumptions or estimates used in preparing our financial statements; our ability to offset increases in our costs in retailer share arrangements; competition in the consumer finance industry; our concentration in the U.S. consumer credit market; our ability to successfully develop and commercialize new or enhanced products and services; our ability to realize the value of acquisitions and strategic investments; our ability to realize the benefits of and expected capital available from strategic options; reductions in interchange fees; fraudulent activity; failure of third parties to provide various services that are important to our operations; disruptions in the operations of our computer systems and data centers; international risks and compliance and regulatory risks and costs associated with international operations; alleged infringement of intellectual property rights of others and our ability to protect our intellectual property; litigation and regulatory actions; damage to our reputation; our ability to attract, retain and motivate key officers and employees; tax legislation initiatives or challenges to our tax positions and/or interpretations, and state sales tax rules and regulations; a material indemnification obligation to GE under the tax sharing and separation agreement with GE if we cause the split-off from GE or certain preliminary transactions to fail to qualify for tax-free treatment or in the case of certain significant transfers of our stock following the split-off; regulation, supervision, examination and enforcement of our business by governmental authorities, the impact of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act and the impact of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s regulation of our business; impact of capital adequacy rules and liquidity requirements; restrictions that limit our ability to pay dividends and repurchase our common stock, and restrictions that limit Synchrony Bank’s ability to pay dividends to us; regulations relating to privacy, information security and data protection; use of third-party vendors and ongoing third-party business relationships; and failure to comply with anti-money laundering and anti-terrorism financing laws. InvestorRelations@syf.com, Loop Commerce Study Finds 54% of Companies will Increase Investment in Corporate Gift Giving Over the Next 24 Months. No late payments, no missed payments, payments above the minimum and they closed all my cards saying I was a risk without me ever being late. This is defamation of character and fraudulent. Instead, Synchrony kept my Echo Dot and refused to admit that it was rightfully mine when I inquired about the prize a month later. but it was returned to the seller for it was not what I order. Is that a legal move. In spite of all the documents from my online bank account which showed that my payments were credited to the original account ending in 2536, ( written in their handwriting), and further documentation produced by my bank showing where payments were received and cashed by this fraudulent Synchrony bank and placed on account ending in 2536, they have bluntly refused to acknowledge that my account has been paid in full and to correct their bogus accounting practices and report the truth to Credit Reporting Agencies. Then my husband called a few days ago asking why our credit report did not reflect the correct amount. Payments paid in full on some others more than minimum. My husband called again today (19 Apr) and they stated they pulled our credit report, are sending a letter, and stated we missed payments (we never have missed a payment, not even late) and for other reasons undisclosed. She noticed as with the consumer above, they had lowered her available line of credit for no reason; but worse, they monkied with the account-showing that she was maxed-out on it, when she really had only $341.00 balance on a thousand dollar account. Walmart Inc. filed a lawsuit Thursday against its longtime credit-card issuer, Synchrony Financial, alleging the lender breached terms of its contract with the retail giant.