Learn more about stone crab regulations at MyFWC.com/Marine.

(Bob Care/Florida Keys News Bureau via AP). 10/15/2020 at 11:05am. Requiring a 2 3/16-inch escape ring in all plastic and wood stone crab traps before the start of the 2023/2024 season. Or, order the grouper Oscar from Big Water, which is made by searing grouper stuffed with stone crab meat and then topping it with béarnaise sauce and asparagus over rice. (Bob Care/Florida Keys News Bureau via AP) Seafood processors at Keys Fisheries in Marathon, Fla., sort stone crab claws recently. Allison Forsyth, Cooper Levey-Baker, Kay Kipling, Susan Burns, and Megan McDonald

TAMPA, Fla. - You once again have a chance to crack a stone crab claw in a seafood restaurant and devour the sweet meat that lies within it. The changes, which go into effect on October 1, 2020, decreases stone crab season in order to increase the stone crab population: The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission says the shortened season and other new limits are necessary to sustain Florida stone crabs, whose large, meaty claws are removed and served boiled with melted butter or mustard sauce. Florida Keys commercial fishermen began the 2020-2021 stone crab harvest season Thursday amid new Florida fishing rules designed to increase future stocks of the tasty crab claws and concerns about consumer demand for this year's harvest due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With this delicious, native ingredient, you can't go wrong. Butter Up. We see a lot of people ordering (seafood) online or going to the grocery store and buying and eating at home. Moving the season end date from May 15 to May 1, closed on May 2. MARATHON, Fla.: Floridas annual stone crab claw harvest has started amid new rules aimed at protecting future stocks and concerns about demand for claws due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Other restaurants serve them warm after dropping them into a pot of boiling water or steamer.

Only the claws are harvested from the crab, and the crab is released back into the water, where it will regrow its claws. Or stick to the basics, and pair the crab with the Joe's Stone Crab mustard sauce. So What Do You Do With Them? Limiting possession of whole stone crabs on the water to two checker boxes, each up to 3 feet by 2 feet by 2 feet OR a total volume of 24 cubic feet. Photography by But we just dont know what restaurants are going to do this year in Florida, which are the largest consumers of the crab, he said. Chocolate Malt. Stone Crab Season runs from Oct. 15, 2020 to May 1, 2021 (Note the date change.) Many fish markets and grocery stores will crack the claws for you. Call in your order, pick them up & enjoy. The majority of Florida Stone Crab claws are commercially harvested off the southern tip of Florida’s peninsula, from the Florida Panhandle to Key West. Jenny Acheson, 08/01/2019

The cost can fluctuate depending on claw size, but the price typically averages between $28 and $30 per pound, so are typically served as an appetizer. By Increasing the minimum claw size limit by 1/8 inches from 2 3/4 inches to 2 7/8. Everett Dennison, 1255 N. Gulfstream Avenue, Suite 101, Sarasota, FL 34236, Sarasota's Four Most Scrumptious Shrimp Dishes, Vendors Switch Up Sales Strategies in Wake of Farmers' Market Closures, A Murder Mystery Dinner Party and More of This Week's Best Food and Drink Events, Our Big List of Places That Are Offering Thanksgiving Dinner Meals To-Go, First Watch Rolling Out Alcohol Menu Around the Country, Origin Pizzeria Opening Third Location Near University Town Center, All Faiths Food Bank Kicks Off Holiday Turkey Distribution Effort, 'Chocolate Walk' Takes Place in Venice Next Week, Sarasota Opera Announces Changes to Upcoming Season, Former New York Fed President, CEO to Speak at New College, Meet Eight Local Artists Who Find Inspiration Everywhere, Julie Kanapaux Fuses Fine Art and Digital Design, Joe Fig's 'Contemplation' Paintings Are Winning Rave Reviews, Mote, Waterlust Partner to Create Eagle Ray-Themed Workout Gear, Sarasota Resident Blair Eadie Launches Fifth and Final Nordstrom Collection, Sarasota Gift Box Company Delivering Happiness to the Community, Ringling College Students Design Dog Toys For Local Pet Retail Store, Local Creatives Launch T-Shirt to Spread the Word About Voting, Designer Carley Holtsinger Brings Her Beachy, 'Florida Grandma Chic' Accessories to Sarasota, State’s Top Landscape Architect Design Award Goes to Michael Gilkey, 27 Sarasota-Manatee Neighborhoods You Need to Know, Bradenton’s Aqua by the Bay to Begin Construction of Master-Planned Development, For Sale: A Sarasota School of Architecture Home in Dade City, Fawley Bryant Completes Batting Tunnel for the St. Louis Cardinals, CEO of Jewish Federation of Sarasota-Manatee to Retire in 2021, Leslie M. Turner Joins The Bay Park Conservancy’s Board of Directors, Goodwill Veterans Services Program Manager Named 'Veteran of the Year', What You Need to Know About Tropical Storm Eta, Atlas Networks Named One of 50 'Companies to Watch' by GrowFL, Private Air Travel Is Up, Up, Up in Sarasota, Let's Join the Lakewood Ranch Mindful Triathlon, Let's Go to Folk School at Crowley Museum and Nature Center, Lakewood Ranch Medical Center to Open New Freestanding Emergency Department Dec. 1, Covid-19 Outpatient Trial Shows 'Significantly Reduced' Virus Levels With Antibody Cocktail, CenterPlace Health Partners With Senior Friendship Centers, Sarasota Memorial Hospital Celebrates 95th Anniversary, First 1,000 Days Sarasota Launches Parent Portal and Care Coordination System, Ringling Museum Offering Special Elopement Ceremonies to Couples, St. Petersburg Couple Marries With an Actual Bear as Their Ring Bearer, Bow Wow Vows: Six Local Couples Tie the Knot Alongside Their Pets, The Wandering Whale Offers a Boutique Bar Experience on Wheels, While Some Entrepreneurs Struggle to Find Their Niche, Elizabeth Turk Just Followed Her Heart.

Retail, I think, is strong, Graves said. These tasty crustaceans can be found in both shallow and deep offshore waters all around Florida, and can be found as far north as North Carolina and as far south as Belize. Florida Keys commercial fishermen began the 2020-2021 stone crab harvest season on Oct. 15 amid new Florida fishing rules designed to increase future stocks of the tasty crab claws and concerns about consumer demand for this year's harvest due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sauteed Mussels. Allison Forsyth Here are some tips on serving the Florida delicacy. New regulations, enforced by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, include increasing the minimum size of a harvested claw from 2 3/4 inches (7 centimeters) to 2 7/8 inches (7.3 centimeters); reducing the harvest season by two weeks and modifying traps to have a 2 3/16-inch (5.5-centimeter) escape ring. If you plan to try cracking them yourself at home, Dolan recommends using the back of a spoon and holding the claw in the palm of your hand, or using a wooden mallet. The season, for one, will be two weeks shorter, ending on May 2, 2021. Enjoy them early and often while they last. Commercial crabbers across Florida are concerned the new limits will cut their profit margins or even force them out of business especially as restaurants and their suppliers across Florida suffered losses from mandatory closures during the pandemic. Stone crab season kicks off Thursday in Florida, however, this time around, state wildlife officials have set some new ground rules.. Stacey Altherr