PewDiePie, who does gaming videos, was the highest-paid YouTuber in both 2015 and 2016. Related: Bashing the Stereotypes: What You Need to Know About Gen Z. Like other medical professions, area of practice influences salary potential. The big plays are at the very top. Download my Ultimate Guide to Working from Home to learn how to make working from home work for YOU. High-Paying Careers That Require a Bachelor’s Degree, High-Paying Careers That Require a Master’s Degree, High-Paying Careers That Require a Doctorate or Professional Degree, Georgetown University’s Center on Education and the Workforce. Lawyers can work in criminal, tax, patent, corporate, or other types of law, so a lot of specialties exist. As noted previously, some dental schools accept undergraduates without a four-year degree if they’ve studied in a pre-dental program for at least two years. 4. However, if you can manage to generate an online following, this could lead to a ton of cash and numerous other opportunities. Join our challenge to save money in a short period of time! Most finish an MBA program but some get other graduate degrees such as a law degree. Here's a tip: don't rely on one source of income. Individuals can also work towards director or chief human resources officer positions to further boost income. BLS data shows that the federal executive branch, which includes NASA, offers annual mean wages of $138,440, while higher education provides salaries in the neighborhood of $85,000. Some work in research areas to develop new theories and concepts, while others use their knowledge to teach others about the rules and techniques of the discipline.

One of the best fields to get rich with just a four-year college degree is engineering. Obviously, a lot of the big money is in the competitive circle, and if you're talented and dedicated enough, you just might get there. 3. Being a stock market trader could make you a millionaire. Salary: $200,000 The difference is that, in this case you are in charge of how much you earn, based on the volume of work, your ability to innovate, adapt and sell. Unless an individual starts their own company, most people do not receive CEO titles until they work their way up to the top position.

This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site. If you managed to step into a vice president or managing director role, you would be on your way to Millionaire Status before you even know it. Warren Buffett, one of the richest men in the world, apparently spends 80% of his day reading!

Ken Griffin, manager of Citadel, a 30 billion dollar fund, took home 870 million.

Again, this won’t make you an instant millionaire, but you will get there eventually. All you really need is a smartphone. A multi-billionaire is rich. In fact, Business Insider says that starting a blog is one way to generate millions of dollars, even in the year 2016. Whereas a regular working week might be 40 hours, an investment banker might put in 80 to 120. What does a software architect do, you ask? If you’re good, you can be a millionaire 5 years into your corporate job. 401(k) vs. Roth 401(k): Which Is Better for You? You must also pass the Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT) and apply to PharmD programs, which take four years to complete. Scroll through the entire list or jump to the categories that speak to your interests. With a focus on studying the universe beyond earth, astronomers seek to learn more about the planets, stars, and other objects within the solar system. Of course, you could always go the self-publishing route, too.

Which jobs earn the most money? Chemical engineers will work with fuel and drugs to solve problems in the use of these substances. They must possess a doctoral degree in the majority of cases. Managing Director: At least $1,000,000 per year. Dog walker. They must hold a doctor of pharmacy degree and a license to practice. The highest paying employers include hospitals, outpatient care centers, physicians’ offices, health practitioners’ offices, and educational service agencies.

You don’t even have to have any start up capital - there are articles out there that will show you how to start a business without it. You can even film from the privacy of your own bedroom! If you’ve got a little start-up capital, and obviously some skill and a ton of luck, you can take your money and double, triple or even quadruple it. Learn how to start earning money on the side with my FREE Ultimate Guide to Making Money. Specializations such as surgery or cardiology can tack on several more years. Of course, you have to be able to identify pump-and-dump schemes for you to truly succeed, but there is definitely high reward involved. They review an organization’s financial health, capital needs, and goals, and recommend the best strategy to achieve them. Per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median pay for dentists is $159,200 a year. Software sales: Over $150,000 per year.