Source: Dejap Translations. New comments cannot be posted and … Blue Sphere is the only game I haven't played yet. Looks like it's gone.

emulators include Does this really need an introduction? Level things that make sense to them early on then concentrate on the stats. It has most of the features the most beloved Star Oceans have like Item Creation and a large cast (The entire Star Ocean 2 playable cast is here and playable on one save file). Star Ocean: Blue Sphere has never officially been released in the West, but this lengthy, candid interview with the young tri-Ace team offers some nice insight into how it was made. I'm just getting my feet wet and one piece of advice for players, don't waste your skill points on unnecessary traits on characters. Close.

Reviews There are no reviews yet. 5.06 MB. Dragon Warrior Monsters 2 Ultimate (Hack), Dragon Quest Monsters - Terry no Wonderland, Dragon Quest Monsters 2 - Maruta no Fushigi na Kagi - Ruka no Tabidachi, Star Ocean: Blue Sphere (ES/FR/English Patched) GBC ROM, Network Boukenki Bugsite: Beta Version (J+English Patched) GBC ROM. share.

report. Press J to jump to the feed. Also, I noticed that the game randomly crashes when just doing simple menu stuff. Important!! Filesize. A 100% spanish translation patch for Star Ocean: Blue Sphere.'s game information and ROM download page for Star Ocean - Blue Sphere (Japan) (Gameboy Color). 195 Views . Combat plays more like Tales of Phantasia than it does Star Ocean, but it plays more like Star Ocean than Tales of Phantasia Narikiri Dungeon plays like Tales of Phantasia. a game by: Enix: Platform: GameBoy Color: Editor Rating: 8 / 10, based on 1 review : User Rating: 8.0 / 10 - 1 vote Rate this game: See also: RPGs, JRPG Games: Game review; Downloads; Screenshots 13; Tri-Ace itself is developing this sequel to their PlayStation RPG Star Ocean: The Second Story. Install Game. Star Ocean Blue Sphere's fixed english patch has been uploaded to! One problem: there's not a ton of documentation as to how item creation and skills/killer move learning works, in english! Does this really need an introduction? Please be patient. Archived. Be the first one to write a review. It`s also somewhat glitchy; the game`s event scripting is fairly complex, and I`ve noticed a few cases where an event trigger hasn`t fired or the game crashes outright. The link has been removed. Popular SNES emulators include ZSNES v1.36 for Windows , ZSNES v1.36 for DOS , Snes9x v1.41-1 for Windows . Been waiting to play this forever. comment. Dedicated to everything related to the past, present and future of the Star Ocean role-playing videogame series. The script translation is done, but it`s pretty rough and is going to need a healthy edit.

This project "Star Ocean: Blue Sphere" page has been viewed 118892 times so far. :D ). Here it is! Star Ocean (J) [T-Eng1.0_DeJap].zip. Home > Roms > GameBoy Color > Star Ocean: Blue Sphere (ES/FR/English Patched) GBC ROM.

34. Some unsavory sites have sold out of repro of the full english translation of Blue Sphere and the group hasn't released the patch for it and the game's been out for several days apparently. All Rights Reserved. While a complete French fan translation apparently exists, there doesn’t seem to be a way to play it in English yet. It plays kinda like Tales of Phantasia crossed with Zelda, with Star Ocean’s item creation systems and stuff. It´s a sequel/sidestory to Star Ocean: The Second Story for PlayStation. Discussion.

By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Star Ocean (J) [T-EngBetaR1_DeJap].zip. ©2005-2020 RHDN 3.0.0 by Nightcrawler. game rom gameboy gameplay ips patch English star ocean. Star Ocean: Blue Sphere (スターオーシャン ブルースフィア) is a RPG video game published by Enix Corporation, Tri-Ace released on 20010628 for the GameBoy Color. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The Game Boy edition features 16 characters--including many from Second Story (recognize any from the screens here?). View all SNES emulators. Locate the executable file in your local folder and begin the launcher to install your desired game. Thanks for the update, but what do you mean by "person who dumped it"? theres one on my video, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. It’s Star Ocean! Never download or run any files which do not come from, Filename: Star Ocean (English Translation).zip, learn what (U), [! Praise Tria holy crap I thought this wouldn't drop so soon. You control a single character during combat (the computer controls the other two) and take on enemies one at a time. ZSNES v1.36 for Windows, ZSNES v1.36 for DOS, Snes9x v1.41-1 for Windows. Rom recommendations tailored to you (the more roms you rate or add to your collection, the better the recommendations become).

Condensing 3 fan translations in one place, English, Spanish and French patched roms. You use an IPS utility to attach this to a ROM.

I'm gonna grind until I can face the first boss in the Mile Ruins. Condensing 3 fan translations in one place, English, Spanish and French patched roms. 98% Upvoted. It’s for the gameboy color! Discussion. Classic video game modifications, fan translations, homebrew, utilities, and learning resources. Star Ocean: Blue Sphere (FR) Addendum: 17 Feb 2020: Star Ocean: Blue Sphere (ES) Fully Playable: 11 Jun 2019: Star Ocean: Blue Sphere (FR) Fully Playable: 01 Apr 2011: Star Ocean: Blue Sphere (EN) Unfinished: 24 Nov 2010  Description: Star Ocean : Blue Sphere sur Gameboy Color constitue la suite du célèbre Star Ocean : The Second Story sorti sur Playstation en 2000.Le jeu débute avec le crash du vaisseau d'Opera sur la planète Edifice. DOWNLOAD OPTIONS download 1 file . Star Ocean - Blue Sphere ROM Download for Gameboy Color | GBC. The event dialog needs replacing as well, and none of the interfaces have been hacked yet. Don't worry I know the dumper, we're getting it fixed right now. You can! I guess that needs to be fixed so if anyone else has this issue, save and reset often. It is a spin-off entry in the Star Ocean series, acting as a direct sequel to the 1998 PlayStation title Star Ocean: The Second Story.It was later remade for mobile devices, releasing in 2009. Opera décide d'envoyer un SOS vers la Terre et entreprend d'explorer la …