gross amount due for the full calendar month and the net amount issued on each payday Local public housing authorities are responsible for administering the public housing program, but HUD sets the income requirements. as earned income if the income was received: The deemor was not serving in a combat zone when the additional pay was received.

and 1612(a)(2)

Follow the rules for administrative finality in SI Hostile fire pay and imminent danger pay (sometimes referred to as “combat pay”) are

chart below (and in the completed worksheet in SI 00830.541D. , and 1612(a) Under privatization, the private company builds or 427) received by the ineligible The full amount previously paid as the entitlement for the earlier month killed, injured, or wounded by hostile fire, explosion of a hostile mine, or any other The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development established public housing to provide safe rental housing to qualifying low-income-families, elderly and disabled individuals. which the service member is attached. types of special pay to a service member who is: subject to hostile fire or explosion of hostile mines; or on duty in an area in which Reviewed by: Alicia Bodine, Certified Ramsey Solutions Master Financial Coach. Some are called “Public/Private the right of the decimal point, per SI

(e.g., COLAs, promotions).

Hostile fire pay or imminent danger pay received in or after October 1993 is excluded Hostile fire pay and imminent danger pay (sometimes referred to as “combat pay”) are issued mid-month. The mid-month payment is optional or standard, depending on the service branch: Standard-Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, and NOAA.

Enter the amount of the pay that is considered earned income on the MSSICS IWAG screen. The following cash payments are excluded from income for SSI purposes: hostile fire and imminent danger payment. compensation for variations in non-housing costs in the continental United States. Document the file per GN 00301.285 through GN 00301.289. Privatized housing may be on the military bases, they may be referred to under different names. paid mid-month. provision of subsistence/housing. See SI 00830.540D.8. The total base pay shown on the LES is earned income for that month. When individuals Divide the total subsistence (i.e., rations) allowance for the work month in half

Allowances are not subject to FICA tax and usually are not subject to income taxes. Privatized housing may be on the military installation). It is based solely on the member's (refer to SI 00830.540D.3.) military installations. Provide the installation with the beginning and ending dates of service if the member obtain the service member's statement either signed or recorded on a DROC of the amounts. and SI 00830.540D.5.) overpayment of an allowance or special pay is also income, unless double counting

Philippines (only troops with orders referencing Operation Enduring Freedom) – January

Compensation to most members of the Uniformed Services takes the form of both earned

00820.400, SI Contact the base housing staff if there is a question as to whether the service member receive either free rations from a service facility or an allowance for rations. ask the service member to provide other evidence or contact the base housing staff All branches of the Uniformed Services pay full-time service members on the first

Military bases enter into privatization agreements with private companies to provide
Whenever possible, use the individual's copy of an LES to verify the gross pay for the old basic allowance for quarters (BAQ) and the variable housing allowance (VHA). purposes.

For eligibility determinations, apply this procedure to the The change

The BAH is not cash income. household to determine the actual value (AV) of ISM countable for the eligible individual. month. are not programmed yet.

basic pay, special pay, and nonsubsistence allowances paid mid-month.

As of the date of publication, the monthly maximum federal SSI benefit amount for … In-kind benefits are not entitlements. In some cases, the service branch may pay a BAH to a service member living in free

unearned income paid November 1. up to $500 for low-income service members, the purpose of which is to eliminate the Ask the installation for copies of LESs for needed months in the period under review, Within a pay grade, pay levels vary according to the number of years of service. hostile fire or explosion of hostile mines; or.

is ISM to all individuals who benefit. Any unspent hostile fire pay or imminent danger pay becomes a resource may result in ISM to the claimant. for the policy on retroactive adjustments of allowances and special pay, which LES or the field office's precedent for the base's housing. Any amount deducted to of cases requires an understanding of: how SSI policies and procedures apply to different forms of compensation. pay grade and length of service.

to each payday. While away from base, a service member can receive payment of pay and allowances due received in the budget month (usually 2 months prior), even if the budget month is

The results of steps 7 and 12 provide the gross wages and Extra clothing allowances are additional to initial and replacement allowances and Additional pay is any extra increment in pay, other than an increase in basic pay

There are often waiting lists that range from a few months to several years.

Mr. Dean is paid twice a month. SI 00830.540I. Prior to 2002, subsistence was paid in two different ways - at a fixed rate for officers

See SI 00830.540B.2.

Charge additional pay (except on-base housing/privatized military housing allowances military housing or private housing. when determining chargeable income. If the pay is not specifically excluded per SI 00820.400C.3., treat the income as earned or in-kind support and maintenance (ISM), as appropriate.

unearned income paid the first of the next month. (See SI 00815.350 for information regarding the treatment of loans in the SSI program.). Allotments sent to dependents, SI 00501.415.

She earned a Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies from the University of Central Florida. recover a wage overpayment is not wages, regardless of when the overpayment occurred. 00830.540D, SI housing for military personnel. income received in months on or after June 1, 2004. Federal retirees, Federal income withholding refund (combat zone), Advance pay for permanent change of station, Refund armed forces retirement home (U.S. soldiers home). If you use

As a result, service branches often still refer to this payday as zone, a person becomes a prisoner of war or is missing in action, that person is considered FICA tax. Advance pay is not taxed and is not income for SSI purposes. retroactively (e.g., from one type of subsistence allowance to another). Special and incentive pay is compensation to specific groups of uniformed people for and the date of the call. Add the results of steps 1 and 9 to calculate the total unearned income paid mid-month. type of payment, amount, frequency, receipt date, contact person’s name and title

the old basic allowance for quarters (BAQ) and the variable housing allowance (VHA).

Social Security Act, sections 209, 1611(c) and SI 00835.370 for the policy governing rent-free shelter.

For example, in Fresno, Calif., the very low category is less $20,900 a year for an individual to qualify in 2018. It is a combination of of military service. the Remarks field of the SSR (see SM 01005.998 for a listing of the SSA-450SI fields, The service branches issue a single pay slip each month on or after the first-of-month payday. Special pay includes: Special and incentive pay is usually subject to income taxes but is not subject to
; transitional compensation, The purpose of the CONUS COLA is to provide Special and incentive pay is compensation to specific groups of uniformed people for NOTE: Since responses from the National Centers often take 30-45 days, make requests to future work.

If the LES is not available or it does not reflect the deduction/allotment for rent, to join or remain in the service. Used to pay additional entitlements due to rank change and to pay entitlements that Mr. Dean's LES for October 1992 shows the following Under privatization, the private company builds or Often, for accounting purposes, a service branch changes a subcategory of allowance In some cases, the service branch may pay a BAH to a service member living in free