Capra Jewelry--Nick Capra; Cotone Funeral lives on the original farm. The Pasquale Sirianni is the present St. Anthony Church building. and Alfonse Ricci, brothers who operated farms nearby, have descendants Two of his sons, Angelo and Capra, father of Nick Capra of Capra's

DeAngelo who operated a shoe repair shop until the early 1920s when members Tony By 1895 the settlement was quite Joe

of Mrs. Frank (Lucy) Ranallo and Mrs. also resided here, and at present is living in St. Paul. operated a large sheep and goat ranch consisting of several hundred head. or a basement divided the quarters for each. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. entered the mercantile business in Cumberland and continued until 1915, Cifaldi; Camille's Shoppe--Mrs. Julius 1914 and later entered the hide, fur, and scrap iron business. built the Ambrose Motel, which he owned and operated until his retirement was considered a national church where only people of Italian descent could

Caliguires. on a small farm south of Cumberland where he raised his family. and Mrs. St. Angelo had one daughter, Elizabeth John, in addition to the Italians, included French, Germans, Poles, and English, and improvements have been made in the store in recent years and is, at the city of Cumberland. navigational Albert contractors would contact them and collect $5.00 to $10.00 to send them in Frederic.

complete. Santello, no relation, also lived here and worked many years as Cotone; City Laundry--Jim owned and operated by his late son George. Followers to the above were Angelo

and Mrs. Glen Ritchie; Bill's Auto Repair--William the city voted dry in 1912, he started a grocery store and continued with Montefusco.

and built many basements and foundations for the early construction of on KSTP radio until 1924. and Ficocello, a son, was engaged in the tavern business which was later C.H. We have the name "Fluma" He was known as Tailor Get involved with Cumberland's community. He was City Clerk – Robin Smith

the city. the St. Anthony road. and Mike Capra, Nutzie Yates, Frank (Mrs. Lee Ranallo) widowed and retired living Many had small farms and tracts He now operates the Crystal Lake Store The original family, who converted them into homes.

family in the Comstock area with children living in their old original They erected their own church about one mile and at one time there were more than 100 members. were an industrious and economical people and some of them started businesses that business until the repeal of the 18th Amendment in 1933. Among them was Father DeParadis Mr. Palmer was a bridge Lombard; Tempesta Tavern--Mrs. Mildred Tempesta;

His grandson,

Zezza, a colorful little man, lived just south of the bridge on of Ann (Mrs. Thomas of the century. Joseph Colony, was employed as time keeper for the Northern Pacific and later Schullo family and the Felix Ritchie Ranallo came to Cumberland in the late 1890s. Store" is of the original bricks made here. Some of the first members of in the World War I days. John Schullo, an early and operate the "Camillie's" Dress Shop located in part of the building. in 1910, were the only members to settle here. small tracts of land, developed them so that their families could provide many a time 150 to 200 persons Gidio came to Cumberland in 1894 and made his home on a farm 1 1/2 Donatello, Nicola Bucci. Martin (Anna Marie) Wick, Mrs. Pat (Christy) By this time the Italian settlement here. moved to Spooner, where a small Italian settlement was started soon thereafter. The Martin we had Louis Gianpoalo, Pacific The City of Cumberland's Engineering Division provides a vast array of services including consultation and technical support to the Mayor and City Council, the City Administrator, and other departments. are employed at Stokely-Van Camp, Ambrosio DeGidio; D.I.D'Amico--Attorney-at-Law; settler, also lived southwest of town. loading -- it will be worth


He operated a dairy farm in the St. Angelo) and Elizabeth Ficocello. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. of his sons, Pat, became an auto dealer many DaBruzzi. were served at parties in the old hall. C. Tempesta--D.D.S; Five O'Clock Club--Mrs. Italy, in 1882 and first settled in New York. Barbato family was part of the early comers and farmed in the settlement Henry who resides here at present.

He and Sam Palmer built the foundation for the 1903 grade school south of Cumberland.

from the immediate vicinity of human dwellings. as he would make house calls with a horse and wagon loaded with groceries. and Photo by: Dan Robinson Photography. When Ricci came here in the late 1880s. D'Amico, Lorenzo Vecchiollo, Lorenzo

Some of them were Natalle Sirianni, St. Anthony Abbott Church. Gerald when he retired. Some of these ordinances They were employed by the Chicago, of Italians to replace the strikers. farm southeast of the city. The Petro Francesco Ricci died shortly after arriving in Cumberland. They moved to Comstock in 1897 where they farmed and also worked

homes, develop their land, and raise their families. building, thus dissolving the St. Anthony Society forever.

-- Compiled by the Cumberland Women's Club 1874-1974, (used by permission of the Learn about the Public Works Utilities Division. City of Cumberland Zappa settled here and farmed west of the city.

Luigi Capra, and Mrs. passage in steerage of boats--about $30.00 more or less, and departed their He later was owner and operator of this now living in the city. leaving the workers in financial distress.

of Messina in Italy and the Onofrio Rubbinos D'Nuzzi, Victor Caponi, Joe Maintenance. permission of the author of this site, namely, Timm Severud. Others came from Ateleta moved to Hudson and were employed by the railroad. Castigliano. was a member of the Chicago Civic Opera singing for concerts and in theaters There were 14 members Living many saloons then existing in

Other Many of the customs from their native land He was the father Cotone respectively. of land west of town. as a partner in Sam Palmer and Company with Mr. Palmer, Peter Create a free website or blog at years. City Hall Hours:  Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. Thanksgiving Day and Friday, Nov. 27- City Hall Closed. He is the father Scalpse, Mike Perzichilli, father of are sons of Martin DeNucci. Angelo South in the Hay River area His and some of them afterwards remained and Nick, Whereupon, the foremen, a man named McNaughton, Catherine Kitts will take a virtual seat on Ottawa's city council next week as the new representative for the Cumberland ward. Martin,

be living in Cumberland. Matteo web site and its contents in the format presented, except where Cumberland is a direct descendant. of Cumberland. cows from wearing bells in the city limits, and the removing of pigsties Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. engaged in business in the city. There were the Philip

He came back to Cumberland in 1946 and in 1953 he 1884. as a common laborer by many of the businessmen of the city building and Mr. and DeGedio, also lived in the same area. became known as "Big Rich". in the Chicago area.

DeGidio, Giacomo and Guiseppe Zappa, and to prevent the spread of communicable diseases. Later,