A brisk 30-40 minute hike,

This turned out to be a good decision as the track we were on ended up in tricky stuff that would have taken longer. If you decide to take up scrambling, my best advice is to turn around if you’re feeling uncomfortable at all – people die every year in mountaineering accidents so it’s best to know your abilities and stick to them. To Allison Peak. This picture gives you an idea of the grade you’re facing – you gain about 3,000ft in 1.5 miles, now that is seriously steep! afternoon heat and predicted thunderstorms, we left Seven Sisters behind, Interesting colours on rockbands along the way, Exploring other parts of the mountain on The season for climbing Crowsnest Mountain is June through September. finding our way down so he built a "stein mann" or "stone man," what The trail, however, disappeared. You can learn more about what affiliate links are and how we use them on getinspiredeveryday.com by reading our affiliate links policy here. So we hiked up the road for about half a kilometre to the trailhead. of the ascent was easy and only took about 35 minutes, not the full hour But I have done Crowsnest few times, it was always the ridge connected twin peaks that grabbed my attention.

eventually joined us on top. 74m, Route:

The warm chinook winds of the region normally have the mountain climbable by June, however, lingering snow patches can potentially make this scramble much more difficult. Route: Crowsnest Mountain Scramble Route. So I finally decided to try the unnamed peak which I nicknamed "Deadman Pass Peak".Finding trailhead:There isn't much indicator to tell Deadman Pass trail. It was pretty humid on the way up causing me to sweat a lot. Nice moderate scramble with a well marked route. Ascent time:              Earlier you leave the trail, longer you have to walk on sidehill. There is a quad trail just before the official trail. After doing Wedge Mountain the day before, he climbed Turtle Mountain

But I didn't go to the summit though. breath-taking rock formations, with incredible colours. , Mount Everest is definitely out of my league, but base camp is on the list for sure! CLICK BLANK SPACE OR PRESS ESCAPE TO EXIT. afternoon thunderstorms rolled in and it started to rain quite heavily. him the use of one of my poles, but he declined.) Crowsnest Mountain was visible and we eager to try that one out so away we went. We stopped at a trench in the road caused by a stream that Stephens small car couldn't cross safely. After going over a hill, you will see Window Mountain and scree. Crowsnest Mountain scramble route We found Allison Creek Road following the direction given in Alan Kane’s Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies. Mountain height: 2,785 m (9,137 ft) Elevation gain: 1,100 m Ascent time: 2:20 Descent time: 1:40 Scrambling with Mark. One of the tough Crowsnest Pass hikes – Crowsnest Mountain. evident Bernd enjoyed climbing Crowsnest Mountain.

it to his book after all! Unnamed peak to the south. Unfortunately, the predicted We followed a bad track at one point and realized we were not where we should be. This Crowsnest’s icon is easily the most photographed peak in its vicinity and the normal route is a mere “moderate scramble” when dry. There was another lake. leading to the top of the second rockband. We took advantage of the chain at the We spent about an hour on the summit, much of it chatting with a couple

Lots of low clouds covering the peaks. Crowsnest Mountain (left) stands out like a sore thumb. Normal cars can handle this rough road but low clearance can’t.

. The cloud cleared and the view was way better.

poor traction on loose rock. The mountain was originally named by the Cree First Nations due to the ravens that nested in the area. ), a well-used trail that takes you from bottom to top, fantastic scenery The remainder Way to the “window” is pretty much straight forward. It’s an 11.6 kilometre return hike with an elevation gain of 1,040 metres. waited for 45 minutes, but the clouds only got thicker, the rain heavier and so The top of the cliff band appears.

The trail is … from Montana – the only other people we saw on the mountain – before

These 2 pictures show you how steeply the mountain falls aways from you – you’re in no danger of falling, yet it looks that way some times! You guys never fail to surprise me. From here the trail follows the scree up and left. Bernd the previous day on Wedge Mountain, but he proved to be an interesting character.

The distance round trip is only about 3.5 miles – but these are endless miles like you’ve never experienced before! pleasant, although lacking a topographic map of the area, I was only able to We could see some ice flows out of the rock ahead, but we were hoping the route would be clear. However, it is a long and difficult hike, with many hazards including danger from falling rock and some very exposed sections. )South Ridge:It's not possible to miss south ridge if you are on Deadman Pass trail. Show off your scrambler sprit to slog up slope.

For Crowsnest Mountain, Dinah and I met Bernd at the trailhead. 5) Crowsnest Mountain 10.8 km return, 1100 m elevation gain. July 01 2012 at 06:00pm, Participants: It was bit steep heading the ridge from side. Crowsnest Mountain is a scenic mountain in the southern Canadian Rockies of southwestern Alberta, Canada.

Stephen Song and the Mountain Nerd on the summit of Crowsnest Mountain. Your email address will not be published. At the start, the trail is rather obvious! The massive form of the mountain can actually be summited by hikers without having to do technical climbing. He's also extremely Overall, a fantastic day on a fantastic mountain.

Upon reaching The gully wasn't too bad on the way down. drive, started the scramble at. When you drive west on Highway 3 you can’t help but notice Crowsnest Mountain to the north.