The most important thing about being a eighteen is the responsibilities that come with it. Corruption is rampant in our political and social life and like cancer seems to be gnawing into the vitals of the society. Delhi would have, in fact, been buried under a pollution load if the Supreme Court had not intervened to introduce cleaner fuels and emissions technology in the city, in the form of CNG-run public vehicles.

The Modern Generation. Terrorist activities have knitted their web across our nation and act as a major threat to the society and lives of billions of civilians: Terrorism in India is very deep-rooted and complicated and has been a social stigma in our society. 14 It can be a means of passing important information to the students. and appreciating the governments that are ready to forego the revenue that comes out of it. 107

7 They single-handedly balance the pressures of domestic and public life.

Promoting tourism will surely promote our economy. 33 The one who worked hastily failed and the one who worked steadily and consistently became successful.

Question 57. 67

There are four stages that students should remember while writing an article on any of the subjects. The younger generation has grown up with mobile phones and so are completely addicted to these devices.


It is the largest service industry in India, so the Ministry of Tourism, the nodal agency for developing and promoting tourism in India runs and maintains the “Incredible India” campaign. You are Karuna/Karan.

Let us stop living like robots.

India’s rich cultural history and heritage and its geographical diversity make its international tourism potential large and varied. When we are in an unnecessary hurry, our chances for making mistakes and errors increase because in our hastiness we may have to compromise on the quality of work. embraces a vast array.

At all these centres medical aid must be made more accessible, more reliable and more affordable.

A recent incident at a prestigious school has shown that this evil has not yet come to an end. But due to technological development the charm of reading has considerably reduced for children. You are Ram/ Rani. Writing essays on how to box boxing training centers and paramilitary forces staff is nice prices. Answer: In most countries, the age of 18 is when you are legally and officially treated as an adult. Besides these basics thing, another important thing is research work. But now it is high time each one of us sat back in quiet introspection to contemplate where we are actually heading in this high-speed pace. Ill-treatment and cruelty of these helpless creatures should be stringently discouraged. But all the festivals are celebrated with great enthusiasm. Almost all students who attend coaching classes have lost their time for recreation and physical activities. Answer: By: ABC 78 This is because civic sense is not inculcated in us from a very young age. Indian tourism ; industry has been hit by pollution.

An article is written with the following objectives 1. Many students face a dilemma while choosing a course because the only career guidance they have is the opinion of their parents, the teacher’s judgement and their friends’ comments. Take a look at this very well-written R estaurant Review sent to us by a CPE student from Chantilly, France .

The topic on which an article should be written will come along with the question.

Family planning and planning for economic prosperity are the only alternative before us. You are Karuna/Karan.

105 It promotes underground water conservation.

We have to develop basic morality and nurture a value system that teaches respect for women.

Some festivals are celebrated by the whole nation and certain festivals are confined to specific regions. You can find a wide range of article writing topics from our page along with related information about article writing like tips, rule, format, & how to write it uniquely. The government must enforce laws protecting women in all spheres of life—be it at the domestic front or at the professional front.

The format of an article consists of the following parts: 1. ‘Grow more trees to reduce pollution.’ Write an article in 150-200 words on the topic given above for your school magazine. Write an article in 150-200 words for your school magazine on the topic, ‘Life without Modern Gadgets’. The money spent on a girl’s education is actually an investment.

Teenagers often feel confused. All our resources are under immense pressure due to this. By: Aman.

However, you will also find a wide range of Article Writing Topics on different subjects here. are a great attraction for foreigners.

We cannot just hold our legal system and the police responsible for the atrocities committed to women. Increase in the number of private vehicles has caused problems like rising air pollution, traffic jams, lack of parking space, road rage etc. The desire for reading needs to be inculcated among children from a very young age. Write an article in 150-200 words on the topic, ‘Poverty is the cause of all evils’, to be published in the Young World of ‘The Hindu’, Chennai. ‘Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan’ or ‘Education For All’ programme recognizes that ensuring the education of the girl child requires changes not only in the education system but also in society’s norms and attitudes. It fosters desperation which, in turn, breeds crime. (All India 2014)

63 There are Hindu festivals, the dates of which are fixed on the basis of the Hindu calendar.