1 caterium ingot -> 9 wire. This is the best recipe summary yet OP, thanks. https://satisfactory.gamepedia.com/Hard_Drive. Its asking me for reinforced plates, but i just found alternative recipe that has the same icon as reinforced plates but has a different name....stitched plates i think. However, it does use much more caterium, no iron, and less copper/oil. I was not pleased! Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am 10.

2 i could not open and 1 was empty, bringing the total to 17 hard drives. At the base level, it takes the cost per reinforced plate from 12 iron to 4 iron and 3.33 copper.

Making many objects, especially reinforced iron plates, rotors, computers, etc. It is a way to get more quickwire from a limited caterium supply though, if quickwire is your holdup. And your tool does give the "2 machines at 86%" in the visualize tool which is super handy. Es kann sein dass eine Auswahlmöglichkeit doppelt auftritt. Press J to jump to the feed. However, I still feel that this recipe removing entire buildings from your production chain is a huge boost to your factory’s footprint, complexity, and power requirements. As with most recipes, it’s a simple cost cutting and speed increase. But the stitched reinforced plate + iron wire combo is strictly better than this. This one takes more iron ingots and power per reinforced plate. It uses the same materials as Stators. So this recipe is going to take 4 times as much ore for the same amount of wire. This is huge for modular frame production and heavy modular frame production. Another fairly useless recipe unless you have an abundance of caterium ore that you would like to use. As I mentioned though, you need to use caterium for something if you have a node of it! Nachfolgend sind alle möglichen Ergebnisse ausgelistet.

However, in large numbers, you may run out of caterium. So it’s not exactly huge savings, especially if you value oil higher than copper. Even with no alternate recipes, you only need 3 copper ore for 9 wire. Sorry for the power not being exactly accurate, I am working on an update, where overclocking production lines will become possible and that will also include updates for power. Hey! However, note that you need much more caterium ore per wire than otherwise. Because of this, the player can keep re-rolling to get the desired blueprint by saving the game before researching a hard drive, then loading the save and waiting for another 10 … Bei dem Ergebnis kann getrickst werden: Speichert man vor dem Interagieren mit dem M.A.M. Just carry some of each material with you so you can fulfill the requirements of the drop pod (sometimes they need 40mw of power, or like 4 motors, etc, to open). However, this could become an issue when making huge amounts of reinforced plates, but this can be addressed by using iron wire.

Alternative Caterium-Draht- und Eisendraht-Rezepturen können verwendet werden, wenn sich kein Kupferknoten im Nahbereich befindet. The different name is a different name for the recipe. Has now become simpler. As a general rule of thumb, an alternative recipe costs ⅔ of the materials, sometimes in different types of material, and makes items at 1.5 the speed. Me and my friends have found 40ish and definitely the best way is to get high ground (obviously a lot easier once you have a jetpack). New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the SatisfactoryGame community. One thing you might've overlooked about Alt: Rotors. I haven’t done the hard math with underclocking, as I’m just using the wonderful online tool https://satisfactory.greeny.dev/calculator and it doesn’t calculate power via underclocking, just a fraction of the regular power, but 1 modular frame per minute requires 315.2MW of power normally, or, via alternate recipes, just 135.8MW of power. HMF = heavy modular frame, etc) Notes: Obvious. share. The quickwire recipes all take much more ore than they should, due to the fact that it takes 4 caterium ore to make 1 caterium ingot. Any tips for a new player on where and how to find these? They're kinda all around. I will do this but I'm waiting until I've played with all of them, and I'm waiting to play the game again until the aluminum update, so as to not burn myself out. All recipes sourced from Greeny's awesome new tool (and more to come) at https://update3.satisfactory.greeny.dev/ Name: Name of the alternate recipe (I shortened item names with more than 2 words to use abbreviations. Alternative Gummikabel- und Caterium-Draht-Rezepte werden nicht empfohlen, da sie eine Menge seltener Ressourcen verbrauchen und dabei nicht viel an Eisen- und Kupfererzen sparen. Juni 2020 um 11:51 Uhr bearbeitet. It makes the three assembler reinforced iron plate set up so much easier when you only need four Constructors for plates, and for Constructors for screws. erforscht, so erhält man eine Auswahl aus 3 zufälligen Alternativ-Rezepten. Yet another super helpful recipe. Holy crap, I just spent 40 mins waking around and found only 2. 18 steel pipe + 10 concrete -> 3 encased industrial beam @ 6ppm. It also skews the cost more towards limestone which honestly is pretty great, since you don’t need it for anything else. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies.

It takes about double the power, way more complexity, and it takes .2 copper & .4 crude oil vs the original cost of just .7 copper. Copper has no purpose apart from making wire, and the iron wire recipe destroys that purpose as well. Cuts the cost to ⅔ of the original (2.67 and 5.33 copper and oil vs the original 4 and 8) and outputs them 50% faster. The following are my priorities for alternate recipes, but they are just my opinion, I am not claiming it’s the right way, but I do at least have reasons for my picks and if you’re looking for a rough idea, this should help.

After researching it you have to go to your HUB then select and complete the affiliate Milestone with it before you can use it.

We've learned all the recipes and gotten both inventory expansions, so we're just waiting for the next update to research the extra we've found. There are some edge cases where you might want them, but I highly recommend getting the others if you can. This thread is archived. This recipe is amazing if you don’t have the stitched + iron wire combo. So this is a LOT of savings to make quickwire. All the views are helpful in their own way. With both combined, the cost of a reinforced plate is now just 6.22 iron ingots, compared to the original 12. My thoughts on the recipe. Think of it this way. Alternative Schrauben und verstärkte Eisenplatten sind eine gute Combo. Handy to use caterium to help make your wires for reinforced plates. Can i use alternative recipes to fulfill the space elevator upgrade quota ? It would make it much easier to reference. The set of blueprints to choose from is determined randomly at the beginning of the scan. Alternative Rezepte für Eisenbarren und genietete Eisenplatten sind nützlich, wenn Kupferknoten reichlich vorhanden sind.