Recorded Future empowers its clients through the supplying and consumption of its intelligence at a near-equal rate across its web-based browser portal for human-based analysis, and its API for machine-based enrichment and action in its security workflows.

We take, literally, tens of thousands of SEC filings, maybe more, per week. This process is automatic. I have no pretense of that. Recorded Future CEO and key executive team. The human brain is pretty smart. For more information, visit

BI: You don’t do a lot of marketing or advertising at all. Our aim is ambitious: to organize and analyze threat data in an entirely new and different way for better, faster security.

Recorded Future is a privately held cybersecurity company founded in 2009 with headquarters in Somerville, Massachusetts.The company specializes in the collection, processing, analysis, and dissemination of threat intelligence. Globally, organizations of all sizes invest billions of dollars annually to enable effective security controls and operations in these areas, and Recorded Future is uniquely positioned to capitalize on an array of opportunities. Editor’s Note: Over the next several weeks, we’re sharing excerpts from the third edition of... October 9, 2020 •

How do you define that? The firm previously raised $57.9 million from sources including Insight, and it says this deal will accelerate its growth. BOSTON - August 18, 2020 - Recorded Future, the largest security intelligence provider, today announced that it has launched The Record by Recorded Future.

Our mission is to find, fund, and work successfully with visionary executives, providing them with practical, hands-on growth expertise to foster long-term success. So if a source has been historically good that way, even if it’s not a simple one answer, we can help out this person who needs to dive in to this area to understand it to get a high-level sense of what the timeline of an Apple product release is like. We have no clue. For those, people don’t spend time searching for that in Twitter. I am particularly grateful to the exceptional women and men who have worked tirelessly and with so much self-sacrifice for many years to build the amazing company and solution that we have today. This transaction is the logical next step for Recorded Future given the opportunities in front of us, as we fully realize the potential and vision of our strategy.".

BOSTON, May 30, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Recorded Future, the leading threat intelligence company, today announced that Insight Partners has agreed to acquire a controlling interest in the company, in addition to the minority stake in the company previously owned by Insight. We call it On October 5–8, 2020, more than 5,000 security professionals from the most influential... As a Recorded Future Connect Partner, you can deliver threat intelligence to your clients whenever and wherever they need it. We believe that security solutions should do just that: be solutions – helping to solve big problems and reduce risk. As a Recorded Future Connect Partner, you can deliver threat intelligence to your clients whenever and wherever they need it. Explore the world’s most advanced security intelligence platform.

Coming at it from the outside, it sounds crazy, but based on past trends, we can do a pretty good job of predicting future events. Do they already have them? Recorded Future certainly has the potential to spot events and trends early.

Our goal is to add meaningful context to every threat and every security function. That’s your week.”.

They envision a world where everyone applies intelligence at speed and scale to reduce risk, remaining hyper-focused on providing clients with the threat intelligence necessary to understand their environments, manage risk, and combat malicious actors through contemporary awareness gained from the implementation of a threat intelligence-led security strategy. Investigate your options for interacting with elite security intelligence.

Recorded Future arms security teams with threat intelligence powered by patented machine learning to lower risk.

Get the latest on threat intelligence analysis and thought leadership. Chris Pasko and Ivan Brockman of PJT Partners served as advisors for Recorded Future. So far I would call it manually assigned credibility, but we’re working on automatically assigning credibility on various topics.

Can you predict how an election is going to go?

While Predict 2020 looked a bit different this year, the world’s largest security intelligence... September 30, 2020 • Recorded Future has seen tremendous organic growth over the last 10 years as the threat intelligence market has continued to expand rapidly, with a direct impact on adjacent categories such as Security Operations, Vulnerability Management and Third-Party Risk. Christopher Ahlberg, co-founder and CEO of Recorded Future said, "My leadership team and I have had the privilege to work with Mike Triplett and the Insight team for a number of years, benefiting from their sage advice, industry knowledge, and relationships. You can go check it out. Willkie Farr & Gallagher LLP provided legal counsel to Insight Partners. You have your own calendar in your phone, all around you. To supercharge the efforts of security teams, our technology automatically collects and analyzes intelligence from technical, open web, and dark web sources and aggregates customer-proprietary data. Recorded Future now works with more than 400 clients, including Bank of America, Target and SC Johnson. [ed: This conversation was recorded the day before Apple unveiled the iPad 2 ]. Learn more at and follow us on Twitter at @RecordedFuture. We have a blog for that. What’s exciting for us, we think, is that there are all these sorts of people writing about the future, saying, “This might happen.” Just aggregating that. My favorite example is when will Iran have nuclear weapons? A black swan event.

Learn how we produce superior security intelligence that disrupts adversaries at scale. See how we deliver accelerated and ongoing value to our clients. What companies are gaining attention, be it on Twitter or in SEC filings. Seed, Series A, Private Equity), Whether an Organization is for profit or non-profit, General contact email for the organization, Auto-generated name of transaction (e.g. CA: When you do this stuff in the stock market, there you have the truth. ... CEO and co-founder of Recorded Future, said in the announcement. The Recorded Future Team. Today, Recorded Future is the largest privately-held threat intelligence software company in the world, with more than 400 clients and adding hundreds of new clients every year across all geographies and sectors onto its unique SaaS platform. Will it be 2014, 2015, 2016? The SEC is flooded with information. Are there things that known experts start talking about? Hopefully never. Recorded Future named “Best Threat Intelligence Technology” by SC Media U.K. Launches Recorded Future Express to make security intelligence even more widely available, Recorded Future crosses $100M ARR threshold, Publishes research on how threat actors are capitalizing on COVID-19 pandemic.

And then we can say, “Here’s a gap. This partnership lays the foundation to take our products and software to the next level to best serve our clients, changing the face of our industry as we drive an intelligence-led strategy to help reduce risk and enable business operations for clients around the globe. Insert unprecedented intelligence into the security tools you already use.