Of Graduates attend 4-year colleges See where our class of 2020 is attending, and take a look at the full list of colleges and universities our students have been accepted to since 2014. We offer an advanced curriculum, faith based learning, small class sizes and a family atmosphere. Preschool and PreK lunches will be picked up by parents near the east entrance before picking up students. If an individual does not have a face mask, one will be provided by the School. This board has been - and continues to be - a tremendous help as we weigh the risks and benefits, and the many factors, involved with opening campus. When entering the drive through line, a placard with child's last name and grade should be clearly displayed in the vehicle's windshield.

Parents of preschool students who wish to walk back to the field with their child may do so after completing the.

Our Upper School offers a challenging liberal arts curriculum. They will use a QR code to sign out their child. We provide a strong academic foundation that prepares students for the rigors of higher education and a productive life beyond our campus. I'd also like to invite you to join me for Coffee with Kirk Town Hall on Thursday, October 15 at 4 p.m. As always, we appreciate having your questions in advance so that we can make the most efficient use of our time together. The choice will be limited to a sandwich box lunch or a reheatable entrée.

Guided by our mission and vision, and commitment to our shared values, I know we will get through this together and stronger than ever. Before arriving at school each day, students, faculty, and staff are required to. Physical distancing, as I'm sure you can imagine, is hard for students. Once again, I appreciate your trust and grace.

As always, I encourage you to speak directly with me or your Division Director if you have questions or concerns. Saint Thomas' Episcopal Church and School is embarking on a capital campaign to fund a new state-of-the-art academic building and sanctuary renovations.

If a fever is detected, the student will be scanned with a handheld thermometer. Detailed information regarding arrival and dismissal, to-go lunches, recess, etc. However, we recognize, that similar to masks, students need an extra week to practice and build stamina before extending to a full day of school. Through our Advancement Office, we offer many ways for parents, alumni, and friends to make a gift to the school and many opportunities to make a difference for our students, today and tomorrow. They will then line up under the portico in designated spots to enter the building. As we begin hybrid learning, our top priority remains the health and well-being of our students, families, and staff. Staff will check each student's, Preschool and PreKindergarten parents should park and walk students to the entrance, lining up in front of the windows in designated spots. These challenges need to be addressed so we can continue to deliver a high-quality program as we increase both the number and frequency of students on campus. © 2019 St. Thomas Episcopal Parish School. In the meantime, as I previously shared, we will remain in the remote learning model until October 16.

I encourage you to pay close attention to school emails, including STS News, which starts up again this Friday, and double check the Back to School webpage for important information, dates, forms, etc. Each school is different in number and composition of students and faculty, family needs, grade level and program offerings, facilities, finances, etc. This is a difficult situation for all involved. As we embark on another school year, I want to, once again, share our promise to you: St. Thomas School will be relentless in devoting our attention to each and every child placed in our care. The option to order and pick up multiple days worth of meals will no longer be offered. Students remaining in remote learning, and those students in remote days of hybrid learning, will use curbside service to pick up lunch. We simply love being with your children.

As we head closer to the beginning of the school year, I am going to resume sending a weekly update regarding our response to COVID-19. We all have a responsibility for each other. Truly, your students did so well wearing their masks last week, but it was noticeably more challenging as the day went on.

I am aware of a recent petition that endorses opening the school with a hybrid program. While we identified and planned for a number of these challenges, some unanticipated ones have emerged.

Members of the STS community are expected to: Finally, I want to thank you for your support and for being a part of the STS community. about Volley Ball State Championship Games, about Admis. There will be no gathering with other students.

I want to emphasize that among the many factors influencing the decision to open or close campus is one that is completely within our collective control: STS community compliance with COVID-19 related policies, procedures, and guidelines.

St. Thomas School is a private, independent day school in Medina, WA serving Seattle and Bellevue students in Preschool through 8th grade. Again, it is essential that every member of our community act responsibly and follow the latest public health guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19. In my experience, these emails almost always make their way back to school leaders and faculty, and can erode our shared sense of community.

If an individual does not have a face mask, one will be provided by the School. Students' and teachers' ability to distance will depend on students' ages and developmental and physical abilities. The transition to hybrid learning requires some changes to the takeout lunch program. All students will continue to have the option for takeout lunch. Given this rise in activity, we want to assess the risk of moving to Step 5 (which significantly increases the time students are in close contact with their cohort, including indoor 'maskless' time while they eat lunch) and explore further ways to mitigate that risk.

While there is much to be learned from other schools, I encourage you to not make assumptions such as: if this school is doing 'x,' STS should be doing 'x' too. Given the complex and rapidly evolving situation, we encourage you to visit the Center for Disease Control (CDC), Washington State Department of Health (DOH), and Public Health - Seattle & King County for the most detailed and up to date information on COVID-19. As with last week, this postponement does not necessarily further delay the return of middle school students to campus. I hope you share in my optimism and excitement for this school year, and especially in my pride for our students! This year will continue to bring challenges, but I know together, we can weather any storm. However, we will continue to monitor and adjust as needed, keeping you informed of our progress and plans.

Student & Family Support Resources from STS Counselors.

To speed up the process, we will utilize the entire length of the east driveway to load cars. Our students – your children- are remarkably resilient. Students may use face shields as an alternative to a cloth face covering.

All-school Chapel takes place on Mondays and Fridays from 8:40 to 9:00 a.m. As I've previously shared, there are a number of factors that influence our decision to open or close campus to students. St. Thomas Episcopal School is an Preschool 2yrs- 5th grade elementary school located in San Antonio TX. We never have. While not weighted equally in terms of their impact on decision-making, these are some of the key considerations: Finally, decisions are presented to the STS Board of Trustees for their consideration and endorsement.

We will monitor health conditions and the key considerations listed above to determine if we can transition to hybrid learning at that point.

Face CoveringAll students, faculty, staff, and visitors are required to wear a face covering at all times, indoors and outdoors, while on campus. Upon reaching Step 7 (date to be determined), MS students will return and the School will be in full week hybrid mode as shared last summer.

If your child needs assistance exiting your car, please park and escort your child to the east entrance of the school.

When opening campus, these same factors are considered to determine the amount of in-person learning that can be offered. The School will confirm your child's hybrid start date. Drop off your child at the east entrance only.

If you have more than one student, follow procedures for your youngest student. I have been so impressed with our students. In addition to the initial meeting, our youngest students, Preschool – 2nd Grade, will continue to have the option to meet each week with their teacher in micro cohorts. As we move into a school year that will be undoubtedly filled with many transitions and much uncertainty, we must hold fast to those shared values and take good care of each other.