I really hope three years from now they aren't getting a divorce and making me regret these comments. A major cable network is seeking LARGE families (6 kids or more living at home) and families with MULTIPLES (quadruplets, sextuplets, etc.)

Can't See Sheep said,May sound harsh, but I know or at least it used to be that finances were considered in part when adopting. :(.

Not Watching TLC said... Obviously the school has different standards for the the kids in LPBW - I am assuming you have watched the show and have actually seen their continual poor performance in school?? I hope I am wrong, but I think maybe TLC is telling them that family discord brings in the ratings, so go for it. It's a form of selling your soul, even if you didn't mean to. But when I did...I liked the Roloff's. Matt has probably always been an ADD dreamer and Amy has probably always been practical and grounded.It happens in most marriages....you look at the thing you found so endearing in the other person in the first few years and now it annoys the heck out of you.The difference is that it's being played out on TV and in the public, which amplifies and accelerates the situation. What seemed to work for Matt and Amy was being opposites...the dreamer and the grounder. ?I really hate the whole 'reality' genre. Zach is in community college (which I think is appropriate) but I don't think he said where Jeremy was going. I've always wondered why the men can't be responsible for controlling their own urges about things if that is the problem. Probably to hide the fact that they are also pulling in producer salaries. Just wanted to remind people that Jon and Kate had an opportunity to adopt a child but it didn't work out (someone feel free to step in with the particulars - I never read MB nor shall I). Period. Their children range from ages 2 to 14 years old and include two sets of twins and quintuplets. Now they are left with 2 very ill babies that are going to be special needs children thanks to the greedy parents. Next comes Amy, along with the teenagers badgering him about not paying them enough.Amazing, a working farm with 4 capable young adults. The reality series, which will air its first episode next month, features Karen and Deon, who have 14 children, with four back-to-back multiples. Or have they, too, succumbed to the lure of freebies from TLC? The husband took a flight in a Cessna with a friend to see a (football?) Most schools I know of either teach it in 9th or 10th grade, although some have stopped teaching it because so many middle schools are having their students read it. Freedom of pants, yet loose, comfortable top. The novel is certainly comprehensible by younger students but the major themes of the book, however, are, in my opinion, best explored by somewhat older students. WHAT IS it lately with all the stuff on tv about obese people?? Toxic people are my pet peeve, I don't believe they should be allowed to have children because all they do is try to destroy them & bringing a child into the world so you can attempt to destroy them seems pretty perverse to me. They are totally offensive! ****1) Close-knit couple? The bill was $2,800!! Bette did not at the Zoo. In the series’ premiere season, Karen and Deon are now expecting triplets—which will take their little ones to a total of 14.

His body is telling him to slow down but he can't. FYI - I don't judge the messy house...we at least have to leave a path for the wheelchair. Many of the comments I saw on the Houston Chronicle site were really pretty harsh. This family (especially the parents) needs to get some help rather than showing the world how miserable their marriage has become.Last episode, for example, was about how Matt always leaves their (free) vacations a few days early. J&K, esp. But I didn't get the vibe that she's a narcissist like Kate - just perhaps not quite aware of how she sounds and maybe by watching the show, she'll not like what she sees and change her behavior.For not having jobs, they sure have a nice vehicle and a nice place to live. To Kill a Mockingbird can certainly be read by middle-school aged kids, but as a former English teacher, and lover of the book, I don't think that it's really the best age to teach it in school. Curious about them after the Gosselin debacle, I checked out YouTube and found a couple of videos showing yearly photos of them. It seems TLC has decided that what America really loves to watch is dysfunction and discord. It blows my mind that throughout all those poor babies troubles and tragic deaths, she makes time to BLOG. She's not as grateful as she used to be. ;) And I don't think we'll be having TV camera in our house anytime soon. I get the "Roloff newsletter". What I like most...they actually touch/hug/smile/nuzzle/cuddle with each other and their children. over her husband. I think they go down in history as the large family with the worst name choices for their children. Here's a link to Matt Roloff's newsletter.

They had to ask the name of the restaurant they were eating at and then zeroed in on the sign and lingered there. So, so sad. I know Matt has big dreams, but he's made it clear he wants to do all he can before he becomes too debilitated from his disability to do it. Pony said..."I do wonder why the two Roloff lads don't work harder in school. That's my own fault, though, because I kept putting it in the wrong place.

You have to explain any arrest or traffic stop, no matter how old. Does anyone who has followed the Stansels know What has happened to Dad Stansels face?

Matt said something to this effect on the most recent episode and I think it hit the nail on the head. Still, my knees complain to me every day, wondering why I didn't do this 20 years earlier. @Reader Lady: I haven't caught "Groomer Has It," but it sounds like I might enjoy that, since I love animals.I have to wonder about TLC's changing from their previously INTERESTING and even enlightening programming to the current 'reality' tripe.

But they don't.

Just saw a shot of dirty socks all over the stairway.+++++++++++++++++++++++++With minimal effort that house could be kept tidy all the time.Also having such a lovely home is a blessing, why keep it like that.Amy at a funeral says being with family is more improtant thatn cleaning and i can see where shes coming from, but the kids lack basic pick up skills.Maybe TLC strews stuff around for filming? Amy, is facing a new life where she wants to travel and see the world now that the kids are growing up. ;). "Men, particularly, comment that it is refreshing to see a woman dressed in woman's clothes."Urk. As someone who went through infertility treatments, I think one way they could be improved is for every state mandated coverage for infertility. The product placement is just one more thing that makes 'reality' shows so bogus. If nothing else, IMO they blew a perfect opportunity to teach Jacob that money does not grows on trees.Also, there was another recent episode where Jacob and Zack got into a fight due to a paint ball gun. * * * *Wow, I find this shocking. *******Thank you! Your comment, "chuckling" at those of us who think they might have preferred pants assumed that you knew their feelings on the matter. Jeez Louise, a bit harsh, don't you think???). I guess the politically incorrect question that weighs on my mind is: When do fertility treatments cross the line to selfishness on the part of the parent(s)? Watch the extended trailer above. I remember when both of my Grandmothers wanted to cut their hair. Then I shouted, "Get OFF the TV, for goodness sakes!" Molly is being raised by the same parents that are raising Jeremy, Zach, and Jake. Although both of those names are like top 5 right now I think. That whole name together just sounds stupid. PUH-LEEZE: no! Not giving the male gender much credit.A total under estimation of the male gender IMO.And, IF the belief was accurate, WHY is the responsibility placed on the WOMEN to keep the men in check by altering THEIR attire? All the Gosselin babies really needed to do was gain weight. Every nice gesture he makes toward her is met with sarcasm and she rarely ever has anything kind to say to him.

We have a son who is is 5.This child was a miracle. pogo said: I like this show I hope TLC doesn't ruin it. just maybe the Gosselins activities were cleared for damage control and only that reason.Kate is a BAD ad for TLC in public places.... so this imho was no special treatment.. TLC got away with it because of the delusion the couple was under. I am one of those old-fashioned parents who does not believe I should be responsible for my son's unlimited use of a cell phone.