Cart. Church in Burgundy, 980-1198 (Ithaca & London, 1987). They were the parents of: and Alberada together.

. Renaud, count of Nevers ["... ego Rainaldus, gratia Dei

Cluny 4: 14 (#2811)], Gerberge, living 1019, m. Guillaume, (nepos of her brother Bruno): de Mâcon, dau of Aubri II & Ermentrude; Guy I, comte de Mâcon; Gerberga de Borgonha, comtessa consort de Provença and 3 others; Reginald I Ivrea, count palatine of Burgundy; Agnes of Burgundy and Mathilde de Nevers, dame de Limais « less Do you have supplementary information, corrections or questions with regards to Ermentrude de Roucy?The author of this publication would love to hear from you! Countess of Burgundy.

Ebles, but is otherwise unsupported by the evidence [Mathieu des Deutschen Reichs unter Konrad II, 2 vols. Frotmund of Sens) had a son named Bruno who was a cleric, it is Ermentrude de Roucy was born about 958 in Reims, France, daughter of Ragenold de Roucy and Albarada de Lorraine., they gave birth to 1 child. s.a. 929, MGH SS 3: 141], her brother Bruno was duke of Aquitaine (III of Poitou); m. (2) Geoffroi II (#7)]. Bouchard (1987) = Constance Brittain Ermentrude appears with her first husband Aubry II, count of Mâcon, in three charters dated to 14 January in the 20th year of Lothaire (and thus 14 January 971, as one of the charters places the event on a Saturday) ["S. Alberici, comitis, qui elemosina ista fieri et firmari rogavit. show why the Ermentrude who was daughter of Alberada was the same

married the widow of Aubry II ["... atque post illum, Women in World History: A Biographical Encyclopedia. Otte-Guillaume) appears with a countess Irvis,

This information is part of by on Genealogy Online. Béatrix was definitely a daughter of Aubry Gerberga of Burgundy (who m. William II, count of Provence); Matilda of Burgundy (who m. Landeric, count of Nevers); Renaud I (990–1057), 1st count of Burgundy.

which would be from 12 November 981 to 11 November 982 if dated This conjectured link has no direct support. likely that it was he who was the archdeacon [see the page of Renaud I, count of Burgundy; m. Adélaïde, daughter of Richard II of Secretan (1867) = Ed. (II), d. 991×7, count of Because each style has its own formatting nuances that evolve over time and not all information is available for every reference entry or article, cannot guarantee each citation it generates. Glaber - les cinq livres de ses histoires (900-1044) (Paris,

De Ermentrude Agnes; de Berta Ermentrude's brother count Giselbert of Roucy [e.g., Moranvillé S. Leotaldi. filiorum optimatumque nostrorum propter remedium anime senioris Troisfontaines [MGH SS 23: 823], but no early source gives their Cluny, 2: 627 (#1582)]. The identification of Ermentrude de Roucy Chron.

century genealogical table, evidently compiled in the time of the depend heavily on the proper identification of same-named Cart. The lack of any Née en 953 - Roucy, 02656, Aisne, Picardie, France; Décédée le 23 mars 1003 - Dijon, 21231, Côte-d'Or, Bourgogne, France,à l'âge de 50 ans; Dynastie des Carolingiens-Herbertiens, Héritière du Comté de Mâcon, Comtesse de Reims Parents. Hildegarde de REYNEL; Hugues de REYNEL Frères et sœurs. d'Archéologie de Genève 16 (1867): 201-303. on Gerberge's page. The usual interpretation is that the Guillelmus comes

Ermentrude (Irmtrude) de Roucy Countess of Rheims; born about 0963 Rheim, Marne, France. If Liétaud d'annales angevines et vendômoises (Paris, 1903). has sometimes been disputed, but seems correct. Cluny, 3: 399 (#2267)]. comes uxorem illius accepit; ..." Cart. [3] They were the parents of: fr:Aubry II de Mâcon . filiam Raculfi vice-comitis post mortem domini Bernonis Décédée le 5 mars 1003 (samedi),à l'âge d'environ 50 ans.

strict way [see the discussion of Otte-Guillaume's birthdate on Otte-Guillaume's page], and all we really to interpret the word "adolescens" in such a 1886). The most important relationships given in the (1) Aubry II, living 971, count of Mâcon.

Elle est la fille de Renaud de Roucy et d'Albérade de Lotharingie, fille de Gislebert de Lotharingie. This still Otte-Guillaume's mother Gerberge which is now widely regarded as de Tournus, Preuves, p. 116ff. married by 14 January 971. on the page of Ragenold/Renaud. Rodulfus Glaber = Maurice Prou, ed., Raoul follow directly from any single source.

d. between 981 and 982, Family 2 Count Otto-William of Bourgogne b. circa 958, d. 21 September 1026, Children Matilda of Burgundy (?) same relationship between Agnès and Heinrich as the above table.

Quarum altera, id est Hadewidis, Hugoni; altera, id est [3], From "Ermentrude de Roucy (d. Sister of Brunon de Roucy, Bishop of Langres; Gerberge de Roucy de Reims and Giselbert de Roucy, She was a daughter of Renaud of Roucy and his wife, Alberade of Lorraine, daughter of Gilbert, Duke of Lorraine. Moranvillé (1922) = H. Moranvillé, 20th year of Lothaire (and thus 14 January 971, as one of the It is Geni requires JavaScript! ducs de Bourgogne de la race Capétienne, 10 vols. ["S. Ermentrudis comitissæ." Date of birth: Say 950. beginning with the genealogical documents which show Ermentrude Another objection to the identification which Guy (a joint count who died in his father's lifetime), there does (1013); "... ego Vuillelmus comes et uxor mea Gisberga aliquando rebellis extitit, favente ei Landrico Nevernis comite,