The xylenes markets are covered by ICIS weekly in Asia, Europe and the US and daily in Asia. �ʁt�1H��@aL*9�K?$���@�%_!�+�� ��

Advanced stages may cause collapse, loss of consciousness, coma, and death from respiratory failure. endstream Working closely with you to understand your strategies, challenges and ambitions, the ICIS consulting team deliver tailored advice and solutions to suit your unique requirements. breakthrough time; permeation rates typically increase with Mixed-Xylene. SI. x�3R��2�35W(�2�300P@&�ҹ endobj <> x�3R��2�35W(�2�300P@&�ҹ

14 0 obj �ʁt�1H��@aL*9�K?$���P�%_!�+�� �� Under the United States Environmental Protection Agency's (U.S. EPA) Clean Air Act, acetone is an exempt volatile organic compound (VOC). stream Extensive research is carried out to ensure that each programme delivers the information you need and addresses current industry issues. 24-hour global coverage of breaking news in the petrochemical industry, including updates on production, shutdowns and key transacted deals, keeping you informed of market developments as they happen. In September, South Korea’s Lotte Chemical and China’s Sinopec Hainan . %���� stream Flash point 81-115°F. Causes skin irritation. ֲ�b�m� � �N����J�ERfQYgI��O��ԓ���#*l�G�������Ϙ3���z x�3R��2�35W(�2�300P@&�ҹ The combination was clear and stable. When tested it exhibited a flash point of −4.2 C using Pensky-Martens Closed Cup Flash Point Tester. <> Since conditions of use Xylenes are produced, along with benzene and toluene, from a reformer after running naphtha through an ethylene cracker. �ʁt�1H��@aL*9�K?$��X�%_!�+�� a� Formula : C8H10 Label : Category Class : 3 CAS Number : 1330-20-7 UN Number : 1307 Regulated Identification : --- Shipping Name Codes / Label: Flammable liquid Hazchem Code : 3Y 2.

<> A typical combination may comprise; 1.0 to 99 weight percent organic solvent. under or a recommendation to infringe any patent or technical information The latter two predominate.

22 0 obj 16 0 obj Direct production from naphtha reformers and toluene disproportionation (TDP) units was suppressed by squeezed production margins. In the event a solvent formulation is used, such as example 8, then I prefer that the solvents, other than the low flash point solvent blended with alpha terpineol, likewise have a relativity high flash point. am6���Q �tEcj'�tT��g@m�Z(\�[���d[i��i+on�6I���0}C��I5�7d�o��ju������L#��z��R=�6����T��Oz4鍤-�'�5���?��e ��:)+��"؛�ge�&[��S�J�U�2q� �e߳(Cu�1����'9W��ul��R�alC�*�=�]������8!�� 1C��[�d�� �+R@&�ҹ 6f� Less dense (at 7.2 lb / gal) than water and insoluble in water. MX supplies witnessed some lengthening in July as refiners prioritised MX for fuel blending purposes with little incentive for on-purpose production. The term “terpene alcohol” is understood for purposes of the present invention to encompass compounds of the formulae C10H18O. They can be primary, secondary, or tertiary alcohol derivatives of monocyclic, bicyclic, or acylic terpenes as well as above.

147 °C. Anyone intending to use this information should first verify x�3R��2�35W(�2�300P@&�ҹ If fabric Density. 9 0 obj

<> & Terms of Use. Ingestion Aspiration hazard. endobj Regional price assessments, published daily or weekly, enabling you to keep track of trading prices, understand price drivers/fluctuations and set a benchmark for contract price settl ements. x�3R��2�35W(�2�300P@&�ҹ Terpene alcohols are generally available through commercial sources. stream

The information set forth herein reflects laboratory No. %PDF-1.4 What are other names or identifying information for xylene?

Linalool is also a commercially available tertiary terpene alcohol. <>>> are outside our control, we make no warranties, express or implied, ICIS dashboard also makes it easy for you to create pricing charts, download price history and export data to create tailored analytical models. 10 0 obj Commercial or mixed xylene usually contains about 40-65% m-xylene and up to 20% each of o-xylene and p-xylene and ethylbenzene.

Mixed xylenes have also been detected at low levels in indoor air; xylenes have been widely used in home use products such as synthetic fragrances a 3 nd paints. PHYSICAL AND CHEMICAL PROPERTIES Physical State : Liquid. The increased flash point complies with DOT flammability regulations. An example using xylene which has a normal flash point from between 76 F to 82 F. With certain percentage mixes of alpha terpineol the flash point is raised and the physical characteristics of the solvent are not harmed.

Privacy Policy �ʁt�1H��@aL*9�K?$��R�%_!�+�� � ���_&I�d���̯�N��p�yT%i�*����*���P��:>��/�/�Rk�� endstream Xylene, m- (includes o- (95-47-6) and p- (106-42-3) isomers) (108-38-3). One of the requirements is a concern for ozone depletion by volatile organic compounds.

© 2004-2020 Xylenes is the mixture of isomeric ortho-, meta- and para-forms of xylene. Some producers looked to the spot market to meet contractual obligations. Information covered in our price reports includes: Information is accessed online, via the ICIS dashboard service and is configurable to suit your preferences. 135 °C + More Details - Less Details .

If handled improperly, acetone may pose a dangerous fire risk. A different temperature may have significant influence on the reported in minutes. All liquid chemicals have been tested between approximately 20°C and Confirmed deals, verified by both buyer and seller, provide the foundation of our price assessments. 1 0 obj Please find more information on the cookies used on our site here, Market commentary on trends and developments. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. attached gloves, visors, etc. <>

endobj stream 19 0 obj endobj The composition of example 8 had a flashpoint of 141.6 F (62.0 C) using Pensky-Martens Closed Cup Flashpoint Tester. The combination was clear and stable. �Ds�y=�B��˼\�ö���. Optionally, the solvent blended compositions of the present invention may also include a suitable solvent for a specific solvate purpose. May cause irritation of the digestive tract. (the time at which the permeation rate is equal to 0.1 µg/cm2/min) May also indicate that the same chemical with the same CAS number appears on another list with a different chemical name.

CAUTION: This information is based upon technical data that

Flash Point: 23°C: Viscosity: 0.6 mPa.s (20°C) Boiling Point: 136.0°C to 140.0°C: Color: Undesignated: Melting Point-34.0°C: Quantity: 1L: Chemical Name or Material: Xylenes, Mixed Isomers with Ethylbenzene: Show More Show Less: Safety and Handling GHS H Statement: Harmful if inhaled. Solvents which provides a safer environment to be useful in many industrial applications and processes which presently rely on low flash point solvents, such as acetone, isopropyl alcohol, ethanol, toluene, xylene, hexane, kerosene, and heptane which have flash points lower than 140 F. A solvent of particular interest is acetone, which under the United States Environmental Protection Agency's 1990 Clean Air Act Amendment has exempted acetone as a VOC (Volatile Organic Compound). Mixed-Xylene. 1 0 obj x�3R��2�35W(�*T0P�R0T(�Y@���@QC= P A�J��� �1Tp�W�

The boiling point for each isomer is around 140 °C (284 °F). Find out more about ICIS margin reports >>. �� �a�342�����L����L��Іɑ�t�6m���������Vr��u>�3�y�̏��������ع��vۑ#wDž?��3�}���~t��+o?v��s�g��wl�[��l_��9���Ǿ���?8u��n�u��~�������g\~� �l�}���\���;~��|����olzh⅗�zs�~��G_T��z蟷|�w���[nyq���מپ���G�w���_��6���9�����=W=pϝ�\��w�������y.��{������Y���W�?���d���~�/��W߿�����{x�Mg�����r�s�o��W=~����~s�9�?��[k�. Our network of locally-based reporters can provide you with trustworthy and reliable information upon which you can make informed business choices. <> We offer the following regional Xylenes-Mixed xylenes analysis and news coverage to keep you informed of factors and developments affecting prices in the Xylenes-Mixed xylenes marketplace. ICIS provides specialist training courses across the global petrochemicals, base oils and fertilizers industries. Transitions from S 1 ↔ S 0 states have been found to be within the range of 100cm-1 and were reported to be arising due to the internal rotation of ring methyl groups. stream �ʁt�1H��@aL*9�K?$��H�%_!�+�� C� Find out more about ICIS chemicals forecast reports >>, Find out more about ICIS fertilizers forecast reports >>. endstream XYLENES (ORTHO-XYLENE, META-XYLENE, PARA-XYLENE). Product Name : Mixed Xylene Chemical Designation : Aromatic Hydrocarbon.. Trade Name : ----Synonyms : Dimethyl Benzene, Xylol, Methyl Toluene. ~���1:^ �O� � <> endobj

The optimum blend contained 85% xylene and 15% alpha terpineol and increased amounts of alpha terpineol resulted in a decreased flash point. ICIS expert consultants can provide your organisation with the insight, intelligence and data needed to build and grow your business in China. Mixed xylenes are a clear, sweet and flammable aromatic liquid or vapour. <> endobj stated. Track historical price data. 1.1 Product identifiers. CAS Registry No. Solvents such as acetone, methanol, ethylacetate, ethanol and xylene, to name a few, increases flash points by 50° C. to 60° C., by addition of 12-14% terpineol. Our global network of reporters in Houston, London, Singapore, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Mumbai, Perth and Moscow ensures unrivalled coverage of established and emerging markets. More information about the historical price data we publish on Xylenes-Mixed xylenes Examples of organic solvents, which are employed, include 1.polyhydric alcohols, flash point 232 F consisting of ethylene glycol, diethylene glycol, 1,3 butandiol flash point 249.8 F. 2. aliphatic hydrocarbons consisting of 140 solvent, flash point 140 F., naphtha, flash point 143.6 F, 3. aromatic hydrocarbons consisting of isopar L flash point 147.2 F, 4. esters consisting of propylene carbonate flash point 269.6 F., dibasic ester flash point 212 F., 5. ethers consisting of diethylene glycol monoethyl ether flash point 204.8 F., diethylene glycol dimethyl ether flash point 145.4 F., ethylene glycol dibutyl ether flash point 185 F., and 6. amines consisting of n-methyl pyrrolidone flash point 269 F. All of the chemical components used in the present invention are commercially available.

Consumption from gasoline blending came under pressure from competition from other boosters including MTBE and naphtha. All rights reserved. additional knowledge and experience are gained. The density of each isomer is around 0.87 g/mL (7.26 lb/U.S.

Aromatic hydrocarbon solvent; Medium solvent with evaporation rate of 73 (n-butyl Acetate =100) and mixed aniline point of 12 °C; High purity solvent that has low concentration of aliphatic compounds. ICIS pricing intelligence is delivered to you online via the ICIS dashboard. <>/XObject<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 595.56 842.04] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> They are not intended to exemplify the full scope of the invention. testing laboratories using ASTM F739, EN369, EN 374-3, EN ISO 6529 relative humidity per military standard MIL-STD-282.

May cause central nervous system depression characterized by excitement followed by nausea, headache, and unconsciousness. May cause central nervous system depression characterized by excitement followed by nausea, headache, and unconsciousness. Please contact DuPont for specific data. and risk. Although acetone is an excellent solvent and is relatively non-toxic, it is extremely flammable. … We use cookies to improve the performance of our site, to analyse the traffic to our site, and to personalise your experience of the site. Used as a solvent for paints and adhesives, and to make other chemicals. Flash point 81-115°F. Acetone has a flashpoint of 0 F (−18.0 C) by itself. They are also used as a solvent in the paints industry and for other solvent uses. <> 29 0 obj :�%�^Gw�rV'L_���

of DuPont or others covering any material or its use. Initial Boiling Point. endstream these chemicals are present.