I just haven't seen dhcp with centurylink in my area. Bridge/router mode, IPv4 The Zyxel LTE7460-M608 4G LTE-A Outdoor Router comes with what the critical feature, “the second WAN”, needs – flexible routing mode with both bridge and router functions, high-gain antenna for better signal and performance as well as robust IP65 outdoor hardware designed for harsh environments. Even holding the reset button in will clear most of your other settings (like your PPPoE login credentials), but for some inexplicable reason does not clear bridge mode! Yes the modem defaults to DHCP.

How do the bad guys know whatever I am doing on this computer. In the Zyxel's web interface go to Configuration() → Network → Interface and click on the Bridge tab. Bridge mode may be required if you wish to use a different router on your connection, with the ZyXEL acting as a modem. Another fun quirk of the C1100Z is that once you've put it into bridge mode, it's not entirely straightforward to change it back.

If your internet connection is behaving oddly, the best place to start is rebooting your modem. Connect your PC to one of the 4 LAN ports on the PK-5001z via an Ethernet cable. No routing and firewall tasks are done by the device, the same as WLAN and DHCP functions are disabled. You do not need a PPoE user name and password because your modem/router receives its IP address using DHCP. Download the Zyxel C2100Z info sheet. Enable the bridge interface and enter the necessary info: "Interface Type" needs to be set to External "Interface Name" should be set in the following format: br (ex: br0, br1, br2, etc.) The Public IP-Address ( is forwar d ed to the Router/Firewall. The above post is likely correct. Still not running right?

The Zyxel C1100Z Wireless Modem fast but not durable. Aim of this article: This article provides a step-by-step guide to configuring bridge mode on the the ZyXEL VMG1312 and VMG8924 routers. From the bridge menu click on the Add button to insert a bridge rule. Enable Bridge mode on Actiontec V1000h - easy! Fairly frustrating considering other vendors seems to be a snap versus this. The Zyxel C2100Z modem/WiFi router has the following features and capabilities: IPv6; 2.4 GHz b/g/n; 5 GHz n/ac; Vectoring; CBRAS; 802.11n and 802.11ac; Top Modem Troubleshooting Tips Did you know? In Bridge mode, you must either have another device (a Router/Firewall or your PC) to use that can be configured for PPPoE authentication. An alternate router can then be connected in PPPoE mode … I can not spoof the mac address either as I am running an HA cluster pair of firewalls. The Bridge mode is used if you require the device to connect via xDSL to your provider and deliver a plain Ethernet connection on the port 1. ZyXEL VMG1312 / VMG8924 - Bridge Mode ZyXEL VMG1312 / VMG8924 - Bridge Mode . I must be missing something here, as my interface on my network equipment can't pull the DHCP, even after waiting for several hours. Forum discussion: I have been doing google searches for how to accomplish this.

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In Bridge Mode, the Zyxel Router, delegates the main functions PPPoE, Routing and NAT to the connected Router/Firewall.