The 2020-2021 secured tax bills are now available. For any questions during business hours M-F, call our ‘live’ service reps at (505) 468-7031. You have the following options to pay your property taxes in Yavapai County: Pay by Phone - To pay property taxes by Credit Card over the phone, you can call 1-866-974-2056.Please be sure to have your parcel/tax identification number and tax information ready. You can also search parcels by name and mailing address, view area code rates and change your mailing address. The Tax Collector may have a program to assist you with deferring taxes and paying in quarterly installments. Pay your delinquent property taxes online through our quick and secure payment website. When you see your parcel ID number and correct full address displayed, click on the parcel ID. Click the "Continue" button below to get started, and follow the prompts to search, select, and pay your bill. The date printed on the PVI label is the date of mailing. Pay your tax bill online by electronic check (eCheck) with no service fee by entering in your checking account information. Under F.S.

Pay online for free using your checking account and the Personal Identification Number (PIN), which is printed on the Annual Property Tax Bill. You must accept the terms of usage of this website before you can continue. Box 7426 If you use these types of postage, the USPS will not postmark your mail.

Please check and/or update your browser version before making a payment. When searching for an unsecured bill (for businesses, boats, airplanes, etc. Please have your payment postmarked on or before the delinquent date.

If you choose to use a browser other than the ones listed, your experience may not be optimal or secure. 668.6076, e-mail addresses are public records. Detach and return the notice to Property Tax Department, P.O. Parcel Tax Exemptions and Special Assessments, Tax Certificates for Final Map Recording (Condo Conversion), Credit Card (American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa). Taxpayers who send their payments by mail are cautioned that the USPS only postmarks certain mail depending on the type of postage used, and may not postmark mail on the same day deposited by a taxpayer. If a payment is received after the due date, with no postmark, the payment is considered late and penalties will be imposed. Renew your driver license; Renew vehicle and vessel registrations; Other Services. You can attract an additional 10% late fee for your … We will try to answer them soon! ), please search by the 4-digit year and 6-digit bill number. To have funds electronically transferred to the City and County of San Francisco’s bank account through ACH, the following instructions should be provided to your partnering financial institution: 555 Capitol Mall, Suite 765 Sacramento, CA 95814. You may now search for and pay secured, unsecured, defaulted, supplemental, and escape tax bills.

Tax payments must be received orpostmarked by the due date to avoid penalties.