May not stay securely attached when used with other types of switches.

You can map any button to these paddles, and I found it incredibly useful for games that assigned sprint to a face button. The Switch is even easier to dock with the Hori Split Pad Pro attached, fitting into its plastic home like a puzzle piece.

Not only does it work on the Switch and PC, but it's also usable on Mac and Android and can be connected via Bluetooth to capable devices. GameSpot may get a share of the revenue if you buy anything featured on our site. But even if you're looking for something else, we're on the case. It doesn't have analog sticks, which means you can't play 3D-centric games or Smash on it, but for retro style games, it's hard to beat. The cable is 10 feet long, so you shouldn't have any issues with distance from the console.

If you're fighting game fan, nothing beats a good fight stick or pad. Idk how I'd phrase it in English. When I learned the Switch had a Pro controller alternative that included an audio port, boasted remappable paddles, and only cost $25, I didn't expect much in the way of quality.

The Mayflash has multiple models, and on the more expensive end is the $90 Mayflash F500. The first time I plugged the 8Bitdo Bluetooth adapter into my Switch console dock, it felt like black magic. These games, as well as many others, have since been a lot more enjoyable in handheld mode. Save big on Echo, Fire TV, and more at Amazon right now. Plug and play. Press J to jump to the feed. When the Nintendo Switch console first released in March 2017 the tiny, flat Joy-Cons at the console's sides left something to be desired (at least the newer Switch Lite has an actual D-Pad). However, if you're looking for something a bit more authentic to the SNES experience, then the basic SN30 is your best alternative.

It's an NES-style controller that is great for very specific games, like everything in the Switch Online NES library and very few others.

You need a screwdriver to get to the components, while other companies have opted for easily accessible compartments. If you still have a Super Nintendo--or an Analogue Super NT--then this is an awesome option to play classic games on that console. If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again. I don't think any of these controllers beat the Pro controller in pure ergonomics, but this PDP pad comes close. The buttons and stick are responsive and easy to mod if you like. I want to use my old HRAPV PS3/PS4 on my Switch. Because the Fighting Stick Mini is much cheaper than higher-end sticks, it's questionable whether its components will last the punishment a fighting game fan can dish out.

Reviewed in the United States on November 15, 2017. I didn't know they had a kickstarter page. They're made specifically for fighting games and make knocking out long combos much easier than your traditional controller. Ultimate in mind, and it works great for it, but thanks to the interchangeable C-stick and the more comfortable shoulder buttons and grips, it's a great controller for games like Animal Crossing: New Horizons and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, too. Of course, with this being a pair of Joy-Cons that need to be attached to the console, it doesn't work with the Switch dock, either (we recommend a screen protector, since you're going to be spending a lot of time in handheld mode when it's not charging on the Switch dock). Gam3Gear Mayflash Magic S USB Wireless Controller Adapter Fight Stick Gamepad Converter for PS4 PS3 PC NeoGeo Mini with Gam3Gear Keychain.

Nintendo's own NES Switch controllers are good, but they have inferior shoulder buttons and need to be charged the same way as your Joy-Cons--not to mention, the Nintendo Switch Online subscription that's required before you can even purchase them. Lastly, you're able to remove the C-stick's nub and replace it with a proper GameCube-style analog nub. The one problem I have with the stick is the fact that it's not especially easy to take apart and replace specific components. the glide button wont be recognized by the adapter. 5.

While many Nintendo Switch games are ports, remakes, or even simultaneous releases with other platforms, there are still some amazing titles that are coming exclusively to the Switch. Its analog sticks have a similar tension to the Pro controller's, and it has a great D-Pad. Also as the universal edition, this arcade fight stick works with the PS3, PS4, PS4 Pro, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Nintendo Switch, and even the Wii U if you still have it kicking around. It's very hard to find an official controller from Nintendo these days, but if you can't live without the classic controller's unique layout, then these pads will more than fill that role. I want to use my old HRAPV PS3/PS4 on my Switch.The problem is that I need to either get a Brook UFB or use a converter for it to work, but budget being a problem this Christmas season, I decided a converter is the cheapest way to go. HORI Nintendo Switch Real Arcade Pro V Hayabusa Fight Stick Officially Licensed by Nintendo - Nintendo Switch; HORI Switch Fighting Stick Mini Officially Licensed By Nintendo - Nintendo Switch, HORI Nintendo Switch Fighting Stick Mini - Street Fighter II™ Edition (Ryu & Ken) Officially Licensed by Nintendo & Capcom, Mayflash F300 Arcade Fight Stick Joystick for PS4 PS3 XBOX ONE XBOX 360 PC Switch NeoGeo mini, HORI Nintendo Switch Real Arcade Pro - Street Fighter™ Edition (Classic Arcade) Officially Licensed by Nintendo & Capcom, HORI Nintendo Switch Fighting Stick Mini - Street Fighter II™ Edition (Chun-Li & Cammy) Officially Licensed by Nintendo & Capcom, MAYFLASH Arcade Stick F101 for Nintendo Switch/PC/PS3/Android/Neogeo Mini, HORI Nintendo Switch Real Arcade Pro - Street Fighter™ Edition (Ryu) Officially Licensed by Nintendo & Capcom.

There aren't a lot of options for fight pads on the Switch, and while there are a number of retro controllers that make for great fighting game pads, there's always something you're giving up, whether it's a pair of shoulder buttons or control over the analog sticks. We use essential cookies to perform essential website functions, e.g. Like so many other Hori products, the Pro V prides itself on being officially licensed by Nintendo. It's far and away the most expensive fight stick, but it's also the best-reviewed. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in.

New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the fightsticks community. There was an error retrieving your Wish Lists. I favor the HORI Real Arcade Pro V for its excellent feel and responsiveness. The Switch doesn't have much in the way of options when it comes to fight sticks and pads, but thankfully, there are still a few great options you'll love. You can even make the console more comfortable by improving the grip on the console itself, so you don't drop it and damage the screen (though you should probably still get a tempered glass screen protector, just in case). Perhaps the most disappointing thing about the Switch Joy Con as a game controller is the lack of a proper D-Pad on its left Joy-Con. Real Arcade Pro V Hayabusa for Nintendo Switch. The SN30 also comes with a retro receiver that can be plugged into a SNES. I like the raised height of the triggers, but I feel like they could have been reshaped a bit to better fit the natural curve of your fingers. HORI's brought their unparalleled fighting peripheral expertise to the Nintendo Switch with the console's first tournament-grade fighting stick.

All of these changes make it easier to enjoy the GameCube's classic shape and unique button placement in a more modern design. Mat Paget As soon as the adapter has been recognized (LED indicator turns off), select “Update”. Fortnite), though I spent most of my time using the port to listen through my favourite pair of headphones. The 3.5mm audio port is a good option for voice chat in supported games (e.g. WARNING: Requires PCB MOUNT keyboard switches Converts WASD keyboard keys to standard joystick output No soldering required Tested and recommended to be used with PCB Mounted Cherry MX Profile Keyboard Switches. Thankfully, the PDP Faceoff Deluxe+ feels good enough to use to deal with the occasional accidental button press. Do I have to have it hooked to my system and my PC at the same time to make it work?