pleased many tasters with its natural, nutty, roasted flavor. Along with having pristine roasted peanuts, Fix&Fogg focuses on a range of peanut butter flavors as a way to surprise their audience.

We sampled national brands and the store brands. There is a good ratio of nuts to spread for the perfect consistency.Price: £1.30, Score: 81/100A dark golden nut butter that, despite having a slightly oily apperance, was rich and flavoursome. A large number of different brands can make it difficult for the average consumer to find one that is best for their family, so we went ahead and listed the ten brands that we feel are the best. Flecks of reddish brown skin give it an authentic look.

The same is true of discovering the best peanut butter. The vast majority of people make it into PB&J sandwiches or make peanut butter cookies out of them, and both of those things are good uses for this product. Whether you prefer crunchy or smooth, unsweetened or flavored, a jar, or a single-serve packet, there's a natural peanut butter for you. And it's no longer just reserved for toast: it's become a healthy favourite to dip a crisp apple into and we’re spooning it into our smoothies for a health boost (and sandwiching them between brownies for a less healthy treat! We love learning about all the different health benefits of peanut butter, diving deep into the daily habits of eating peanut butter, and even tracking down the best tasting one. We cleansed our palate after each sample with either water or 1% milk. I joined forces with Gabbie, our intern extraordinaire, and Alex, our excellent videographer, to try 11 different kinds of peanut butter—all creamy, not crunchy, to keep it simple—to figure out which one was very best… It’s only made with a small handful of ingredients and doesn’t contain many of the chemicals that some other peanut butter products do. The texture is much different compared to the other kinds of nut butter—incredibly thick with seeds and pieces of nut. We then choose a shorter list for in-depth research and testing before finalizing our top picks. But now, as I taste what I am happy to back as "the world's best peanut butter," maybe my view on natural peanut butter has shifted. Thanks for visiting We judged them on texture, taste and appearance. Several criticized the texture for being a little grainy, gritty, and oily. amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "search"; Extra creamy and loaded with large peanut chunks, it maintains a true peanut taste while being "sweet and slightly saltier than the others." It's funny that I easily compared their Coffee and Maple flavor to ice cream, because the last flavor I tried was in fact a dessert butter—their Dark Chocolate peanut butter.

"They have to be roasted perfectly. That's a lot of pound per peanut!

Price points on nut butters vary hugely with supermarket own brands only costing a pound or two a jar while other high-end brands sold in shops like WholeFoods reaching eye-watering costs like six pounds a jar. Sign up to our newsletter to get more articles like this delivered straight to your inbox. After perfecting their Super Crunchy peanut butter, Fix&Fogg worked on expanding to different kinds. amzn_assoc_rows = "2"; Just about everyone knows or thinks they know, what to do with a peanut. It's made with 99.5% almonds and then a pinch of sea salt for that all important flavour, at £3.99 a jar it's not too expensive and it's crunchy texture is happily spreadable. Here are our rankings, starting with the winners and working our way to the basement. The peanut butter in my cabinet almost always has a bit of palm oil in it because I just hate dealing with the extra oil and having to stir. amzn_assoc_default_category = "All"; It was tough to pick who got top spot between Biona and Raw Health and honestly, there was only a fraction of a difference so we'd recommend trying both (though if you're going for affordability then Biona wins). amzn_assoc_placement = "adunit0";

Fans of the toast-topping shriek with excitement when they find a fellow lover so imagine our excitement when Marmite made it official with a combo jar.

How Long Does It Take To Get White Teeth? Not only is this product a great tasting product that has a nice honey taste to it, but it’s also packed with the nutrition one expects from a quality peanut butter product. Contact Charlie at (315) 382-1984, or by email at The Biona range is strong thanks to its wide choice and how well they balance flavour and texture and their cashew butter is no exception. We loved the deep and well-rounded roasted scent with complex notes of coffee and a gentle bitterness. The easily-prepared delicacy packs plenty of nutritional energy, tastes good, and it’s relatively cheap. Unfortunately, Naturally More Crunchy Natural Peanut Butter ($3.99 for 16 oz.. 365 Organic Crunchy Peanut Butter ($4.39 for 18 oz.) 5 Of The Best Window Air Conditioners for your Budget, The Best Slow Cooker Models for Convenient and Tender Meals. amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon"; Offering a smooth peanut butter was obviously in the pipeline, as well as other nut butter staples. Is it weird to compare peanut butter to ice cream? This could also be because I properly stored the peanut butter upside down. It lacked saltiness and had a savoury taste that felt misplaced with the overall flavour. There's a slight artificial smell from the oil and some testers thought this was mirrored in the taste. It's a limited edition so stock up quick! While some considered the texture to be a bit grainy and sticky, one commented that it is a "good texture for spreading." The volunteers' only concern was that it would be difficult to spread on soft bread. Meridian are one of our favourite nut butter brands and their almond butter came out on top. While annoying Pic's isn't sold in loads of stores it's worth picking it up when you see it (Tesco is you best bet) because BOY is it tasty. Roanna is the Digital Editor of Red Online. Also, FYI, we haven't included a 'best for health' or 'healthiest nut butter' category because, well, we're big supporters of intuitive eating and if you want to eat some nut butter we're of the opinion that you should jolly well go ahead. Including the peanut butter that ruined all other peanut butters. It's not our favourite for flavour, there's something a bit understated about its nuttiness but it is tasty, easy to spread and affordable so a strong contender for your weekly shopping basket. We had nothing else to eat or drink during the four hours of tasting. In addition to having well-balanced seasoning, our taste testing team also called out Skippy Creamy's roasted taste and strong peanut flavor, which can sometimes get lost in overly sweet peanut butters. However, no conversation about this product would be complete without mentioning one of the great advocates for peanut butter and the person who helped establish it as a nutritious dietary staple: George Washington Carver. Unfortunately, it had too much of a mild peanut taste and although testers could note a subtle salty-sweet flavour, they were put off by the unpleasant oiliness.Price: £1.30, Score: 67/100A thick, sandy-coloured nut butter with a glossy sheen and large chunks.