I did all the steps to get it working.

↳   Afrikaans (South Africa) - not finished, ↳   Spanish (Latin America and the Caribbean) - not finished, ↳   18 Wheels of Steel: Pedal to the Metal, ↳   18 Wheels of Steel: American Long Haul, ↳   18 Wheels of Steel: Extreme Trucker 2, ETS2 MAP PROJECT ABOUT DISTRICT OF PALERMO, SICILY, ITALY. Now, as we have enabled the Developer Tools we now have to create of ETS2 a shortcut to access the Map Editor. The server has no speedlimiter and has a NCZ on the entire map, this means that you will have no collision when having physically contact with other trucks. More things getting added soon.

This is my problem but, i did everything that was listed in the post. Geburtstagskonvoi. As you see in the image, we typed goto erfurt and are now at Erfurt. ETS 2 Maps Mods free examples are available for everyone unlimited. Real time map for TruckersMP (Euro Truck Simulator 2 Multiplayer and American Truck Simulator Multiplayer) Real time map for TruckersMP. - Added two new troubleshooting problems. All mods are free to download. You will see that your work is now visible and working fine. We only need the europe folder and the europe.mbd file. Create a new folder called "base_map" and inside the folder base_map, create the folder "map". Now, for any future map editing that I do, the modifications that I did don't appear at all. Kann mir jemand helfen? Create a new folder called "base" and inside the folder base, create the folder "map". 4 - TROUBLESHOOTING - Common Problems and issues with the Map Editor, --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------. - Run with Administrator rights, - (If you use 1.38): Rename base to base_map in your ETS2 Installation folder, - (If you use 1.37): Make sure base is created and map inside the base folder in your ETS2 Installation folder.

ETS2 - Simulation 1-ETS2 - Simulation 2-ETS2 - [US] Simulation-ETS2 - [SGP] Simulation-ETS2 - Arcade-ETS2 - ProMods-ETS2 - ProMods Arcade-ATS - [US] Simulation-ATS - Simulation-ATS - [US] Arcade-All Servers-POI Search. To unlock the Map Editor, you have to enable the Console and Developer. I am making standalone maps using the 1.38 game version. Alle wichtigen Infos für Bewerber der Chris Maximus Logistik . When created the shortcut, rightclick the shortcut and enter the properties. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries.

In Top Camera, you can only move around when holding the right mouse button and moving it around.

Hello there! Here you will find thousands of ETS2 mods in one place. PROBLEM: MY SAVED WORK DOESNT LOAD UP / DOESNT EXIST IN BASE/MAP. Really useful guide for those interested in map editing. 1 - PREPARATION - Enabling the Map Editor. Simply rename your "mod" folder to anything else except "mod" so the game cannot find the mods anymore and can't load it. Ets2 problem Ich spiele seit 4 monaten Ets2 und ich kann mich nicht mit dem World of Trucks Account anmelden um externe aufträge zu machen, da steht immer " Fehlerhafte daten vom Online-Diensten erhalten. In the properties, add at "Target" "-edit europe". Andere Trucksimulationen auf Trucksimulator24.

In there, you can type for example "goto CITYNAME" to teleport to a city. Hi, @poland.ball there is a solution to this? I like scandinavia the most, just because the scenery is amazing and it looks amazing. 1) rename base to base_map if you use 1.38

The guide is divided through different section where we make different things. Do NOT enable the 3rd magnet, the Grid Mode. Allgemein.

!Can be deleted! …

Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. When the is editor is loaded i made a peace of road and safe the map. Themen 3 Beiträge 10. PROBLEM: MY SHORTCUT DOESNT START THE MAP EDITOR Important Note for Map Modding in ETS2/ATS 1.38+. Begrüßen neuer User. Best regards Spakz

4. Make sure the magnet with the -, + and ~ are enabled.

Obviously, you're not going to be a pro mapper but as more as you map and mess around your skills will increase.

You cannot post new topics in this forumYou cannot reply to topics in this forumYou cannot edit your posts in this forumYou cannot delete your posts in this forumYou cannot post attachments in this forum, Powered by phpBB® Forum Software © phpBB Limited, Style by Arty - Update phpBB 3.2 by MrGaby, All the work of the day lost ... GGggggrrrrrr. ↳   What is your favourite online radio station in game? Make sure your mod with the modifications is above ProMods Map files. - Made the guide more universal for both games (Part 1/2). In that folder you put in your map folder. I started the editor with admin permission. 3) add -noworkshop to the start options as mentioned here. ATS/ETS2 MAP EDITOR GUIDE Welcome to this small handy guide on how to open the map editor. This is where our map will be saved.

Now, go into the folder "bin", "win_x64" and rightclick "eurotrucks2.exe". Um alle Funktionen dieser Website nutzen zu können, muss JavaScript aktiviert sein. To start the map editor, simply right click the Shortcut we made and start the Shortcut with Admin privileges. TSM Map edited 1.38 ETS2. Ich habe gerade etwas ETS 2 Gespielt, als plötzlich mehrere Merkwürdige Nachrichten aus der Konsole aufgetaucht sind. PROBLEM: I HAVE WEIRD GREEN LINES APPEARING AROUND MODELS This guide is perfect friend, congratulations on the work! Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod/mymap/map You have to rename base to base_map in your ETS2/ATS installation path. ETS2 MAP … what would be the name for the ATS SCS map? Your Documents Folder can be found at C:\Users\\Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2. When pressing "P" you enter the properties mode, and when you click on the blue Node you can change the model or change the look of the model. Type "goto erfurt" to teleport to Erfurt. First of all, we will remove the barrier by clicking on the Cross, which means delete, and we will remove it so we can drive to our new home.

Let's say I want to place the "car parked a80". The guide is divided through different section where we make different things. 8.

This can be done with any Notepad++ or the normal Windows Notepad program. ETS2 Maps… Sie haben noch kein Benutzerkonto auf unserer Seite? Is this just me or does anyone's else computer freezes as soon as I load a preset for a road? As we defined the base and map folder in Chapter 1, we will navigate now to your ETS2 Main Directory /base_map/map/.

By Its the same with mods! They have the similar abilities - Try out some things, change the Terrain size and mess around a bit to get started. (\Steam\steamapps\common\Euro Truck Simulator 2\). help me . I will update the guide as soon as the 1.38 came to official release. Now as we removed the barriers, I want to add some cars. Post Once, it did work (I only added an extra sleeping area in Promods Vienna) and my modifications did appear. Change them from. Forum: Start a New Discussion ... HOW TO OPEN THE BUS DOORS ETS2 N3WG3NADRI 3 1 hour ago Game doesn't detect my steering wheel (Thrustmaster T150) Lexus IS300 2JZ-GE 4 1 hour ago spawn point devwood 1 2 hours ago Can you adjust the length of the adjustable low-loader trailers? Neue User stellen sich vor und werden Begrüßt. ETS2 mods / Euro Truck Simulator 2 mods. SOLUTION: You have to enable the Ground Mode, at the top bar you can find four magnes. Hello @Lordminator Hello!

All mods are free to download. February 18 in Technical. PROBLEM: ETS2 SHOWS ME DURING SAVING THAT IT WAS UNABLE TO SAVE THE MAP For that, I open the Content browser, Shortcut F2 and go to the Type "Model". SOLUTION: You most likely have mods insde your mods folder or you are using Workshop mods. This card is perfect for lovers of the Russian atmosphere, the atmosphere of the South. SOLUTION: You are probably in the Collision Box View. - Updated the post to the new 1.38 system. @Lordminator, You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. In Free Camera, you can use WASD to move and QE to go higher or lower. Boti2502 Sonntag, 19:07. und 30 Besucher.

My car model has the ability to change the colors, so I changed it to black. 6 Nov, 2020. 0 means "Disabled" / "False"/ and 1 means "Enabled" / "True". Registrieren Sie sich kostenlos und nehmen Sie an unserer Community teil! Without Admin permissions, ETS2 cannot save the files properly. To prevent this, add to Target also "-noworkshop" AND empty out (or rename) your mod folder! The editor is loaded but i don't see the peace of route i did.

Welcome! The same effect applies when holding the right mouse button. 1 post • Page 1 of 1. stradastatale16 Posts: 43 Joined: 20 May 2019 16:26 Location: Palermo, Sicily, Italy. For our tutorial, we will make this small area driveable and add some things to it. Haulin, Extreme Trucker 1 & 2, 18 Wheels of Steel Reihe und das Euro Truck Spezial: LKW-Rangier-Simulator Tourentagebücher inkl vieler SCREENSHOTS vom Euro Truck Simulator 2, German Truck Simulator, Haulin und Co. OPEN YOUR ETS2 DOCUMENTS FOLDER. I made a shortcut and i wrote "-edit europe". Let's teleport to Erfurt for example. On 7/23/2020 at 6:18 PM, conradpol123 said: On 2/18/2020 at 2:25 PM, poland.ball said. Hit "Create shortcut". Your ETS2 Main Directory can be found normally at C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Euro Truck Simulator 2, but if you have a custom directory you have to navigate to it.

ETS2 Maps. Neil 0 2 hours ago Problema com a ultima atualizaçao jogo fechando kLeBeR_FeRrEiRa 2 2 hours ago … Just try! I moved the map folder to the ETS 2 mod folder and start again the shortcut with admin permission. Add to the "Target" (Chapter 1) "-noworkshop" besides "-edit europe" too. I already edited the map before and I am trying to edit it again but whenever I open up my shortcut and the editor loads up completely, it gives me error messages all the time about "Duplicity detected". You should first make a folder, lets just call that folder "mymap". Themen 827 Beiträge 2,2k. By pressing the Space Bar while in Free Camera, you can either move free around seeing the map or you can stay at one position and mess around with the map. All you need to do is press on Euro truck simulator 2 Maps Mods download button and explore new modifications. Creation of pop-up messages in the trip advisor, It is currently November 12th, 2020, 7:00 pm. So steht da zum Beispiel was ETS 2 gerade tut. … If you’ve got what it takes to be part of an elite trucking force, get behind the wheel and prove it!Key Features:Transport a vast variety of cargo across more than 60 European cities.Run your own … © Valve Corporation. If you are the author of an ETS2 … With "M" I can move my model by the axis and with "R" I can rotate my model. SOUTHERN POLAND 1.0 1.0 ETS2. Alternatively, you can contact me on Discord: polandball#9937 or on my 1:15 Discord Server which you can find on this page. then the editor disappears on its own. In Ihrem Webbrowser ist JavaScript deaktiviert. Here are some new pictures: North Map v 1.2 is also compatible with ets2 patch 1.30 beta. poland.ball To close the Model window, simply press "ESC".

-Resolved- How do I place my background map in the editor? When I get rid of the mymap folder from my mods folder, it does give me one error message, the editor loads up for a few seconds but then crashes. , Truck and trailer models, maps, sounds, tuning, truck parts and much more mods. Hey, I have an issue with the map editor. You have two different camera views: Top Camera and Free camera. 5 Nov, 2020. ↳ Maps ↳ Models ↳ Trucks ↳ Trailers ↳ Skins ↳ Trucks ↳ Trailers ↳ Others ↳ Media ↳ Bugs; Older SCS Hunting Games ↳ Hunting Unlimited Series ↳ Deer Drive; SCS Site; WORLD OF TRUCKS website ↳ Bugs (1.32 Open Beta) Public research ↳ American Truck Simulator ↳ Euro Truck Simulator 2 ↳ ETS2 … SOLUTION: You most likely didn't load up the Map Editor with Admin permissions. In Chapter 1 we already enabled the map editor to load the default map. Mods are stored in a .scs file, and inside that scs file is the map, models etc. Notepad++ is like a normal notepad editor, but it is way better and easier to use for modding.