Obviously a great overall scent. The sample that I received with it is amazing.

Aventus has clearly more quality than its cheap copies (I tried a lot of them, Creed is ALWAYS more sweet, silky, inviting, denser and has no bitter acidity).

Sometimes, however, consistency becomes an issue when a fragrance features a large percentage natural ingredients. Guaranteed compliment getter as it’s still my all time most complimented. The next wave dulls down the strength of the pineapple note and gives it a nice, sweet scent, which is less fruity and more of a woodsy aroma. Become a member of this online perfume community and you will be able to add your own reviews. This is why the story of the perfume is often associated with career-driven men. These areas are certainly not requiring a daily application. Free and vibrant with life, she looks ahead. It is a versatile feel good scent for almost any occasion.

This scent amplifies the character of the woman. This one is not for me. It has a strong citrus appeal. Yes it does smell just a touch different since its lauch, but the reactions/quality is the same. In general, when in doubt, put Aventus on. I heard so much about it from guys everywhere. A long, long time ago - in 1969 - Peggy Lee had a big hit with a number called "Is That All There Is? There are countless online forums where fragrance aficionados dissect how fruity or smoky each batch of Aventus is. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Very hard to blind buy based on reviews on this site. Released in September 2010, the Aventus cologne is often confused with a simplified version of the Aventus perfume. If you don't have a clue what all these batches are why they cause such a furor, here's what it is about. One of my holy grail scents. But the more they get accustomed to differentiate between ingredients, they find out something is missing from the perfume to make it as good as the Aventus. After reading the last few Aventus reviews on here I felt the need to write my own review in hope that I will shed some light on this fragrance. It’s a mature scent, but not an out of date one. The perfume doesn’t project after about 2 hours and it settles close to the skin faster than the real Creed Aventus. I think its preferred by men than women though.

It is very nice of course, but I dislike the fruity opening. Most women find it interesting that this version of the Aventus is particularly less appealing than his’ version. However, its longevity is subjective. All I smell is incense and …

Such a unique Creed fingerprint to it, but so different to the others. For me it is just not worth the price. I believe it. Both Olivier and Erwin Creed worked over a year to develop the formula of the cologne. This newer blend of ingredients while really nice and smells incredible, it was not like the original that would stop you in your tracks and make you pause and contemplate the scent. It may be too strong for those looking to attend a gala or an opera event as it persists for hours. Inside the cap, there should be a white line as indicated by many unboxing videos. However, men have noted that the citrus is not as refined as in the Aventus and it may even smell a bit off at first. then, having paid all that money for it, I decided to wear it a bit more and give it some chance. This element makes its purchasers feel like they’re getting value for money. Not bad. Both men and women are happy with the fragrance. Pure man in a bottle. Always a 10/10 for me. Creed Aventus Creed 4 OZ Millesime Spray For Men, Light Blue vs. Marc Jacobs Daisy Perfume Comparison, 5 Best Narciso Rodriguez Perfumes for Her, 5 Best Smelling Antonio Banderas Colognes, Bergamotto di Calabria by Acqua di Parma Cologne Review, L’Homme Parfum Intense by Yves Saint Laurent Review, Index of all of our Fragrance Reviews for Men and Women. Further, companies test and make sure that their perfume batches smell the same. Some consider it truthful, daring and edgy, just as Napoleon was. Yet, she is noble and charming.

Years later my feelings haven't changed. Beauty Almanac |. I dont understand people that hate a fragrance based solely on its longevity also, just take a decant with you and respray, not that big of a deal. I'd worn for about an hour, I was dizzy and had to wash it off. Top Notes – Blackcurrant, Italian Bergamot, French apples, Pineapple, Middle Notes – Rose, Dry birch, Moroccan jasmine, Patchouli, Base Notes – Musk, Oak moss, Ambergris, Vanilla. For the biggest savings, Creed Aventus cologne fans look online where it is more affordable. Not that it’s a requirement for a great cologne. A masterpiece. All i can add to what has been said is that there's really nothing that compares fully to Aventus. So keep the cologne for those who like fresh and fruity and give us back the fragrance that changed the game. ", that opening is sooooo good ...pure fruity class ,even got a car freshener by a clone house thats all opening for months lol. It has become my signature scent and I just reordered a 100 ml bottle from an online discounter. Overrated. The highest concentration of infused oils and the best ingredients have been selected together by the father and son duo. The ingredients start with ginger, mandarin, and Baierose tope notes. Although, as a signature scent Aventus, really does deliver the goods, so to speak. A simple search finds products marketing themselves to be “as good as Creed Aventus”. Only why is that can you guys explain me. It’s a kind of triangular shape, almost like some kind of wide and weird pyramid, and certainly stands out a lot. I have bad skin for fragrances. The mesmerizing Vetiver Cologne impresses those seeking a timeless appeal. I was mesmerized. Some small variations may be found here. You have been warned. So incredibly unique.

Users are generally satisfied with the perfume. Top notes are Pineapple, Black Currant, Bergamot and Apple; middle notes are Birch, Patchouli, Moroccan Jasmine and Rose; base notes are Musk, oak moss, Ambergris and Vanille. Iwas at Saks last weekend with the woman.. sprayed this. Little did I know...it was fully worth the hype it got. The base notes include styrax, birch, musk, and tonka bean. Here's the basis for my love-hate relationship with Creed and Aventus. Some batches are considered fruity while others are considered smoky, according to variations of the natural ingredients. Creed Aventus is unisex. If you want to smell like Aventus the advice is to buy Aventus, if you need to save up it will be worth it in the long run. This fragrance to me has always had a mass and fresh appeal to it like a little bit of edge and freshness to it if that makes sense the perfect balance to me.

There is also a hint of citrus from the bergamot and the watery crisp apple note, but they are background players to the other two fruits. [])). This Aventus clone is trying hard to push for the pineapple notes. After those two I just wrote off the Creed House as overpriced and not worth the products produced. If you want to impress and grab people's attention - go for Aventus. The perfume might not be as spectacular as the regular Creed Aventus, but it has a few positives women should know about. This perfume opens up with blackcurrant, cassis and overpowering citrus notes. Oakmoss, patchouli, and amber are its base notes. Erwin Creed said TWO sprays on the wrist if YOU want to enjoy it, OR (NOT AND!) . For same money I can buy much more interesting scents that do the same job better. Now they've been somewhat undercut, as Johnny Cargopants and his fratbro entourage have forsaken their Davidoff and started touring the clubs with a cloud of Aventus trailing behind them. I'd buy it if it were not so expensive. Aventus is VERY disappointing in performance nowadays, with super shy projection of 30cms after absurd 1.5ml sprayed, for about 45 mins - compensated by a not so long subsequent phase of around skin close-by longevity for another maximum crappy 4 hrs. Aventus. This means the Aventus is as good if not better than expected. Aventus is the pinnacle of modern, masculine-centric perfumery. Colognes change over time, some more than others, and Aventus is one which you definitely cannot judge right out of the bottle because it is highly layered and complex. The scent spreads alternately between pineapples and mixed notes of wood and other. That’s sad not only because you can’t get a 30ml bottle anymore, but also because the larger bottles are a different shape. This is due to the fact it’s an EDP, Eau De Parfum, which is stronger than an EDT or cologne, so less is definitely more. Trust me....If YOU can't smell it DOES NOT MEAN others cant!!! Jasmin, patchouli, and amber are also recognized in the perfume. It’s very nice and pleasant, but not too much of a ‘sexy’ kind of cologne. As it’s not cheap but coveted, there’s fake bottles which are sold online. I still love the opening , but also love the base smell of it. Michael 84 - Copyright © 2020. Finally finally finally tried THE KING for the first time after years of hearing the hype and few versions of clones. Let me help those out trying to find a CLONE of this scent. Here are the main positive aspects of the Aventus as understood by connoisseur and regular wearers. So elegant, warm and sexy. Everyone who smells it on me loves it, and I can't say that about any other niche fragrance. I see Aventus more in an adult man from 25 years of age with a suit or … Update: I have updated and revamped this review, since I’ve now had even more time to spend with Aventus, over the years. Air bubbles underneath the logo label can be an indicator of a rushed manufacturing process, specific to counterfeit products.

Other people will most assuredly be able to smell it on you. Michael Adams is the founder and editor of Michael 84, blogger and T-shirt designer from Newcastle, UK. this was the worst performing of the lot yet the most expensive. Unfortunately for me I made a terrible mistake in buying a entire flaçon of this. Is it worth the price? There certainly is a reference to an Emperor, a strong individual, and a driven person who doesn’t take no for an answer on any occasion. The crazed devotion to this scent needs to stop...it makes no sense.

But unfortunately, the opening lasts about all of 15 minutes before moving into the mid, which it turns out is my least favorite part of the fragrance. A hydrating cream with the same profile can further improve its longevity. Just brilliant! To me it does not blow me away. But not bad. I finally pulled the trigger on this one, and Is a regret. There are many better similar perfumes. Women may prefer the unisex Creed Aventus for various reasons. Just how well woven the scent is and how each note plays so beautifully off each other makes this a symphony orchestra of fragrances. Masculine pineapple in the opening then transforms to mossy smoke with a hint of a fruit. The pineapple opening is supersceded by a smoky and slightly woody scent. Then I ended up wearing other colognes and Aventus never really drew me back.

its weak doesnt perform more than 1 hour. Top notes: blackcurrant, bergamot, apple and pineapple. Does smell very good. It continues. To me, it smells nice but nothing extraordinary, Mont Blanc Explorer and Insurrection pure2 shouldn’t even be listed as comparable fragrances to Aventus, IP2 smells a LITTLE like Aventus for maybe like 2 seconds and Mont Blanc just smells like Dior sauvage with pineapple added to it, super super synthetic alcohol mess... parfums vintage emperor shouldn’t be number 1 for comparable fragrances to Aventus, it truly is the Aventus killer smh. So you have the balance of having a brilliant fragrance, however it’s not as rare as it once was. Man this is great. The biggest problem these days is that the secret of Creed Aventus is out. @ Chesco, I could be wrong but I've heard from a perfumer that pineapple isn't actually used in fragrances because it can cause severe skin allergies and so it is simply a pineapple accord that has been created.