The Actiontec C3000A modem/WiFi router has the following features and capabilities: If instructed to do so by a technician, you may need to change the WAN settings on your modem manually. With full-rate ADSL 2/2+, four-port switch and 24 Mbps wireless-N router, you can provide a dependable connection and wireless home network. Is there a Firmware Update for my Actiontec device? The equipment should be installed more than 30 cm (~12 in.) Why can't I find the support page for my device? This makes it … This single CPE can be deployed to seamlessly expand new network technologies and upgrade customers to faster speeds without dispatching a technician or replacing customer hardware.

To customize your pricing and feature options we need a little more information. Why do I have to power cycle my GT784WN to get Internet access? Select Follow the onscreen, pass-through to the device connected to LAN Port 1 Only, lease a permanent DHCP-allocated address to a client on the Router’, IP address of the Router with a host name. The utilities menu gives you access to several additional tools to manage and test your modem. Amazon removes any third-party sellers that have major issues. Actiontec C1000A-D Actiontec C2000A-D Actiontec C2300A. same router works on any VDSL, ADSL, or GPON network. With a robust hardware design and loads of in-home net-, working options (including Gigabit Ethernet, Wireless N, and coax-, based HPNA), this home router offers blazing-fast performance for, even the most demanding applications. These limits, in a residential installation.

T, This chapter explains the options available with the, configure the Advanced Settings of the Router, the user to block certain services from accessing the Router’, Follow the onscreen instructions to configur, to allow or prevent access to certain websites for devices on the Router’, network. In addition, Amazon offers return policies, payment protection and other options that help you get the high-quality actiontec c3000a modem review you are looking for. If applicable, this equipment complies with FCC radiation exposure limits, The radio has been found to be compliant to the requir, CFR 47 Sections 2.1091, 15.247 (b) (4),15.407 addressing RF Exposur, FCC Guidelines for Human Exposure to Radio Fr, Fields. The DSL port is used to connect the Router to a DSL wall outlet via, on the type of Internet service available. This feature allows the user to change the, screen. Not sure what to do? CenturyLink Support (Chat) With premium dual-band WiFi 6, customers get wireless speeds up to 6 Gbps* for brilliant 4K video streaming, Voice over IP media sharing, online gaming, and a superb broadband experience.