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The number of people unemployed is still relatively high, and the number of new career opportunities isn’t nearly enough to put people in jobs they are seeking. We all know that in the economic times we are living in today, finding jobs is not guaranteed. Many of us graduate from high school, toss our caps into the air, and never pick up another book again. Do not forget to tell about yourself in the essay on higher education. All Rights Reserved. Often people are looking to get out of their dead-end job, which is why they seek a higher education. [gravityform id="4" title="true" description="true"], Accredited by Council on Occupational Education, The Importance of Higher Education in the 21st Century. The world is changing. This used to just work if your school had a sort of partner school somewhere else and someone was willing to swap places with you, which is why these years are often called exchange years. You can kick around some general education classes and see what sparks your interests. Involve me and I learn.” Benjamin Franklin When you have more knowledge, you are more inclined to participate in these events and activities. Going to college can help you learn to think more abstractly. Being able to develop yourself is invaluable, and having a higher education helps you do that. Explain it in your essay on higher education. Those who made pursuing a higher education a priority typically have more jobs open to them than those who don’t further their education after high school. A higher education allows you to pursue a career that interests and inspires you. But weirdly enough, writing my university applications rekindled my passion for writing and allowed me to get my creative juices flowing. It benefits the hiring company as well. One of the most practical reasons for pursuing a higher education is that it prepares you for an eventual career — ideally. Talk about the overall value of education for a person. Graduates of college who have multiple skills may be less susceptible to layoffs during an economic recession than less skilled workers. “Education is the transmission of civilization”. Over time, I viewed the process as an escape from my school assignments and a method to reflect on myself. A higher education trains you in your chosen field, but it also teaches you to understand complex subjects, think analytically, and communicate your ideas effectively. China has always welcomed international students who are looking to pursue their MBBS education in the country in any sector. If you want to make more money, then you'd be wise to graduate from college — which is not to say there aren't many successful college dropouts. This is bad. Educating yourself can break you out of your bubble and open your mind — increasing your available opportunities in ways big and small. Point 1. Still, many young people develop a negative attitude towards education, perhaps because they see it as limiting to their freedoms. Sound familiar? Go to school, get a job, live an awesome life!

As a job seeker, you’re competing with a high number of experienced workers who’ve been out of the workforce for a while and are also seeking work. In our economy today, career options are declining for those who haven’t furthered their education after high school. Some of the best reasons for attending college is to grow personally, to better yourself in a variety of ways. People who don't graduate high school can expect to earn only about $10,000 a year. Remember, a higher education doesn’t necessarily guarantee you financial security and a great life. It also forced me to learn more about myself and confront my flaws. However, when you have a higher education, it generally equips you for better job security.

Welcomed International Students When you’re in a rewarding career, you’re more apt to perform your job well and get genuine job satisfaction out of it. That said, by furthering your education, you acquire a broad range of skills that can qualify you for a wider range of career choices in different fields and that offer you more room for advancement. Talk about the overall value of education for a person. I know I hated writing them when I first started. … Attaining a higher education can increase your opportunities and improve your overall quality of life. Not every reason for pursuing a higher education is monetary. Essays on Higher Education: Why Is It so Important? But why wouldn't you want somebody that can write well, or is a creative thinker? Learn more and find out the fastest growing jobs for military... Read More. Art takes time, and if we don't foster the most creative among us, our world will go even further down the path of becoming one giant strip mall. Many would say you shouldn't, it's a waste of time and money. Don't show up for class? Earning a bachelor's degree will more than double the pay of a high school graduate, with the annual salary averaging about $42,000 according to a study done by the US Census Bureau. In what ways can we benefit from education except of having a good salary in the future? And, although it isn’t a guarantee, chances are you’re less likely to struggle with unemployment long-term if you have a higher education. Of course, this isn’t always the case. There are many things to know that will broaden your prospects in life, and pursuing a higher education will expose you to many of them, possibly helping you find your passion — passion you maybe never knew you had. Our goal is to help you find your rewarding career by providing high-quality, specialized career preparation or enhancement that can lead to employment and career success. Don't rush, you've got at least four years. Having goals are great, but things you want at 16 or 17 can seem pretty silly a few years down the line. Why are there so many people who want to have degrees and study in prestigious institutions? Furthermore, some companies even go so far as to pay your tuition because they consider an educated employee to be valuable to their organization. No doubt you understand the importance of higher education.

Since you learn a broad range of skills, you could end up in a field you didn’t necessarily study for. Being a high school graduate doesn’t open up the doors to many rewarding careers as it did in past generations. Since you learn a broad range of skills, you could end up in a field you didn’t necessarily study for. By submitting this form, I agree that Vista College may use this information to contact me by methods I provided and consented, including phone (both mobile or home, dialed manually or automatically), social media, email, mail and text message. This enables you to improve your own life, as well as contribute to the world as a whole. When you have the freedom to choose your career, you’re more likely to enjoy it. You’ll also be expanding your skills and knowledge, grasping abstract theories and concepts, expressing your thoughts clearly in writing and speech, and increasing your understanding of your community and the world. But, why else is higher education so important? It is a well-known fact that you can go abroad for a year in university or college and, in fact, a lot of people do do that.

Today, you will not find a person who does not realize the importance of education. This is priceless. Graduating from school simply makes it easier and leaves you better prepared. Investing in your education will help you achieve your career goals and succeed in life in general. Today, the existing market is made up of more architects, artists, designers, healthcare workers, information technology experts, video game developers, and so forth. By Dr. Art Waller, Online Campus Director These people can thrive in a variety of environments given the opportunity. Among these Americans, 66 percent of those who didn’t graduate from college say they wished they had, and 62 percent feel that going to college would have improved their present standard of living significantly.

There will always be rough patches as you move on in life, but you will always know exactly what it takes to begin something and successfully complete it. However, you can think of it as a down payment on your future. College graduates also usually earn more money than non-graduates, and the pay scale tends to rise with each successive degree. Where does all the money go for this budget?

Higher education Nobody can take this accomplishment away from you. Every year, seniors dread completing university supplementary applications and for good reasons — the questions are tedious to answer and they make you doubt your achievements. Kindergarten is a tough year for most parents and nearly all children. Still, many young people develop a negative attitude towards education, perhaps because they see it as limiting to their freedoms. Ariel and Will Durant. There are many high school graduates who have become and are very successful. “Tell me and I forget. I don't know exactly when it happened, but somewhere along the way American society has turned increasingly anti-intellectual — look no further than .css-1psntrz{-webkit-text-decoration:underline;text-decoration:underline;}.css-1psntrz:hover{-webkit-text-decoration:none;text-decoration:none;}our president. The freedom is a major reason college is better than high school. We've somehow grown to loathe experts and distrust scientists, but this is precisely the reason why pursuing a higher education is so important. This type of education will eventually pay for itself in the long run. Vista College staff are... Read More, The job market changes so quickly it can be hard to keep up. more Americans are seeing the significance of a college education, Our courses and programs at Vista College, are involved more actively in societal activities, A Fresh Start in 2020: The Top New Year’s Resolutions for the Coming Decade and How Vista College Can Help You Keep Them, A New Approach to Online Education: How Vista College Is Changing the Game for Their Online Students, Vista College Online Campus Offering Two New Programs In Response To Growing Demand, Vista College Annouces It Will Accept Students From The Recently Closed Brightwood And Virginia Colleges.