You can contact Viasat technical support anytime of the day or night. Once on the website you will need to input your username and password to get in. View and pay bills, check data usage and more. Where can I find helpful links for new Viasat customers?

*Data as of 4/01/20. How do I get the free Viasat app for my mobile phone? Check or change your installation date and time. Unlimited data plans range in download speeds, depending on the availability in your area, with the Unlimited Platinum 100 plan providing speeds up to 100 Mbps where available. Specialized Viasat Wi-Fi support is also available to the US Navy. *, The phone agent can also tell you if you will need to pay an early termination fee (ETF), which is billed to customers who do not fulfil their two-year contract. It’s helpful to have your Viasat account number handy before you call. If you have never signed in before, there is a “First Time Sign In Help” article to show you how. Each month at billing time, we’ll withdraw funds from the bank account, debit card, or credit card on file. Rate excludes taxes; activation fee applies. Offers may be changed or withdrawn at any time. If you need help setting this up, you can call the Viasat customer service phone number at (855)-810-1308. Your first bill will be slightly higher than subsequent bills because it covers not only the first full month of service, but also the days of service between install and the beginning of your first regular billing cycle. When on a computer you can use the EasyPay tool. Viasat ETF structure is simple: $15* per month for every month remaining on your contract. If you are a business customer and need to cancel Viasat service, contact Viasat Business Care at 1-855-313-4111. You can also contact customer service by phone to edit your payment method. There are a couple of places where you can pay your Viasat bill. If you need immediate help, use Viasat live chat.

Viasat does not send paper bills through the mail. This process is similar to other websites when paying a bill or ordering anything online, so this process should help. The Viasat satellite system makes internet service available to virtually all residents of the US. Some Viasat, Exede, and Wildblue legacy plans do have a data allowance, as addressed in the question about Freedom and Liberty Plans above. Old-school email is sometimes less annoying. Pay your bill and view billing summaries. Simply text JOIN to 20715. Router on the blitz?

Got issues with that annoying hold music? Email Viasat business support at Viasat bills one month in advance for high-speed satellite internet services. Lease and installation fees are one-time charges that also increase your first bill. and/or its affiliate(s). So if you cancel a year into a two-year contract, you’ll pay $180.*. This is the quickest way to make a one-time payment. All Viasat Internet plans require a minimum 24-month service term. Log in to My Account Best High-Speed Internet for Rural Areas in 2020, Your Guide to Streaming with Satellite Internet, instructions for returning Viasat equipment. To check data usage for the current billing cycle, simply log in to your customer account at with your username and password. How do I pay my bill? EasyCare not available in Alaska or Hawaii. You can email Viasat customer service with questions, tech support issues, or to learn more about plans. Viasat offered satellite internet service under the brand names Exede and WildBlue until 2017, when a new satellite system was launched and all residential internet service was rebranded as Viasat. 1The price lock guarantee applies only to the standard monthly internet service fee and the monthly equipment lease fee (in each case, before any promotional discounts) and excludes all taxes and surcharges. You won’t get cut off if you exceed your data allotment for the month, but your speeds will slow significantly. Where can I join the Viasat Community forum? Then you type the amount you want to pay and which payment method you would like to use.

You can also text USAGE to the same number for real-time data usage updates, and Buy to purchase additional data. Also, VPNs and fast-paced multiplayer games don’t work well on satellite internet because of the latency (or delay in data transfer) of satellite connections.

After that, the login screen will appear and ask for your username or email and password, then click login. This site is not owned by Viasat.