Meeker, Oklahoma. 3. Meeker, Oklahoma. $3000. Mini cows are exceptional pets that demonstrate a great deal of affection, are very social, and are easy to take care of. Rocking L Ranch is a boutique designer of highland micro miniature and miniature cattle. Jade is out of registered Highland stock and is 100% Highland. Displaying 1 - 20 of 206 .

She is, however, our largest foundation stock cow.

(09-10) FOR SALE: Family 1/2 miniature polled Jersey milk cow (from a full size Jersey and a miniature Jersey). Due to the conditions of the Highlands, this breed has developed into a very hardy breed of cattle that are unlike any other breed. we take pride in having a part in the development of these exceptional animals and turning them into the highly desired Highlands that everyone loves. 36” and below is considered a “micro” mini cow, while 36” to 42” is a true miniature cow. Bought her in 2017 and was told she was 5 years old (not registered), so she would be approximately 8 … Right now the height of our mini cows at the top of the hip is 40” down to a tiny 34” tall. For Sale: 1 Scottish Highlander Bulls. Miniature cattle sold by Pandarosa Miniature Ranch include Highland, Highpark, Panda, and Panlander pet cattle that excel in the show ring and pasture.

Here at Our Little Acres we believe in Quality over quantity.

Listing # 32141159. Mini cows are for sale in the spring through summer at Our Little Acres.

Miniature Cows are great tax write-offs for the small acreage farmer. Listing # 32141163. Savannah Tennessee.

Follow this page as we build our herd, offer calves for sale, or have meat for purchase. If you have any questions regarding our miniature cows for sale, Please feel free to give me a call. Thanks for visiting!

Mini cows will mow your small pastures, produce fertilizer, and are easily contained with a simple hot-wire. Contact Information. 1. Class . Mini Highland cattle are good browsers making them good for clearing brush and bramble. Highland Cows originate from the very rugged Highlands of Scotland. God's Country Ranch W10454 County Road W Crivitz, WI 54114 ☎ 731-412-4419 or email June Iljana.

scroll down to see mini cows for sale. FOR SALE: mini-Dexter bull. Scottish Highlander Cattle for Sale. micro miniature means they are 36" tall and under. Measuring in at 46" now, Jade is a big girl as compared to the rest of our mini Highland cows.

Jade measured in at 43" at age 3 and was a +1 on the official chart for miniature cattle. Our miniature Highland cows are not perfect, but they are perfect for us and you might also find them perfect for you. For Sale: 20 Scottish Highlander Cow/Calf Pairs. Highland Sizes: 46 inches and above ( … ... Mini Highland for Sale. Mini Highland Cows.

4. 2. Miniature means they are 42" and under. For Sale: 1 Scottish Highlander Bulls. 217.652.2518 0 Items