Vinegar and ginger replace the traditional butter dipping sauce, which offsets the jolt of sweetness. Question: Which crabs have the most meat?

Stone crabs are found in the Atlantic—from North Carolina to Florida, and in the Gulf of Mexico. Shelling or clipping into the outer layer will be easy enough to do after heating. If you have the opportunity to buy live soft-shells, all their legs and claws should be intact, and the crabs should be very soft. They are also a sustainably managed and responsibly harvested seafood choice, according to … The location of the crab's damp scurrying grounds — and later on, the location on the crab that you crack open to nibble — create a radically different dining experience. To ensure freshness for your dinner table, we cook Red Kings directly after the fishermen have captured them. If you’re buying live crabs, make sure they’re alive and active. I wondered why only the legs and claws are sold, until (as I was reading on), the crabs are sent back to the water to regenerate -- I didn't know that before. With all the crab varieties on the market, sometimes it’s hard to know exactly what to buy. They’re sold live, cooked whole, frozen, and as picked meat. For uncovered crab, bake at 350 degrees for 7-10 minutes. The type of crab caught in Russia is often mistaken for Alaskan King crab due to confusion over species. Blue crabs are found throughout the Mid-Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico, the most coveted (and highest contributor) are crabs found in the Chesapeake Bay. Yes, HH! Tanner crabs are usually sold in leg clusters and as lump crabmeat.

Depending on if you cook your crab in the oven, boil it, steam it or fry it, follow these suggestions to wow your guests, friends, family — even yourself. However, they’re also great in soups, chowders, stews, casseroles, and other wonderful dishes. As I travel around the country I have tried many different types of crabs. Each type of crab, whether sweet, flaky, buttery or fibrous, deserves a specific side dish that pinpoints its strength. With a flavorful main course, choose side dishes that complete the distinct flavor of your crab rather than upstaging it.

So much crab, pass the butter! Your pictures were so good! The meat is sweet and flaky, and the claws are very meaty. We love to catch our own and then have a good ole' Cajun boil. Dungeness crabs are very meaty. Very thorough and I think you covered crabs...I have to try them again though seriously. Do you know and what are our crabs called. I haven't had any in years. Keep in mind that the five-day rule includes shipping time. If the fresh crabs come wrapped in plastic, then they were previously frozen. The Chinese version of the Hairy crab is treasured for the female's roe, which contains a powerfully sweet kick. Crabmeat is very low in saturated fat, but it’s high in cholesterol. They can be steamed or boiled of course, or made into crab cakes. These crabs shy away from warm water, congregating in nooks of cold water around the Bering Sea and nearby islands, like King Island, Point Hope and Norton Sound. Home > The Difference Between Crabs: Blue Crabs, King Crab, Dungeness Crab & Snow Crab The Difference Between Crabs There are over 4500 species of crab found all over the world- in oceans, freshwater bays, streams and a couple terrestrial, land loving types. Their size is measured by the length of their shell (not a combination of legs and shell). To freeze whole crabs, cook them first. King crab is overwhelmingly chosen as a favorite and highly ranked against other breeds. Crabbers remove one claw and return the crabs to the water, where they’ll regenerate a new claw. Like Blue and Red King, Golden legs are the best part of the crab to sink your teeth into — after removing the metallic shell, of course. With a robust career in restaurants, contract dining and catering (including 4 Summer Olympic posts preparing food for the athletes!) These light crustaceans weigh only a few pounds, and their small but pokey pincers pack a punch — at least for their predators. Audrey Kirchner from Washington on June 05, 2010: Holy cow, girl - your arms must be ready to fall off! So delish I don't even need melted butter! The body of Dungeness crabs is significantly larger than its stubby legs, so harvest the abdomen of the critter for your salty-sweet course. King crab is sold in legs and claws. I only made the stuff because she said I couldn't. The Russian King crab is spreading throughout this region, and the seafood is becoming plentiful. They’re caught in pots and traps, and have a sweet and very flaky meat. I will be very disappointed. It’s available in lump (backfin) and claw meat, with the lump crabmeat being more expensive. If manageable bunches of crab appeal to your dining experience, Snow crab also will look attractive to your wallet. In this case, buttery-sweet meat is the reward for anyone who takes a crack at this crustacean cuisine. Soft-shell crabs are available as live, fresh, and frozen. If you only have legs, place them directly on the pan and in the oven. My grandson, Tristan, and niece, Madison, on a crabbing expedition. Their meat is sweet, tender and delicate making it a West Coast delicacy, especially during the peak season from November till the end of June. These appetizing stone crabs are plucked from Bristol Bay and Norton Sound. However, most places have no idea how to cook them the way Cajuns.

These two are kept separate from each other by location. They always caught my fingers.