Refresh your afternoon with a drop of Chai and a small plate or two. While the place was still busy, the lower capacity required by Covid means the place was no longer noisy while...More, Our son booked a table for his birthday, after all the hype, we came away amazed at just how good this place was, gourmet Indian cuisine at its best. We have returned again and are amazed each time at the quality of food and service. I had the masala prawn and lamb chops with rathi and watermelon sharbat ! Dishoom was a game-changer: stylish, affordable and with a defiantly youthful outlook that was more focused on how Londoners wanted to eat in the 21st-century than outdated British attitudes to both Indian cuisine and India itself. These are the last few days, the dregs of 2019. Dishoom is somewhere I had wanted to visit for a while, largely down to the significant hype that seemed to surround it in the foodie social media sphere. Start group order . Weary, I sit here pondering the year, attempting to figure out what it was trying to teach me. Opened early last century by Zoroastrian immigrants from Iran, there were almost four hundred cafés at their peak in the 1960s. Breakfast, lunch, afternoon chai, dinner and late tipples. Bentwood chairs were reflected in stained mirrors, next to sepia family portraits. The first frozen water was shipped to Bombay from Boston in 1834. And is it HMRC certified. BOMBAY, 1949. Quickly, he found himself in a vast, airy shed filled with the hubbub of a thousand industries crossing paths: freight trains pulling in with a squeal, wagons being loaded and unloaded, men and machines labouring with their cargo. Make two first-class Bacon Naan Rolls in your own kitchen. Shared spaces beget shared experiences, and Bombay was more open and welcoming for the existence of these cafés. Goods were unloaded onto the platform, and the draft horses that worked the canals and turntables were stabled beneath. Besides outdoor seating that’s lovely during the summer, it has the feel of a busy station restaurant, and it’s particularly nice at breakfast when things are slightly quieter. A wonderful birthday celebration for our children. Decades later, the Irani’s hair has turned from jet black to grey, his jacket is cut from better cloth, but his smile is just as it was. Lawyers read briefs. They were the first places in Bombay where people of any culture, class or religion could take cool refuge from the street with a cup of chai, a simple snack or a hearty meal.

THE OLD IRANI CAFÉS of Bombay have almost all disappeared. Dishoom pays homage to the Irani cafés and the food of all Bombay. And from a small corner of the shed, the humble stall has grown into an established café – in truth, even something of an institution. Lights glow golden.

Since Ramadan 2015, for every meal we serve, we donate a meal to a child who would otherwise go hungry. Their faded elegance welcomed all: courting couples, sweaty taxi-wallas, students, artists and lawyers. Students had breakfast. The Irani was of an astute business mind. BEGIN YOUR DAY AT DISHOOM with breakfast, which might be a Bacon Naan Roll, a Kejriwal or a Big Bombay. The Irani waited, patiently; then, growing hot and bored, he decided to stretch his legs. Now, fewer than thirty remain. Then lunch lightly on Roomali Rolls and Salad Plates, or linger with a feast. Get quick answers from Dishoom King's Cross staff and past visitors. Breaking down barriers: a meal for a meal and knots of protection. Overall I...More. And the veg menu, our delicious Chole Puri. Then there are the festive tipples – Old-fashioneds, Mulled Brambles, and of course, warming comfort of House Chai (with or without a tot of Bailey's). Sir JJ has place of honour in our list. Quickly, he found himself in a vast shed filled with the hubbub of a thousand industries: freight trains pulling in with a squeal, wagons being loaded and unloaded, men and machines labouring with their cargo. Map, allergens and hygiene rating . Our festive feasts are honestly some of the best food and drink we ever do. Are the group feasts plentiful?

Pricing was ok. The reviews are mixed with some saying yes and others saying there was barely enough!! PICTURED: King’s Cross was London’s foremost interchange between rail, road and canal. THE OLD IRANI CAFÉS have almost disappeared. Fans turned slowly. Each coin is worth ten pounds sterling and can be used to settle all or part of the bearer’s bill at Dishoom. Lights glow golden.

THE OLD IRANI CAFÉS of Bombay have almost all disappeared. Vast quantities of goods once flowed through this foremost interchange between rail, road and canal. We shared some side dishes, some drinks, a bottle of moachato and desserts. Breaking down barriers: a meal for a meal and knots of protection. Dishoom King's Cross is located within a restored Victorian industrial building — a former railway transit shed, built in 1850. OLD FASHIONEDS AND PAANCHES  served in The Permit Room by the Chota (small) peg. With tickets booked for an 8pm show near King’s Cross, it seemed like the perfect time to squeeze in an early dinner at this branch of Dishoom, in a bid to avoid the inevitable queue (you can only book if more than a party of 6). Are you sure you want to delete this question? The original Bombay cafes have almost all disappeared. Hi is any of the meat halal?? Best For . Bombay breakfast, lunch, afternoon chai, dinner and late tipples. Available for delivery. The news spread, passed on from worker to worker, supervisor to babu, and the little stall flourished. Unusually, the train was running late. I was looking forward to the meal, given the hype around Dishoom, but was slightly underwhelmed.

Bombay comfort food (and other sundries) by the much-loved restaurants. So far, we’ve donated 8 million meals (...and counting.). The renown of the Irani and his hospitality has spread far; everyone – labourers, smartlyuniformed train supervisors, well-heeled sahibs – comes for a cup of cutting chai, a quick breakfast, a hearty meal.

Take a seat. Also really good job on the Covid-19 safe preparations by the staff, This is the version of our website addressed to speakers of English in the United States. Note: your question will be posted publicly on the Questions & Answers page. No location selected. Change. This King’s Cross Dishoom, the third, is the best-looking yet.

He wandered amongst the station crowds and then down a side track, off the main terminus. The Kings Cross branch of Dishoom is the most spacious, owing to its location in an old warehouse close to the station.