This school trained more than 25,000 troops for the war. Following the war, Courtenay continued to grow. This was 0.07% of total Canada population. Overall, women outnumber men by 1325 people. The largest population of Courtenay, BC is the age group between 65 and 69 years old, and the least populated age group is 85+ years old. If population growth rate would be same as in period 2011-2014 (+0.97%/year), Courtenay population in 2020 would be: 26 283*. The platform is used for research and decision making by cities (for reporting and performance) by economic developers, city planners and others. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Economics and Statistics Branch (Newfoundland & Labrador Statistics Agency). 92-591-XWE.

Data is populated from census, state, provincial and municipal sources, along with third-party projections. The City of Courtenay, for statistical real estate purposes is divided into East, West, North, South and City areas. [2] Jedoch reicht die Geschichte der Gegend sowie ihrer Bewohner weiter zurück. View the Education tab for information such as Education, Field Of Study and more. In the last two census, its participation rates declined by 2.5%, an average growth rate of -0.5% per year from 2011 to 2016. Most are in Engineering & related fields with 2,310 people practicing it in Courtenay, BC.

Following December is March, when 11.3 cm is the average snowfall. You must enable javascript in order to use Townfolio. Average family income in Courtenay in 2005, Knowledge of official languages in Courtenay, First official language spoken in Courtenay, This city Minority Population Characteristics. does not guarantee the accuracy or timeliness of any information on this site. Areas like Aldergrove Drive North of Coleman Road and South of Kitty Coleman Beach Provincial Park can have captivating views of the ocean. Courtenay, BC has a median age of 48 years old. 26.88 per cent, which is majority of homes in Courtenay, BC, were constructed between 1991 to 2000. The development of “New Courtenay” on the West side of the river was driven by Joseph McPhee who purchased part of the land owned there by Mr. Pidcock in order to lay out a town site. However, 1715 of commuters still prefer to leave from 12:00am to 4:59am. Reach out to us and try the live chat at the bottom. Courtenay City. Cumberland Luxury Real Estate and Homes for Sale, Merville – Black Creek Luxury Real Estate and Homes, Union Bay – Fanny Bay Luxury Real Estate and Homes, 12,013 private dwellings in the City according to the 2016 census, 25,599 people recorded as living in Courtenay. The third group are those who are in Health & related fields, with 2,005 people responding that it is their line of work.

In Courtenay, BC, the median household income is $57,463 per year. The racial makeup of the city was 94.74% non-visible minority, 5.08% Aboriginal (67.3% First Nations and 27.4% Métis people), 1.53% Chinese, 0.75% Filipino, 0.62% Southeast Asian, 0.50% South Asian, 0.48% Black, 0.32% Latin Americans, 0.23% Korean, 0.09% Japaneseand 0.05% who list themselve… Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am 10. Vor der Ankunft der ersten europäischen Siedler war das Gegend bereits Siedlungs- und Jagdgebiet der First Nation, hauptsächlich der K'ómoks. This city population and houses statistics, Labour, occupation and industry details for Courtenay, Earnings and income details for Courtenay, This city families and households characteristics, This city citizenship and immigration Details, Statistics Canada Catalogue no. Courtenay West – Some homes are located in the Piercy, Condensory and Cessford Road areas to the West of HQ Road., „Creative Commons Attribution/Share Alike“.

Courtenay Elementary (1540 McPhee Ave, Gradespan: K-6, Enrollment: 209) Valley View Elementary (2300 Valley View Dr, Gradespan: K-7, Enrollment: 393) Huband Park Elementary (5120 Mottishaw Rd, Gradespan: K-7, Enrollment: 314) Ski areas located in Courtenay The City of Courtenay is situated on the east coast of central Vancouver Island, within the traditional lands of the K'ómoks First Nation. At present, Courtenay, BC has a population of 25,599 people. Démographie. Government's extensive collection of datasets, applications and web services. Im Zensuszeitraum 2006 bis 2011 hatte die Einwohnerzahl in der Gemeinde noch stärker um 9,4 % zugenommen, während sie im Provinzdurchschnitt um 7,0 % zunahm. Januar 1915 (incorporated als City municipality). To index and benchmark cities, please use our Benchmark Tool. 59.62% of the population are in the working age group between 15 to 64 years old, while 23.98% make up the younger population which will be a part of labour force in less than 2 decades.

This new bridge provided access to the lumber mill that was built on the west side of the Courtenay River in 1865. Every year, BC Stats releases total population estimates for these B.C. last known population is ≈ 24 800 (year 2014). Team .

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) is expected to be a growing industry, however, Department of Finance confirms that Canada is lagging behind other Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) countries in terms of STEM graduates. Ideas for data? January 13, 2014. With 6,890 people, it is what most people in Courtenay, BC completed. Data is populated from census, state, provincial and municipal sources, along with third-party projections. They also help boost the community's liveliness and labour force, as they are most likely to bear children and create the best economic conditions for them.

Explore the B.C. It is home to more than 25,599 residents and growing. Some are located off or near Lake Trail-Marsden-Arden Road areas.

Das Medianalter der Einwohner wurde mit 48,3 Jahren ermittelt. Students (for research) and businesses (for site selection, research and portfolio monitoring) among other groups such as people looking to move also utilize Townfolio data. Questions? Answer: Courtenay, Canada (Administrative unit: British Columbia) -

The second most popular time to head to work, with 23.02% of respondents, is from 8:00am to 8:59am. Die Stadt befindet sich im nördlichen Gebiet der Eisenbahnlinie von Esquimalt and Nanaimo Railway. Courtenay gehört zu School District #71 - Comox Valley, welcher seinen Sitz in Courtenay hat. By 2016 there were 25,599 people recorded as living in Courtenay according to the official 2016 Census and 12,013 private dwellings in the City.

Townfolio’s data can be downloaded into PDF, XLS and images for offline usage. Canada Year Book 1967. In the Aberdeen Heights and Crown Isle areas. Januar 1915. Settlers moved into the area and began clearing the land for farms, fishing local salt and fresh water fisheries, and they began logging the extensive forests. View the Utilities tab for information such as and more. Courtenay, BC - Demographics | Townfolio [5] In der Stadt finden sich verschiedene Schulen; unter anderem sieben elementary schools und vier secondary schools sowie das North Island College. 98-316-XWE. Courtenay est située à 4 km à l'ouest de Comox, 7 km au nord-est du village Cumberland, 5 km au nord-ouest de Royston (en), et 108 km au nord-ouest of Nanaimo. Courtenay changed significantly with the construction of the Driftwood Mall in 1975 and the opening of the 17th Street Bridge. 98-316-XWE. By 1912, the town was growing rapidly as many people were coming to Vancouver Island decided to settle in Courtenay. Am 23. Looking for more data? Majority of the population are married, making up 45.15 per cent of the population. Check out recent data summaries and highlights. Furthermore, this group also spends more compared to most of their counterparts. Januar 1915. Courtenay, BC has 2,750 people or 25.3% of workers in STEM industries.

The data is mainly sourced from open providers ranging from census to inside city hall. Having a predominantly married population is highy beneficial to Courtenay, BC as married couples usually bring in larger incomes, higher net worth and gains on average.