An indirect way of marketing its name, brands take to public relations activities to reach out to every corner of the region where it operates.

Marketing Public Relations definition The use of two important business functions, marketing and PR, to generate awareness and positive responses to products, services and businesses. Definition: Public Relations is a method of developing the image of an individual or an organization to the society in such a way that a favorable opinion is developed for the concerned entity. Public relations is a multi-faced activity and targets everyone in the society with an aim to spread awareness about its existence in every sector. Public relations (PR) refers to managing how others see and feel about a person, brand, or company.

Successful implementation of an effective public relations strategy can be a critical component to a marketing plan. it’s not advertising for any particular brand. PR is different from advertising or marketing as …

For example, we see on TV as advertisements for eggs, milk, etc. Public Relations involves a variety of programs designed to maintain or enhance a company's image and the products and services it offers. They also help clients defend their reputation during a crisis that threatens their credibility. Marketing PR has developed due to increased saturation of markets and the difficulties this creates in reaching customers. Public Relations professionals help a business or individual cultivate a positive reputation with the public through various unpaid or earned communications, including traditional media, social media, and in-person engagements.