It's possible that it's due to insufficient power I guess since a 2TB drive with multiple platters would require more power but why wouldn't Sony adjust the firmware for this since they know people will upgrade the hard drive.

I installed the same drive and had similar problems. I've upgraded mine too and have yet to run into the problem (fingers crossed that I won't), but like you I've read numerous complaints online about intermittent high pitched beeping and chirping after the installation. I have the same issue with the same hard drive.

I've had these ever since i switched myself.

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I have recently installed this same 2 TB disc drive, ordered the 1 TB 7200 RPM Toshiba one but it got lost at my workplace mailroom somehow for months so I ordered this one... and then finally received the Toshiba model which is now my backup in case I need another drive, but I may sell it. I had this problem when I tried this hard drive as well. That random beep can be quite scary. So I returned it for a bare version of the same drive.

Seagate Game Drive for PS4 HDD 2TB new. There may be something to it getting better over time because it does seem to happen less often and I been playing a lot the past few days.

Yeah, I get it too. So I recently upgraded my PS4 to 2TB with the Seagate/Samsung drive (pretty much the only 2TB available that fits) and now my PS4 will randomly beep every so often (once or twice a day). Sounds like the 'solution' is to never buy a Seagate product (which doesn't help the OP, of course). Have you got a disc in the drive at the time? Seagate Game Drive . Explore Seagate Game Drive game detail, demo, images, videos, reviews. Hopefully a better quality 2TB HDD is available soon. Random beeps on startup/shutdown, then it was saying I hadn't shut down properly when I had. Is this 2TB HDD 7200 or 5400 RPM? Anybody else …

I ended up putting the stock drive back in and just recently got a 1TB HDD. I've just upgraded to the same one.

Although games don't crash or anything, it's kind of annoying. Like once everytime i use the ps4 after some time. My Seagate SSHD in my PS3 chirps from time to time (I presume when it's parking the heads) and it's annoying but doesn't affect the operation of the drive. L'installation n'annule pas la garantie de votre console. Could it be something else? The beeping noise comes from the spindle motor trying to spin. The M9T?

Emportez vos données partout avec vous . I could have sworn I read a solution to this in one of the many threads where it was brought up a while ago. From what I remember the beeping didn't occur on updated drives and there was a chance that the Backup Plus Slim drives shipped with older firmwares. 5 χλμ. I have the same seagate drive no beeps for me. Yep, same issue. Installed a Samsung M9T 2TB hard drive last weekend, as it seems to be the go-to drive for PS4.

I got the same problem, and it's just a warning beep for insufficient power, but it's been working for a year. Once plugged in, if the drive can’t be recognized properly by computer, you can go to Disk Management on PC or run Disk Utility on Mac.