That value and cost is also reflected in the contributions that your employer pays towards your benefits which is currently 21.3% of each member’s pensionable earnings. Some people in the new scheme might actually be better off.

What about my specific pension? There is a timeline of events available here. Therefore, unlike many private sector schemes where the employer fails and the members lose some or all of their benefits, this would not happen to the police schemes as the Treasury guarantees the funding for the schemes.

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Under the CARE 2015 Scheme pension accrues at a rate of 1/55.3 for each year of membership as opposed to a rate of 1/70th under the final salary New Police Pension Scheme 2006 (NPPS 2006) or an initial rate of 1/60th under the final salary Police Pension Scheme 1987 (PPS 1987). It is the result of a couple of factors. Nobody is denying that the earlier final salary schemes provided excellent benefits. 5. 5 July 2019 In an open letter to our members, national chairman John Apter says: “On Tuesday we updated you that we were prepared to bring any appropriate legal claims on your behalf when it came to police pensions if our expectations were not met by the Government following the Supreme Court ruling on firefighters’ pensions. Under the CARE 2015 Scheme pension accrues at a rate of 1/55.3 for each year of membership as opposed to a rate of 1/70th under the final salary New Police Pension Scheme 2006 (NPPS 2006) or an initial rate of 1/60th under the final salary Police Pension Scheme 1987 (PPS 1987).

It informed us of its proposal to introduce the scheme in 2012, as it needed a “long-term solution to the increasing costs of public service pensions that is fair to public servants and other taxpayers”.

Solicitors do not have a right to attend these meetings, Assistance in misconduct or unsatisfactory performance and attendance cases, Legal advice in pursuit of a civil claim for damages against a third person if you are injured on or off duty as a result of a third party’s negligence, Legal assistance in Criminal Injury Compensation Claims and appeals, Legal advice and assistance on any matter connected with your occupation, including discrimination claims, Legal representation if you are accused, or charged with criminal or road traffic offences arising out of police duty, Legal assistance to pursue a claim for defamation arising out of your duty as a police officer if the need arises, Assistance in police pension appeals, or other matters of general principle. Remembering that under money purchase schemes it is the member alone who bears all of the investment risk connected to market fluctuations as well as the disadvantages of the poor state of the annuity market (an annuity is the insurance product usually purchased to secure money purchase scheme benefits on retirement), the switch for public service workers from final salary provision to a CARE scheme under which the risk is still borne by the sponsoring employer could rightly be viewed as a good deal compared to the potential alternatives.

I’ve just looked at my latest benefit statement for the pension accrued to date, why does my CARE 2015 Scheme pension seem so low in comparison to my pension under my earlier police pension scheme? 6.

Is my pension under the police schemes secure?


This enabled more members to be covered than was the case in the Home Secretary’s initial proposal. changing potential retirement dates.

We are not able to comment on individual pension cases. Why have you not published it? Changes like this are never easy to digest, but it is very important to try and put things into context. By their nature benefits under a CARE scheme are more difficult to predict than those under final salary schemes due to the unpredictability of various factors like the movement in the CPI.

So, yes, your pension is as secure as it possibly can be.

An increased cost of public service schemes to £32bn a year was behind the proposals, and they led the way to the introduction of the 2015 CARE Scheme.

My change of membership from a final salary scheme to the CARE 2015 Scheme will mean I receive much lower benefits than I expected, won’t it?

It was the only scheme proposed by the Government and was in line with the CARE schemes proposed for other public service workers. All of the police schemes provide pensions which can be accessed either unreduced or only subject to limited reduction, at an earlier age than under most other pension schemes.

What exactly did you do? The Home Office launched the calculator in March 2018. Minutes and reports from meetings can be found on the Research pages of The Hub, the internal website for the Federation and therefore only accessible by reps - therefore please contact your local rep if you wish to see these.

How many members were affected, to a detrimental effect, by the pension changes introduced by this Government? This is standard practice and a common theme that public sector organisations and unions don’t publish their legal advice on public websites for instance. 8. The PFEW sought legal advice throughout the process and was advised that there were no grounds to successfully challenge the introduction of the new scheme. This isn’t correct. 4. Police pension scheme contributions are difficult to afford, why are they so high? Where can I go to get more information? The best way in which to show the merit of joining the scheme early and continuing in membership is to give an example (albeit slightly simplified) of what you will receive for the contributions you pay. Please be assured we have collectively got your backs and this will never change. Find out more>, Case Study: City of London - investigated after a death, Case study: Metropolitan - Horrific three year investigation, Case study: Metropolitan - Left broken and suicidal, Case study: North Yorkshire - Misconduct over Taser, Case study: Nottinghamshire - 27 months of hell, Case study: Sussex - five year investigation, Case study: West Midlands - Bedridden with depression, Case study: West Midlands - I thought I would go to jail, Hear 'Man Up', Think 'Man Down' - Blog by Belinda Goodwin, Belinda Goodwin: Mental Health Awareness Week 2020 - #Kindness can help prevent a 'Man Down', World Suicide Prevention Day - blog by Wellbeing lead Hayley Aley, "I wish I’d gone to the Federation sooner”, "I’d have hated to be fending for myself", Case study: "The biggest issue is talking about it", Case study: "It felt personal, it felt really difficult", Policing manifesto: Putting the public first, Post Incident Procedures (PIPs) Seminar 2019, Post Incident Procedures (PIPs) Seminar 2018, Find out more and access the calculator here, laid out plans to change public service pensions (link to speech), Find out more about the judges' and firefighters' pension employment tribunals and the latest updates, Go to our YouTube channel to watch former National Secretary Andy Fittes answer questions on our legal advice, Read our guidance on how to access and use the pension calculator. During the first scheme year of your active membership you will accrue a block of pension which is 1/55.3 of your pensionable earnings in that scheme year.