Get Child Support Modification Tips Specific to Your Needs by Talking to a Lawyer. Establishing Brooklyn Child Support Change of Circumstance, In re Custody of B.M.H. By Brooklyn Divorce Lawyer. 718 864 2011 By Brooklyn, New York City Credit Repair Attorney, Same sex marriage equality and Defense of Marriage, Matrimonial Attorney, Brooklyn, NY, How do I get an uncontested Divorce? Microsoft Edge. By Brooklyn, NY CPS Attorney, Bronx Divorce and Money Matters: Why a Split May Help Your Finances, How Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Affects Child Support Arrears, Going "Below Guidelines" on Brooklyn Child Support, How Will Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Affect My Child’s Property? By Brooklyn, NY Green Card Immigration Attorney, Contested Divorce in Manhattan Results in Reduced Divorce Awards, Adoption of Partner's Children in New York, Brooklyn Divorce Lawyers Help You Make a Clean Break. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. File your Request for Child Support Modification with the Court. Brooklyn Divorce: What to Do With the House? For example, you may be wondering: Can child support be modified? If so, how? Your client can base her figures on her recollection, or, if she has an 8.05 from 2001, use that document.

To the maximum extent possible, keep making the child support payments required under the current child support order.

Contact a qualified child support attorney to make sure your rights are protected. How do I file for Bankruptcy in New York? I Am Getting a Divorce, can I get custody of my Dog or Cat? There is no filing fee in Family Court. 2d 211, 215 (Miss. My knowledge of the Child Support process was key in these victories. In this Initial petition you must allege the relief you are requesting (i.e. This is my first article in a series of articles regarding Child Support in New York State. Brooklyn Family Court Attorney and Matrimonial Lawyer. The Court determines the presumptively correct amount of Child Support pursuant to the CSSA. Wichman v. Shabino - Non-Parties to Divorce Can't Enforce Decree, Court: Parents Must be Afforded Due Process in Termination of Rights Hearing, Preparing Yourself Digitally for a New York City Divorce, In re E.L. - Abuse Factors Largely in Child Custody Decisions, Crossland v. Crossland - Eligibility for Government Benefits Not a Factor in Alimony, Druckman v. Ruscitti - Resolving Paternity Disputes in New York, In re Guardianship of Madelyn B. ( Log Out /  Google Chrome,

If the combined parental income is above this then the court in its discretion can deviate from the above percentages. The existing child support order remains in effect unless and until the court issues a new child support order. The topic I am discussing today is De Novo or Initial Child Support Proceedings. The following child support modification tips will help you navigate the process and get some peace of mind. New York passes Same Sex Marriage Equality Act of 2011. Not putting forth your best effort to pay will hurt your argument that new circumstances (rather than lack of effort) require a new child support amount, and will cause unpaid child support to pile up. 1-718-864-2011. ACS cases and the removal of children under Article 10 of the Family Court Act, The Blended Families and Divorce Agreement Quandary, How do I get my bank account released after it has been frozen by a creditor? Bronx Divorce and Money Matters: Can a Split Help Your Finances? Learn more about FindLaw’s newsletters, including our terms of use and privacy policy. Mandatory Parenting Classes Proposed by New York Lawmaker, Cohabitation Agreements Crucial if Couples Seek to Own Joint Property, Relocation Custody in New York a Matter Frequently Before Family Court, Illness Can Be Grounds for New York Modification of Spousal Support, Brooklyn Child Custody: Maintaining Relations With Your Ex, Separation Agreements Fall in Wake of No-Fault Divorce in New York, Expunging a Brooklyn ACS Case: Clearing Your Name, Resolving Child Visitation Disputes in NYC, New York Domestic Relations Law Bars New Action in Midst of Divorce, ACS Termination of Parental Rights Request - Legal Help for Bronx Residents, New York City Small Business Owners Must Carefully Consider Divorce Actions, Pro Se Divorce in New York Rife with Risk.