Also buffering. If the service in an area where there is competition from other providers, like AT&T GigaPower, the cost may be lower. It went on for a week straight.

The wires are already there!!! I called my bank to challenge the credit card transaction, explaining the whole story. This place is a joke, the customer service is horrible, the actual service is abominable, and they have a monopoly in areas, guaranteeing that they can continue to rip off customers.

So you all know, Frontier doesn't "support wireless connectivity" according to their supervisor, only Ethernet connections to their wireless routers. I've called, written letters and e-mails. This morning, I tested my Internet speed and even though I was paying the most for my money, it tested at a measly 2.01 MBPS. Of course, they will need to be subscribers to do so. Their internet plans start at 1 Mbps and up to 1 Gbps (1,000 Mbps) with Frontier FiOS, which is fiber optic. I had issues originally signing up, trying to get service installed initially and then move to another address was a pain and took weeks to resolve.

© 2020 Slashdot Media. This internet plan has 75 Mbps download speeds and upload speeds at 7.5 Mbps. That helped for about an hour. After months of hearing that I finally terminated my service.

However, the upload speed is only 30 Mbps.

Then, the second time, the man told me that he would increase my speed. What a sad company. I called to follow up but the customer service reps said I needed a PIN that they generated that I could only find on hard copies of the bill which I didn't keep considering I payed the bill and did so online. They would hang up on me.

I intentionally chose this day as out location opens the next day.

© 2020 Trustpilot, Inc. All rights reserved. The company has reasonable prices, a wide selection of high-speed internet, and it doesn't have data caps.

To make things even better, Frontier does not have data caps. Which is horrible who leaves customers waiting 3 days without service.

I was told that it was due to internet interference that has magically happened within the last 3 months, to a setup that is 7 feet away from the router with no obstructions. They are currently providing internet to my neighbors and the on-site builder's office. Frontier has owed me a refund for two months.

Compared to other internet providers, Frontier is better than average as far as customer service goes. In 2015, the American Customer Satisfaction Index gave Frontier a score of 64. Cloudflare Ray ID: 5f12a1c01ef8ffc0 They also informed me I could not access my online account because they closed it when I cancelled my account so I could not access that PIN and they would not let me verify in any other way. It was closed.

Service, people I cannot understand. So they laid a temporary line which runs along side a ditch on a gravel road and across one of my neighbors yards up to a highway. Let's think about that, they hold refunds nationwide for 90 days, the money sits in an account earning them interest, that to me is THEFT. Paying too much for Internet or TV service? Customers who want to bundle their TV, phone and internet services should consider the Triple Play Bundle. Anyone who has gone over their data allotment knows that those fees can become expensive.

I was skeptical that this would happen but I waited and of course, no refund.

If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices. 84 reviews of Frontier Communications - Internet Service Provider "5GB cap on upload/downloads per month. The thing that pushed me over the edge was the horrible customer service. Frontier offers something for everyone. I live in Los Angeles and have been a customer with Frontier for 6 years now from before they took over from Verizon. They credited me and said unless Frontier provides documentation refuting my story, I could keep that credit and if they did provide such documentation, they (the bank) would follow up with me.

I called today and was finally told that it will take 90 days for the refund to be issued. Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass. Large companies are not struggling for data bandwidth, they just charge customers for it. This has dragged on for months, has taken several phone calls and I'm still being unjustly charged for service I didn't use.

I am switching to XFinity. Customers may have problems using the company's chat feature, but the phone agents were able to handle any questions.

There's a plan for everyone. Frontier's plans cover a variety of speeds.

It currently employs 22,000 people and provides internet service in more than half of U.S. states.

I was told I could get things set up by Sept 1st which is my move-in date.

I have no phones with them. I have called due to fact to reduce cost of billing , I suggested to agent if he could reduce cost by sending me another dvr that does not recorded . Looks like I will be taking my business elsewhere. From the very beginning, Frontier was not clear on anything when I spoke with them on the phone and when I would call back to follow up, they would tell me different things, including when I would get the modem/router shipped to me. Subscribers take exception with Frontier's slow speeds (these are undoubtedly DSL customers), and sometimes unresponsive customer service. When I asked if my package price could be updated to the the current cheaper prices they refused.

The resolution to this was to wipe out my other dvr in a different room, losing all content, then coming back and saying it was fixed because now both the boxes show there's nothing on them. Their billing system is absolutely awful.

It got so bad that as soon as I would wake up we wouldn’t have internet. I've told them to stop. I signed up for Frontiers' services on 8/17/2020 for my new home in Temecula CA. When I finally figured out I needed it and that it would have to be installed in my new apt, I scheduled an appointment for a phone jack to be installed and for the connection to be set up. People who need to upload high-quality media should consider upload speed when choosing their internet package.

They owe me money as I had a credit balance on my last bill dated 09/23/20, here it is 10/24/20 and I still have not received my refund. Because of this, Frontier has a variety of products that are at different price points. So basically I'm getting the slowest internet speeds you can find on the market, for the highest price you can find on the market.

Two days of Hell being LIED to by 50% of everyone we speak to and that is two days of being on the phone with them instead of running our business and so many missed calls from clients we can't count and we're all using cell phones to call clients for our business line can't call out! Absurd, business emails are for this exact reason- they are thieves and a reason their company is going bankrupt - stay away they will make you feel like it's your fault.

Frontier offers their customers fiber, satellite, DSL, and cable services. Then, it was once a week.

In a nutshell: Frontier provides fiber optic, DSL, cable, and satellite internet.

Again, every option is not available in every location.

In April, I originally signed up for self installation when moving to a new apt. Fortunately there was an employee there who took pity on me and gave me one anyway.

The plans costs are as advertised.

Honestly, the average user probably won't see a difference between speeds of 23.7 Mbps and 25 Mbps. They also have no way to contact the one person who would know, I believe they called him the regional manager, other than internal email.

They also expect you to buy an outdated machine with an Ethernet port to check their service signal.

They have no sense urgency about anything and don’t seem to care. When cancelling with Frontier, the customer service rep after hearing my story said that they would give me a refund given that they charged me for installation that wasn't completed and a month of service that I never used. They also tried to say it was a router issue and sent me another router after we had already bought a brand new router. Now, it's important to say that the availability and pricing of the plans may change based on location. Setting up service where the previous owner had the same service.

Frontier's Double Play plan lets customers bundle their video and internet.

Frontier said it … The CEO of Frontier Communications doesn't see the need to have data caps. Don't be fooled into thinking the bundle package will save you money.

Frontier has been nothing but a hassle since I got. No one was able to tell me who delayed my set-up nor why it was delayed. There are much better options in the market. The internet service was actually pretty decent, not many outages and decent speed. DSL tend to be in both rural areas and cities because it can run along the phone line.

That is completely UNACCEPTABLE!

A Free Wi-Fi router is included with Frontier's service, for most plans.

Why can't we have an honest ISP?

Shipping and Handling Charges: These charges will vary by location.

Suddenlink, another internet provider, offers their customers Suddenlink Internet 75.

With Frontier, the upload and download speeds, for the most part, are equal. Frontier's pricing is straightforward. Customers should be mindful of the following fees: Broadband processing fee: Frontier will charge a $9.99 fee to customers who disconnect one of their bundled services. Fiber and cable internet services tend to be found in higher-population areas like cities because the cables are run underground. Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. That means that Frontier's service is pretty reliable. This company has no customer service etiquette is horrible. Select the amount of total data you need for the entire plan. 30 reviews for Frontier Communications, 1.2 stars: 'I think you understand the headline well enough.

I called again explaining the whole story and the customer service rep documented it (which someone should have done way at the beginning as I kept mentioning to them) and said I would have to follow up again with the collection department when they were open (they had closed for the evening). The Frontier 100/100 and 150/150 plans give customers the most for their money.