A cat tends to retain their head level when hunting a prey. I ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Mewingtons!!!!!!!! These cats are very beautiful and loving, but are extremely pricy. A cat’s night vision ability allows them to see properly with only minimal light e.g. By 450 BC, smuggling a cat out of Egypt invited a death penalty. There is so much mystery to them and they are full of depth. Domestic felines tend to favor one paw over the other one. An interesting thing to learn at 5 am. That’s because kittens from one litter can have different fathers. 53.

These are so interesting.

I also love cats. However, Ragdoll cats are actually one of the largest breeds of domestic cat. With this increased demand for cats, the supply is very limited, as there are only 40 recognized breeds of felines globally. Well I have never know half of this. But there are many facts about cats that you probably didn't know.

However, they always keep one ear open in case someone opens the fridge or a tuna can. Catnip serves as a sedative to cats and pushes them to lose their sense of stability for a while. Just sayin’! There is an actual term for it and that’s ‘bezoar’. We all love our fluffy friends, they always know how to make us smile. Cat Day, which takes place on October 29th, we wanted to share 10 facts about They were so important that people mummified cats after their death. Russian cats are born with yellow eyes. A cat’s whiskers are the same width as his body. They see shades of blue and green but reds and pinks may be confusing. This uncommon method of producing fine coffee, different taste and aroma, short supply and high demand all factors makes it very expensive. They don’t need to crave anything sweet because they only eat meat, as opposed to other animals. The heaviest cat recorded has been a tabby cat named Himmy, from Queensland, Australia. But this horrendous act wasn’t left unpunished. Cats are the most popular pet in the United States: There are 88 million pet cats and 74 million dogs. Ear furnishings refer to fur that grows from the within a cat’s ear while ear tufts refer to the hair on the tip of the ear. Well, you are mistaken. In Japan it is believed that cats have an ability to turn into spirits when they pass on. I’ve also had different colored cats. They are actually amazing creatures, here are a few facts you didn't know. So you call yourself a cat lover? Most people are aware of the fact that cats always tend to fall on their feet. Every time Towser caught a mouse, she used to bring it back to the distillery according to Neal Cameron who has been making whiskeys for more than 19 years. A cat’s nose print is as unique as our fingerprints. So you call yourself a cat lover? 17: Unlike humans, cats can only sweat through their paw pads!

I now know about catnip and that their is a cat god! Learn how your comment data is processed. fur is prone to become ‘charged’ when you stroke it. I too love and respect black cats… I have TWO, and for the reason given; they are the last to be adopted.

Pinning it! There have been a few researches conducted by scientists to understand the reason behind this. Why we need to buy a Scratching Post for Cats. 3: A group of cats is called a clowder, and a group of kittens is called a kindle! Most of the time cats will land on their feet when they fall and this is possible because their body reflexively corrects itself, so by the time they are arriving on the ground their feet are in the position to hit the surface first. This goes back to ancient Egyptian times.

They save my life—always have, always will. The following article will give you an insight into 20 weird facts about cats that you didn’t know. The summers in the Lake Van region of Turkey can be too hot and humid for these cats. What was interesting is that for males, the left paw was more dominant and for females, it was the right paw. Thank you for your patience and support! I have two air filters going all the time. (That helps him […] Cats are famous for their dislike of water, but the jaguar turns that stereotype on its head. Scientists discovered in 2005 that cats don’t have one of the protein required to taste sweet items. Anyone that thinks that the color of an animal either good or bad probably needs a little help. Cat Urinary Tract Infection: Symptoms, Diagnosis and its Treatment, Top Pros and Cons of Probiotics for Cats & Kittens, How To Make A Tiny Stuffed Cat Toys DIY Cat Toys…, 20 Fat Cats That You Will Certainly Wish To Cuddle Right…, Almost Nobody Could Find The Cat Hiding In These Pictures, Then v/s Meow: How Technology Has Changed Cat’s lives, Meet Nutmeg The Cat, the 31-year old cat: The oldest living cat in the World, Sphynx cats Scamsters: Is Cheating Cat Lovers By Selling Them Shaved Kittens. In the United States, alone, there are more cats compared to dogs. I totally disagree with a few of YOUR comments. 2. I’ve had cats my entire life. 4: Cats can’t taste sweet things. The superstition thing is totally man-man, totally unwarranted and totally outdated…it’s time we do put that one to rest. I have a cat Tilly . X. Unfortunately, scientists can only speculate on the matter, but can’t give us a definite answer. Cat people know how awesome they are and cat haters are… well, wrong. She loves sending out puurrrsss, and making new friends. It appears when kittens are as young as three weeks and it’s fully developed by the time they are seven weeks old. No bunnies, squirrels or scary people in sight! That is only a superstition for idiot people. Required fields are marked *. 6: The average cat sleeps 16–18 hours a day, meaning that by the time a cat is 9, they will only have been awake for three years of their life! Since, smuggling of cats was prevalent, these government appointed officials were sent to other countries to find and bring back the smuggled cats. This cat breed is bred in central Asia and has a unique water-resistant coat. Kittens meow to tell their mothers that they are hungry, bored or scared, but adult cats don’t meow to communicate with other cats. The only body parts through which they sweat are their paw pads. 12: A cat can jump approximately 7 times its own height! This newsletter looks like LOTS of fun. Black cats, calico cats, skinny cats fats cats. in the morning. For example, I didn’t think it possible that Ronnie could climb the tree and perch on the highest, thinnest branch like an owl, but she did it. In some countries the cat meat is used for preparing medicines as they believe it can cure various ailments. Let us know which fact that amazed you the most! That’s the estimate of what house cats usually weigh. During the times when people were being accused of witchcraft, a lot of these people owned black cats. 1. People spend more on cat food as opposed to baby food.

To know them is to love them, and even if you label yourself a cat lover, you still may not know everything about the feline kind. Visit your local shelter to rescue a furry baby and you could end up with a close pal for a long time! Sense of taste in cats is not very impressive because they need meat as compared to sweets. Cats were sacred to the ancient Egyptians because they took care of mice, cobras, and other bothersome pests and kept them away from the crops. 13. Just like humans can be right- or left-handed, cats can be left-pawed or right-pawed. Cats can run up to about 30 miles per hour (but only over short distances). 13. I’m sure that you have noticed that sometimes kittens from one litter look nothing alike. 47. Cat people know how awesome they are and cat haters are… well, wrong. I love black cats also, my bestest fur baby is Rosie, she is black with beautiful green eyes. Cats are heavy sleepers! Here are a bunch of facts that will help you impress your friends and get to know your furry little fiend even more! With that being said I’m not being disrespectful but we shouldn’t judge him and so we shouldn’t judge animals. He knows paw, turn around, up and sit. Cats In Care will guide you to know how to care for cat. I have alway had a cat but the pass 3 years i havent had any . 50. Himmy was the heaviest cat weighing 47 pounds at the time. Two Inky’s an Eva, and a Shadow, I temporarily I had a black kitten named Satan because of his temper. That’s because the X chromosome carries the gene for coat color. 36. There were no cats in America until the 1750s. I’m still learning something new about him every day. Have 6 rescue cats Ages 14 to 5 months. He is my first pet (I’m 64), so I did a lot of research before adopting him. This means that Most other cat breeds don’t love swimming in water, but will dip their paws in water for a while. Cats have backward facing spines that are very essential features called papillae. There are more than 73 million cats compared to just 63 million dogs. Cats have developed the 'meow' to communicate with humans. Cats are commonly found in the food menus of Vietnam, China and Korea. It is believed that Issac Newton was the inventor of the cat flap that is extremely popular in homes with cats today. 24. Keep ☝ the good work! How many cats are in the world? 1. Cats do have this extraordinary sense of balance because of their flexible bodies. According to a survey conducted by the American pet owners, cats have overtaken dogs as the most domesticated pets. I’ve had every color, and size. Issac Newton is often accredited nowadays with inventing the cat flap. If you know your cat well, you will be able to tell the difference in his demeanor. Andy holds the record of falling from the tallest area without any injuries. You know that thing we call hairball? We have two dogs but this was a great post to learn something new. beautiful mix of black, white, and orange fur. Apart from being clean freaks and grooming for relaxing purposes, cats also keep themselves groomed to keep their body temperature balanced during extreme weather such as summers. I read this with my mums cat sat next to me pawing my legs and being generally weird. (That helps him […] Cats use their whiskers to detect if they can fit through a space. Although I knew some of these some were new to me, I’m so shocked litters can have more than one dad! First, the magnificent calico and tortoiseshell cats are almost always female. I have 4 black cats and they are awesome. Cats were condemned as devil’s servants by Pope Innocent VIII. 34. Believe me, I’ve been a cat owner for more than 10 years, and my felines always find a way to surprise me.. For example, I didn’t think it possible that Ronnie could climb the tree and perch on the highest, thinnest branch like an owl, but she did it. 18: There are over 20 muscles that control a cats ears. They are actually amazing creatures, here are a few facts you didn't know. It allows them to brush and clean their hair, pull off meat from the bones or have a proper grip. Cats can jump up to six times their body length. If you’ve ever seen your cat jump from the floor to the counter without unbelievable ease, this fact will likely not surprise you, but it’s still very impressive! Ever wondered why your cat starts running, flashing across the room and basically going crazy at past midnight? Just like leather of other animals are used to make accessories and clothes, cat skin is used extensively for making coats.