Indian fashion is often inspired by Bollywood movie characters. Fortunately, once in a while, we get to see women-centric films or female characters that inspire us. Oldie-Goldies: 1. Sharing here few ideas to make your pre-wedding party more like a Bollywood party with Female Bollywood Characters. Some of the fashionable movie characters have made such a lasting impression in our hearts that they became not … Let us give you some unique dress-up ideas for your Bollywood-themed party. advertisement.

New trends get picked up by women of all ages, who try to replicate the styles. Bollywood female characters have become timeless fashion icons. If you’re looking for retro iconic famous female characters in Bollywood movies for costumes or dress up, also read: The Most Fashionable Movie Characters in Bollywood Ever, in which I’ve written about some of the most memorable epic Bollywood ladies. This was Nowshad‘s pick, and since it was for Halloween, villains made the best choice. The vintage damsel Mumtaz. Mumtaaz (Brahmchari – Aaj kal Tere Mere Pyaar ke Charche…): This evergreen elegant and erogenous look of Orange saree with silver narrow border will always grab everyone’s attention in the party. Bollywood has always had a bias for male characters. From exquisite period costumes to flamboyant show-girl styles and hip fashion statements, here's a low down on Top 15 unforgettable dresses worn by Bollywood beauties over the years. We already told you how we dressed up as some of our favourite Bollywood characters, and this time around Team MissMalini took it a step further by dressing up as villains! The ever bright star, Mumtaz made the orange saree draping a trend in India. To attain this look, scout a bright orange … Recommended Read: 6 Adorable Ways To Make Your Bridesmaids Feel Special When You Are Getting Married #1. You could choose to be either Mitali from 'Bullett Raja', Sukhmeet from 'Son of Sardaar', Jasmine from 'Once Upon Ay Time in Mumbai Dobaara' or even Rajjo from 'Dabangg'. Go as everyone's favourite desi girl in a loudly coloured Punjabi suit. However, in recent times, we have seen a transformation. Here’s how we … advertisement. | Bollywood… Take a look at 13 of them. Here are our top picks for the most fashionable movie characters in Bollywood ever! We had three Gabbars, two Crime Master Gogos, one Sambha, one Sonia Roy, one Madam Maya and one Prem Chopra! 2. advertisement. 1.